ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

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ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

Post by entaobah on 8/27/2011, 2:34 pm

This is where I'll dump anything I'd written while I was bored, since I've seen quite a number of posts in here already and I feel I should do something to get more posts here at least do something in this forum besides just lurking...

"Spring!" said the fairy in white in an angered tone.

"Winter!" said the fat plump chubby disgustingly obese slightly above average yuki-onna as she let out a loud groan.

"Autumn!" said the two sisters who also happened to be gods. (They hate being called 'goddesses' because that's just sexist they say)

"SPRING!" screamed poor Lily White at the top of her lungs. "Spring's the best season because it's my favourite season!"

"Ugh. Winter's the only season!" replied Letty, annoyed at the fairy who looked down upon her one and only season. (Every other season she spends sleeping like the pig she is)

"No!" Shizuha, the elder sister said.

"Autumn's the best season because-" , the younger sister said before the two continued and ended the sentence simultaneously.

“It’s OUR season!"

"Spring's the be-" Lily said again but was interrupted.

"Yo sis, I'mma letcha finish, but Summer's da best season of all time! OF ALL TIME!" said the fairy dressed in black and yellow (like Bumblebee except with more black, and only yellow linings at the bottom of her dress and hat…) "Well, mainly because I like pissing my sister off..."

"Well, I have to agree with the statement my fellow colleague here had just stated. Winter is indeed the one season that stands atop all the four seasons of the year. There is no reason any one of you uncivilized, primitive imbeciles should state otherwise..." commented the blue-haired fairy as she adjusted her glasses.

She shook her head a little and took the glasses off after feeling a slight dizziness in her head. "Wow! Glasses DO make me sound smarta and stronga! With ‘em, eye shall be unstoppable! Haha! Eye'm da strongest!" exclaimed Cirno.

Everyone shook their heads and took their eyes off the ice fairy and continued their debate over the best season of the year.

Letty raised her arm and voiced out a suggestion.

"Everyone! There is but ONE way to settle this once and for all! And that's a duel to the death! The last one standing shall be the one who screams it up to the heavens, which of the four seasons is the best!"

"We accept!" said the voice in the sky.

"But there's one thing you gotta know!" said another voice over the clouds, but in a higher and more childish pitch.

"If you mess with one god," Madam Kanako and Little Gir*smack* I mean, Madam Suwako said together, synchronized as they descended upon the earth.

" mess with all of us!"

"Haha! Eye'll win dis fe shure! Eye'm-" Cirno put on her glasses again. "Ahem. If it's war you brainless fools demand, then it's a war thou shalt hath!"

Cirno snapped her fingers once and darkness filled the skies. A split second later it was dispelled and a short blonde girl in a long white dress and a black vest with a red ribbon on her head appeared beside Cirno.

"Yellow Darkness reporting! I shall fight for our leader with my life! And if it resorts to that then I shall not hesitate to remove the seal with my bear hands..." the little girl said.

Then tremors begun beneath everyone's feet. A huge hole broke through from under the ground as a gigantic earthworm the size of a tower shadowed the land. And atop its head was the green-haired firefly girl who rode on it.

"Green Bug reporting for duty!" Wriggle cracked her knuckles.

"Mystia is the night sparrow from the forest in Gensokyo..." darkness once again shrouded the skies above. "...and when she's here she's what you call a... a... Darn I can't find a rhym- I mean Pink Bird reporting for duty!" everything cleared up and yet another girl stood beside Cirno.

"What's up with that badly edited Barney song?" whispered Wriggle, before yet another girl entered the soon-to-be battlefield.

"Why do I have to wear this cheerleader outfit!? These pom-pom thingies are making me wan-n-n-na-na-naAACHOO sneeze. 'scuse me..." Daiyousei stood from a distance.

"Now, my comrades! Show these foolish imbeciles our victory pose befor-" Cirno removes the glasses again. "...Before we pound da livin sh** outta dem! Wait what was dat sound? That loud beep. Ahem, eye'll beat da sh** outt- there it is again!"

