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ABCD Feedback

Post by Fikwriter on 12/15/2014, 4:40 am

Played the latest version of the map and I have lots of things to say actually.
First, and the most important: 
There is actually no FAQ in F9 section. It was hard to me to get all the new mechanics instantly. Spent a lot of time figuring out how to teleport back. 
Secondly, about the balance:
-It's literally bad. Shana and Yuuji are extremely overpowered, being followed by Ichigo and Aigis.
-Aigis is pretty same as ABC's one, which means whoever have her in their team - wins. 
-Hellscythe girl is just useless in 1 to 1 combat, and even her "support" side is purely weak, as she only heal and revive, though heal make her extremely vulnerable and revive is pretty much useless if you die first (and you do so just because you have no HP after healing an ally)
-The bow wielding girl who I never saw before is a strange hero. I couldn't do anything as her, when AI is simply rampaging, going 20/0 and 3vs1 most of the time. 
-As I already said Yuuji and Shana are OP. While I didn't played as them my friend simply wrecked me when whoever I chose. 
-TK became extremely weak comparing to ABC. SP loss because of stagnation is really painful, and the only thing that actually make him badass is his new ult + E. Instakilling most of the time. Though in teamfights he is just useless again.
-Kirito makes me cry. Beating everyone 1 on 1 and still not killing Aigis simply because she heals all the damage she takes almost instantly.
-Back to Aigis. Ambushed her 4x1 and she left unscratched, leaving 4 courpses behind.
-Items. Little AGI and INT boost, tons of damage and STR boost items. Practically no defense items, exept for armor and 2 or 3 other items. Devastating, comparing to damage items. I liked the boot types though. Liked a lot.
-Abilities. Those stacking of stats are purely insane. AGI based BRS with 2 spells stacking from STR, one passive from AGI and INT-based Ultimate. What should I build? No idea. And she's not the only one. Really, it's madness.
Overall, the balancing sucks. Need improvement.
Thirdly, the designing. 
-Tower mode lacks freedom of action. Those walls break all the fun and backdooring tactics :P
-Damned trees are evil. It's impossible to see what's going behind or around them and as it's not a problem for AI you are wrecked as long as you encounter them in forest area.
-Characters and abilities are gorgeous. I liked boss's spells most though. Sadly, Louise and Shana are less epic than they used to be. Didn't see Konata though, and I don't know if her UOW is still epic.
-Overall, the map is still pretty generic and lack decorations. I liked a tree in middle in ABC and those oversized steps, for example. 
-Neutral mobs are stylish. Liked those ones, but I think even more randomness in them is expected, ain't it?
Fourthly, the impression of the map.
It's still fun to play. Less characters make game more predictable and kill the tactics, inability to set the kill number also burns the interest. But it's fun, as ABC used to be, though takes lots of time to get used to. 
But actually, as painful as it is, but it's fun, but not entertaining as ABC. Much more work is needed, indeed, and some changes which could lower the technical difficulties too. I got my W3 crashed 9 times out of 10 games. All were 5x5. Thus, full players game is still unlikely, I think. Or my PC is garbage.

Either way, I hope and wish you the best of lucks. 
I will keep posting feedback in this theme and I expect great of you! 
Gambare, guys.
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