Feedback for ABCD v2.

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Feedback for ABCD v2.

Post by jonath on 12/3/2014, 9:08 pm

So me and my brothers tried playing this version of ABCD. and there where three errors that makes us a bit annoyed.
These three errors works when playing multiplayer. Though what we played is a public beata version, I hope this gets fixed when the official one comes out. =)

there was a time that one joined player suddenly disconnects when the fighting goes on. I don't know why.
another, the warcraft game suddenly closes without any warning.
and third, the warcraft3 game closes with a fatal error warning.

setting aside these annoying cut-offs, the game was good. though (just my suggestion and opinion) I think the best way to balance this map map more is to lower your numbers. numbers I mean the stat bonuses from items, damages by attribute, and such. but overall, yeah I liked the game. It really feels as if the characters there are alive that they suddenly talk to the other opponents (like Yuuji saying, "Shana matte yo" or shana shouting, "Yuuji!", or when Kirito screams like furious beast when he casts a spell when his health is about lower than 20%)

NOTE: One thing I noticed. Louse's Void spell makes almost her spells so strong. with that 700% Int multiplier for explosion.XD
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Re: Feedback for ABCD v2.

Post by Uoyalz on 12/4/2014, 7:23 am

For most of the DC and crash bugs, we'll see to it by the next version, which is scheduled to be released by this coming Christmas. Hopefully we manage to finish it in time.

Louise's Void is intentional. She was made to be a Glass Cannon, meaning she has high spell damage but cannot take lots of damage due to low HP.

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