"No vulgarities, Cirno. This IS for audiences of all ages after all..." said Dai.

Cirno puts on the glasses once again before continuing, "We shall let out the beasts within us and repeatedly unleash all our offensive forces upon you fools until every last drop of faeces in your bodies are excreted through every possible orifice! Then we shall bring an end to this meaningless shenanigan of yours!"

"You puny little grade-schoolers wanna talk tough? I'll show you tough!" said Kanako as she clenched her fist and Suwako grabbed her golden rings the size of hula hoops from her hammerspace hat. Pyonta, whose eyes turned to an angered gaze.

"Since you've all got your own forces, I shall bring out my own secret weapon!" Lily Black whistled at the sky.

A ball engulfed in flames fell from the sky at several hundreds of miles an hour. Right as it was about to collide with the ground upon impact, it stopped all so suddenly several feet above the surface and the white-haired 'phoenix' -as they called her- descended ever so elegantly.

"Why am I even doing this, I don't want to be a part of this little argument of yours..." Mokou commented as she blew a loud sigh.

"You do want that maid uniform Kaguya wore to Comiket the other day, right?" replied the black fairy.

Before anyone knew it, Mokou's face turned red like a tomato and she stuck her hands in her pockets.

"Hmph! I'll play along with your childish games..." Mokou tried to keep her cool, despite terribly failing as her heart raced faster than ever and the cool facade she attempted to use was unable to cover up her glowing, bright red face. As hard as she tried she could never avoid those thoughts in her head. Oh, the countless possibilities, all those things she could do with that hot maid uniform worn by the woman who stole her undying heart (literally, at a few occasions) all covered in her sweat, even though it's probably dried by now, it's still filled with her delightful flavour. She could do this and that or even THAT Oh the things she could imagine in that dirty mind of hers made her let out a loud "SQUEE!"

Everyone eyed her with disgusted looks on their faces. Except Lily White, who was all alone; the only person in favour of Spring...


"Don't worry, my dear friend..." a voice said from behind Lily White right before she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Spring is the time the flowers will blossom. It is the most beautiful season above all, hands down..."

Lily turned and was stunned in shock and awe when she realized who the voice had belonged to.

"I shall step in right now and show these non-believers what Spring really is..." Yuuka Kazami, the flower youkai, stood in a confident, elegant and ladylike pose, holding up her parasol -which was said to be the pink flower that never withers and that it has been with her ever since her powers first awakened. Some even say the flower was once the beautiful woman who mothered Yuuka- above her head and her chest puffed out, greatly throwing down the other girls' confidence and mentally demoralizing them with her perfect shape and sizes.

"Then the battle shall begin!" said Lily Black as the 'leaders' of the four 'factions', Letty, the Aki sisters and the two Lily's, flew away to higher ground to watch the battle from a safe spot.

"Winter! Winter! Winter!" Letty cheered, along with their team cheerleader Dai.

"You can do it Suwako-sama!"

"Kanako-sama, you're so cool!" the sisters cheered the gods on as Hina Kagiyama laid unconscious on her bed after spinning one too many rounds on her way here.

"Please win, Yuuka-sama... I'm counting on you..." the canon Lily prayed.

"Summer FTW! DO IT FOR THE MEIDO UNIFORM, MOKOU-TAN!" the fanon Lily shouted.


A loud "FUJIYAMA VOLCANO!" was heard from the battlefield as flames erupted from the ground and the skies were stained red as the flames raged on and incinerated virtually everything in their path.

The flames died down soon after and Mokou stood still at the position where she was before, hands in her pocket. Like a boss.

"Looks like I win..."

The fog and dust cleared up, revealing a giant fortress of ice, a giant coiled up serpentine beast and of course, who could forget, Yuuka who just stood there with one arm outstretched, only mere scratches on it and leaving the rest of her untouched, still as majestically beautiful as ever.

