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Post by Nuuby on 1/7/2013, 7:03 pm

I've written a little but never finished any idea. But meh, I guess there's no point keeping it in my computer anyway. Wrote these like uhh... more than a year ago I guess.

Madoka Magica continuation.
Kyuubey seems to purr in content as it swallows up the dark seeds being thrown to him. As Homura finishes her explanation, Kyuubey snaps up all of the remaining curse seeds and snaps to attention.

"Your hypothesis to why spent soul gems instantaneously disappear certainly is bizarre. The wish in itself would break all laws of space and time, as well as traversing all parallel universes; this would effectively turn her into a god."

"I find it more absurd that I'm talking calmly to you like this." Homura mentions coldly while gently placing her soul gem in its place.

"If that Puella Magi really did as you say. The grief garnered would have the energy to create another universe. There's no way she would be able to contain that. Though if we were able to collect and store grief from your emotions into those ‘grief seeds’, it would certainly have an energy output multitudes greater than that of collecting curse seeds."


The moonlight intensifies as shadowy figures appear in the streets below. Just like a cat, Homura disappears into the night.

*Madoka... I'm still not used to using this bow*

*Just focus on that which is ahead, I've let you gone through enough grief as it is. Seeing you getting concerned over your new weapon worries me.*

Pulling back the drawstring, Homura unleashes a barrage of arrows from above her, curving perfectly to land the demons. Without a noise, the demons vanish, leaving behind a small speck in its wake.

With a sly smile, Homura replies,*Madoka, I may still be bound by time and space but I'm no idiot. You didn’t have to tease me knowing that I'm capable of doing this.*

*After all, I'm still human.*

*If only such a universe existed* *We would not just be generating enough energy to stop the heat death of the universe* *We could in time change the laws of the universe* *The current output of energy would not be enough to stop the heat death of the universe* *We have to find a new way* *Increase demon population* *We do not have enough information on that* *The current situation is impossible* *We change it* *Change the universe* *We need Madoka* *Contact Jyuubey*

The instance of Kyuubey that was conversing with Homura stretches as he gets up, walking behind the radio towers' pillar, it disappears. In the stars above, negotiations are being made between two civilizations. To them, one instance of Kyuubey is nonessential, a mere doll. A shadowy figure steps out from behind the pillar, her white dress made noticeable from the shine of the moonlight. As Homura reverts back to her normal form, she catches a glance of the unknown girl as she jumps off into the distance. Too late to transform into a puella magi, she runs to the edge of the platform hoping to catch a better look of her. Looking back, pieces of flesh were piled neatly on the ground with no blood in sight. Taking out her gun, she empties a clip into the remains.

*Hey, Madoka... Why did you have to make the perfect wish? Why. I would have gone to the furthest ends of time and space for you, instead of living a cushy life you took a huge burden. Why did it have to be you to do this? Why not wish for me to enforce your wish? I would have done it... You could have stopped Sayaka from...*

*It's been done*

*Do you not wish to go back to the past? The memories we shared, the laughs we had. Do they mean nothing to a god!*

*I've always been and always am by your side Homura. I may be with everyone else as well, but it is only with you that I share a mutual relationship. I made that wish to be with you.*

Breathing in deep, Homura gazes into the starless sky. As empty as the world she used to have known. Without a goal, or rather, having failed her goal. She had not wished for this to happen to her, she did not want this to happen to her. Homura ponders the meaning of her existence, gun in hand. Click.

Original, Puella Magi universe.
Fiese Daitetsu – I would have loved to enroll in Nakachiho University, it was my dream, a necessity at that. When I was young... Younger. Father and Mother have been bedridden, unable to work, relying on the charity of ‘close friends’. Charity won’t last forever. If I was able to study commerce at Nakachiho I could fix that. I am sure I would, I aced all my tests in grade 6 and obviously I will too in grade 7.
Theory crafting, something I might be too fond of even in my last moments perhaps, surely not going to help me escape this metal prison of a car. The moaning and shuddering of the small four seater Nissan inside of the car crusher seems to just suck the life force out of me, not that I know I’m going to end up crushed. Just another mangled and crushed body in the middle of a junkyard in God knows where, a plus one to the Crushers’ kill count. I wouldn’t have imagined dying here, wherever here is, especially under the hands of a serial killer. It was always someone else’s to get killed by those serial killers, those innumerable times where a body had been found and credited to a serial killer or another slapped across the headlines of the news. Might be ‘fate’ I guess, what a bitch it must be for letting me die here and now.
The Nissan jerks, as if wanting to escape its fate from the old crusher as the metal walls caress the sides of it. The Crusher must have had slowed down the crushing process especially for me, what a jerk. I really wonder why the police have not caught her yet, she has to be giving off a strong psychotic aura and any decent policeman should be able to tag her as suspicious a few hundred meters away even. If I am somehow able to escape from this god forsaken car she’ll be facing an eternity under the scrutiny of the prison guards, when I garner enough respect and power from my future job in commerce I’ll ensure that I’ll make sure she doesn’t just rot but burn in there…
I will… My life, I need it.
The fumes from the erupted fuel tank.. the reality.. my fate.. my mortality, the only thing I can depend on…
It was a stupid name anyway.
A scream in a desolated junkyard, no one is there to hear it but it does not go un answered.

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