Mokou watched, mortified, as Cirno thawed her ice fortresses and stood akimbo. Absolutely nobody was injured.

"Hah! My ice can even freeze yer fire, ya big flamin' turkey!" the ice fairy boasted.

Even the serpentine beast, or Mishaguji-sama as they called it, uncoiled itself, revealing the two gods without a single scratch on their bodies.

"That's a good boy, Misha. You deserve some doggy treats when we get back!" Suwako said, gently patting its head.

"Bark! Bark!" the curse god went as it wagged its scaly, reptilian tail back and forth like a canine.

And so the battle raged on...

The sound of spells being casted filled the air and echoed up into the skies.


"Firefly Phenomenon!"

"Possessed by Phoenix!

Virtue of Wind God!

"Ice Sign: Icicle Fall -Phantasm-!"

"Man-Eating Hat: Pyonta!"

Fujiyama Volcano x10!

And all while Yuuka stood in one corner and smirked.

"Is that really all you've got?" Yuuka flipped her silky, wavy, green hair before chanting the incantations to her spell.

"I am the stalk of my rose,
A body of petals, I need no blood in my veins,
I have seen the withering away of over a thousand flowers,
Unknown to death,
Nor known to life,
I have lived through countless years of pain and suffering,
Yet I stand here today,
So now I bring to you to my world,
Let me show you,
Unlimited Flower Works..."


"Wow, look at the amount of mana needed to cast that spell! But look at the pretty effects! Oh look at the time, I better save my game at this point and go grab some lunch before Ran-chama gets mad!" said Chen as she hit the pause button to save her progress so she could have lunch with her dear Ran-chama.

"World of Touhou! Such a fun game!" Chen said as she skipped down the stairs, into the kitchen, where she could smell Ran-chama's delicious-


"Time's up! Pay up if you wanna continue playing!" said the owner of the new cyber-cafe in Gensokyo, Kourin. He showed Marisa his palm and showed five fingers with the other hand, "That'll be five hundred gold pieces, please..."

"Dang! This is the last time I play this stupid game here! It's so darn addicting, this 'World of World of Touhou' thing. I'mma download it myself and play it on my own PC instead. So freakin' expensive, ze! Ripoff artist!"-



And I woke up, looked around the room and realized it was all just a dream. Oh I wish it were all real, these Touhou girls...

I love them, and this franchise...

But no matter what, I know, deep inside...

It is all just fiction...

As much as I love them, they'll never love me back...

Only in my dreams...

I look around my room, filled with plushies of every single girl from Touhou One up to Touhou Fifteen...

I looked at all my dakimakuras, untidily thrown on the bed I sit upon...

And my closet full of Touhou CDs...

I looked at my computer, still on with the fanfic I was reading up front, and the Touhou TVTropes page behind it...

I looked at my Touhou posters on the wall...

And I cried, knowing my loved ones will never love me back, and I am but a lone otaku, just sitting here, in my room, rotting all by myself, no friends to share my happiness with, my waifus are all just drawings and animations...

I will never understand the true meaning of love…

I had been long since abandoned by the people I once called family…

It was long since I had stopped schooling to sit in front of my computer every single day, just to catch up on the latest Touhou merchandise…

I covered my failure of a face with these dirty hands of mine, which will never feel the warmth of a real girl…

And I cried my heart out...

Knowing I shall always be...

Alone... forever...

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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

Post by entaobah on 8/30/2011, 5:31 pm

Wrote this light Th fanfic a few months ago and just thought maybe I should post it here for the free post count to, errr, I dunno, just posting because I can...

“Everyone ready?” said Sunny Milk, the leader, as she stood by the door and looked around the roof.

Chen nodded as she gulped and tightened the grip on her axe. Daiyousei stood in one corner, sobbing. “I don’t know if this is a good idea…” said Dai; her legs slightly trembling beneath her.

“Too late to turn back now, Dai. Let’s go!” said the leader, puffing out her pathetically-flat chest in utter confidence.

“WEEEEEEEE!!!” went the other fairy, Luna Child, as she rammed into the wall multiple times for reasons unknown.

“What are you doing, girl? Let’s get a move on, quick! Before they come for us!” the leader said again. “Everyone ready?” she asked.

“Yes!” the three girls said simultaneously, albeit in three different tones. Luna’s was full of confidence. Chen’s was filled with worry and Dai’s was trembling as if she wasn’t as ready as she said.

Sunny Milk slowly turned the handle and opened up the door, leading out of the roof. It was silent… a little TOO silent…

The girls cautiously made their way down the stairs, making sure not to make too much noise. The only exit from that little room was only big enough for one person at a time. So the girls went, one by one. Sunny led the way, followed by a shivering Chen and happy-go-lucky Luna. Dai looked around the room, her legs still trembling from the sheer fear that something might just pop out of the darkness and-


“GOTCHA!” a voice exclaimed from the darkness at the top of the stairs.

“EEEEEK!!!” Dai screamed at the top of her lungs, gasping for air as a long, whip-like thing -like a tongue- wrapped around her neck, dragging her back up the stairs. “HELP!” she shouted again. Her attempts to struggle her way out failed as the whip-like tongue constricted her arms.

“MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Eye’ve gotcha now! EYE’M DA STRONGEST!” proclaimed the voice.

“Cirno? Why? Why are you doing this to me? Cirno, please stop! Aren’t we friends!?” Dai said to the creature atop the stairs. The creature smiled back at Dai as it dragged her right in front of it and struck its claws upon the little fairy.

“What’s gotten into you, Cirno?” the poor fairy said, almost in tears. “Why? Why are doing this?”

The creature, however, continued slashing its claws at Daiyousei, showing no mercy at all. Its face was covered in lumps and a huge tumor covered half its face.

“Die! Die! DIE!!!” said the creature, laughing maniacally. “It’s over, puny little fairy…”

Then came the little nekomata, Chen, with her axe, right at the creature’s direction. With all her might, she swung the axe downwards at the creature Dai called ‘Cirno’ and it fell to the ground, headless. A cloud of green smoke was expelled from its body and the tumor that was cut in half excreted a putrid-smelling green liquid.

The two coughed aloud, covering their eyes and mouths as the green smoke cloud grew larger and filled the air, obscuring their vision and making them feel like throwing up.

“Are you two okay?” said Sunny as she stood beside Luna. The smoke was clearing up. They all knew that if they did not continue their journey quickly, it would be over for them.

The two stood up, took a deep breath and nodded their heads. And so the four prepared themselves for the journey ahead of them. Slowly, they got down the stairs once again…


“EEEEEK!” Dai gave out a loud shriek again as yet another creature appeared from their only way out. This one was fat, with a bloated belly and an enlarged neck.

Sunny Milk let out a gasp. “Wriggle, is that you!?”

“Hehe… you bet…” replied the monster.

“TAKE THIS!” shouted Chen in a battlecry-like tone as she swung the axe down on it again. “CHEN! NO!” the group shouted at her but was too late. As soon as the axe touched the monster named Wriggle, a malicious grin cut its face from ear to ear as it exploded in a pile of green ooze, showering the four girls in it.


“I can’t see!”


Their voices filled the little room they were in, causing echoes everywhere. No one could see a thing at all. And then they heard a weird gurgling noise, followed by a spit.

“OUCH!” screamed Chen.

“Owowowowow…” Dai followed.

When the green, slimy ooze’s effect slowly cleared off, they noticed yet another threat they were in… right under them…

It was an acidic liquid, covering a whole lot of ground, causing a burning sensation on whatever it came in contact with.

“Mystia! Where are you? Hurry!” a mysterious voice said. “I fell off the building…” a mysterious reply came out. “No worries, eye’m here!” yet another voice out of nowhere.

And then time froze. Everything began slowly fading to black.


“What!? What happened?” questioned Cirno, throwing her head here and there.

“Alright girls, your time is up. That’ll be fifty gold pieces. Per person…” the shopkeeper pushed up his glasses with his index finger with a grin on his face as he walked out from behind the counter, to the row of computers where the girls were seated.

A short bunny girl patted him on his back. “That’s it, Kourin my boy. If ya’ wanna make money, that’s how ya’ do it…”

“Hehe, at this rate, I’ll be rich. Thanks so much, Tewi. I never thought you’ll help me out one day…” the shopkeeper said, laughing inside like a mad man. “I’m rich! Rich rich RICH! Hahaha!” he thought.

“It’s not free, ya’ know…” the bunny girl said with her hand outstretched. “That’ll be eighty percent of your earnings for the day.” She winked at the man.

“I guess I can’t help it. I really have to thank you for this…” the shopkeeper gave the girl a gentle smile. “I’ll get them to pay up firs-“

Right as he turned to the group of girls, they all stood by the door. “She’s paying.” Cirno said, pointing to a girl in blue, tied up onto one of the chairs. And everyone left without a trace.

“Hey! You guys! WAIT! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO-“ Star Sapphire said. A tall, dark figure approached her from behind. “Pay up, little girl… or else…” the man said with a deep, scary voice.


Meanwhile, several meters outside of Kourindou…

“Hey, that was kinda fun guys. Let’s do it again some other day…” said Sunny.

“Yeah, girls. Let’s.” Luna continued.

“Eye don’t get it,” said the ice fairy. “How could you girls have fun when it was only a few minutes long? The lag at the beginning there ruined everything too!”

“Oh, we didn’t mean the game. We meant Star getting what she deserved.” Luna and Sunny smiled.

“Yeah, she deserved it!”

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” a scream pierced the sky, up into the heavens above.

“You heard something?” Dai asked.

“Nope…” was their reply as the girls walked into the distance with huge smiles on their faces after a girls’ day out. It’s fun when you get to hang out with your friends on an ordinary day here in Gensokyo, no?

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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

Post by Aria.OwNs on 8/30/2011, 5:32 pm

WTF double post + Haxxor story + SPAM = GG.
My eyes dude.
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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

Post by entaobah on 8/30/2011, 10:24 pm

1) I don't have a choice but to double post, do I? Besides, they're two different stories and I shouldn't pile them up in the same post.

2) I like walls of text... besides, these are relatively short, compared to what other works you can find out there
*looks at Twilight*
*looks at Harry Potter*
*Looks at Patchy's endless library*

3) It's not spam if I am really trying to contribute something to the forums, right ^.^ V
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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

Post by OmegaSui on 8/30/2011, 11:44 pm

Posting for the lulz

Btw ent u want the next rm chapter ?



Sleep within these hands, gently watching over you
I remember you, laughing, crying, getting angry
I'll never forget, ever, until my life is exhausted
You were right there with me
Always always always you were smiling there beside me
Even if I lose you, I'll get you back. I will never leave you.

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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

Post by entaobah on 8/30/2011, 11:48 pm

Sure Big Grin
But it's late and I probably won't be around to read it until tomorrow or so... Haiz
But sure, I'm pretty sure there're others anticipating it too @@
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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

Post by OmegaSui on 8/31/2011, 9:05 am

Ok then.

Now if i have my word ....



Sleep within these hands, gently watching over you
I remember you, laughing, crying, getting angry
I'll never forget, ever, until my life is exhausted
You were right there with me
Always always always you were smiling there beside me
Even if I lose you, I'll get you back. I will never leave you.

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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

Post by entaobah on 9/2/2011, 12:42 am

Finally decided I should post this one up. Another fanfic I did some time ago, this one I'm pretty happy with, compared to the rest... (although it's still not very good...)
It's still incomplete as I'm doing a little touching up on them chapter by chapter, so I'mma slowly finish them up and edit this post once in a while to add in a few chapters every time...
☢️:Caution:There is most certainly NO wall of text ahead! Please proceed!:Caution:☢️
^Yeah, problem solved, now at least this post will look much tidier with spoiler tags...
(Any comments would be appreciated, though =D)

Chapter/Part 1 (I suck at giving names and all, so I'm not gonna think of a name for the title, nor am I gonna think of separate names for chapters, or parts or whatever you wanna call them...)

Slowly I pushed the wheelchair to the foot of the stairs and looked up.


I don’t think I can ever reach the shrine like this. It’s nowhere in sight.

With (almost) all my strength, I pushed myself up from my wheelchair. Slowly and steadily I got up on my feet. It’s been so long since I last stood up like this. Unfortunately I don’t remember how long exactly. I don’t remember what had happened to me before I woke up in the hospital that day.

I lifted up my right leg and put it on the first step. This is going to be really painful. They say the first step is always the hardest, followed by the second and then the third. I felt my heart race anxiously as my feet trembled. I put all my weight onto my right foot and pushed myself up.

I did it!

I decided to take the second step. I lifted my left foot and put it on the second step. I repeated what I had just done a moment ago. I was successful yet again!

Slowly I made my way up as the shrine came into view.

When I finally reached the top, I could only stare at the shrine, devastated at its condition. It was almost in ruins. There were holes in the roof, the doors and windows were already gone and almost half the shrine had been destroyed, as if it had been razed in a huge fire.

How can this be?

I decided to take a look inside anyway. Maybe I can still give my prayers and hope I get better soon. That was my main purpose coming here in the first place.

You see, I’ve been in a comma for God knows how long. I don’t have any friends or family to come visit me at the hospital and keep me company. Hell, I don’t even remember who I am, what’s my name, where I lived. Everything…

I felt lucky yet unfortunate at the same time when the doctors said I was safe the first time I opened my eyes. Lucky because I am still alive, and the latter because I had no real purpose in life. I had no meaning to live on.

All I can do now is pray in this shrine that I’ll have a long and healthy life, find my old friends and family members and most importantly, finding out who I was in the first place.

I took my first few steps into the run-down shrine. There was dust everywhere, even a huge cobweb near the entrance. I bet the spiders living here are pretty damn big and I don’t wanna know how long they’ve been living here.

I took really cautious steps, making sure not to break anything any further.

The floor creaked as I slowly stepped on the dusty planks of wood lying on the floor and termites began crawling out from underneath.

Slowly I made my way to the statue of the god worshipped here in this shrine.

“Hakurei Shrine, eh?” I said as I recalled the name of the shrine. I’ve probably heard about it from my friends a long time ago, during my long slumber. Either that, or it was a bunch of old ladies talking about it, I don’t really remember that well.

I took off my shoes and casted them aside. I got down on my knees and looked up at the statue. I put my hands together and prayed.

I begged for forgiveness for whatever wrong I’d done in the past. What’s done is done and no one, not even God himself can change that. I know that. That’s why I’m begging to be able to remember it all again. I wanted the ability to face the past, but I cannot do so because I don’t remember a thing at all. I wanted to know who my friends were, what kind of family I belonged to, what kind of man I was before the accident or whatever had happened to me.

I put my head to the ground and prayed. I stayed down for a whole minute, chanting aloud my prayers as I relaxed my mind.

I lifted my head once again and put my hands together. Slowly I stood up and I opened my eyes, about to put on my shoes, only to realize something was different. Really REALLY different.

I turned behind and looked in awe…

What just happened?

Chapter/Part 2

I don’t remember the shrine like this when I’d entered. What exactly just happened here?...

All the cobwebs were gone. Dust was nowhere to be found, as I could take long, deep breaths now without choking in it. The stray planks of wood lying about the floor were all gone. In fact, the whole shrine was clean; spotless even!

I continued looking around, scanning around, wondering if it was just a dream, until…

“Hey! What are you doi- nevermind. How’d you find this shrine? Why are you here?”


“How did you manage to find this very shrine you are standing in?”

“Huh? What? I don’t get it”

“Tch. What were you doing in this shrine in the first place?”

“Uhh, well, I was, err, praying? I mean, what else would I be doing here? What happened here anyway?”

“Sigh. It’s been a really long time since someone actually entered through the shrine. Usually it’s that old hag with her playful tricks, just randomly shoving someone in here. Normally what enters through this shrine is trash carried by the wind or old antique stuff left here. It’s been a long time since a real living person actually came here through the shrine.”

“What? I don’t… quite get you, Miss. Enter what? What do you mean?”

“Well it’s really too complicated for me to explain so let’s just skip that part. What’s your name?”

“What? You came up to me just like that and now you’re asking for my name? Tell me yours first.”

“Me? Came up to you? Me? Moi? Well, let me tell you something. You came into MY shrine without MY permission and now what? Whatcha gonna do now, huh? You cannot leave as far as I know.”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t even know my name. I’ve been in a comma for as long as I can remember so I don’t really know a thing about myself either. That’s why I decided to come here to the shrine in the first place. And what do you mean your shrine?”

“So you think coming here to the shrine will make you remember stuff?”

“I don’t know. I guess…”

“Well whatever. You’re here now and there’s no way of going back again. Better start adapting to life here…”

“What!? What do you me- WAIT!”

The girl was about to walk away but right after I shouted for her to stop, she did. And then she turned back and gave me an annoyed look on her face.


“You haven’t told me your name yet, Miss. And can you at least tell me what you meant by ‘adapting to life here’? Where is here, exactly? And I still don’t understand, what happened to the shrine? When I came in, this place was partially in ruins. Everything was a mess. The whole shrine was run down. What happened anyway? What did you do? Am I dreaming?”

“Sigh. Been some time since the last one…” I heard her mutter to herself.

“Okay, it’s gonna be a really confusing story so try to catch up, ‘kay kid?”

I nodded my head slightly as a reply.

“I’m all ears.”

“Okay, to start off… you are now in Gensokyo… oh and my name is Reimu. Hakurei Reimu…”

“Hakurei?? You mean…”


Chapter/Part 3

“Yes, I am the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine-“

“B-b-b-but how is that possible? I mean, I heard the shrine has been abandoned since long ago, so this- this is all just a dream isn’t it? Yea, I’m still back in the hospital, sleeping like a little baby. I can’t possibly be awake. I can’t possibly be walking around without knowing anything, even my own name… right?”

“Well, it is possible. I’m standing in front of you now aren’t I? It’s up to you to decide what you think and believe. You can believe whatever you want. This can be reality or it can all just be a dream. I don’t care. I’ll just-“

Suddenly a young girl comes running into the shrine, with her hands up in the air.

“Hey Reimu, Reimu, Reimu!” she said in a high-pitched voice.

That’s funny. Who is this girl? How old is she? And why the heck is she holding an old-fashioned sake gourd?

“What is it, Suika?”

“Oh, sorry Reimu. I didn’t mean to disturb you and your boyfriend… I’ll take my leave now, nyahahahaha”

She turned around and just childishly ran out of the shrine again, disappearing without a second look.


Now that I look at her again, she… the shrine maiden… she is… pretty…

…weirdly dressed, huh?

I mean, her outfit just doesn’t seem to fit the normal shrine maiden’s. Not to mention her sleeves, that are somehow detached from the main clothing itself but yet they don’t fall off. Her big red ribbon also stands out a lot, I mean back where I come from, at least as far as I can remember, no one wears such ribbons anymore, except for those cosplayers at conventions…

“Sheesh, that stupid oni…”

Wait did she just say oni?

“Hey, what did you just say, Miss?”

Her face suddenly turned red as a tomato.


“Uhhh… I didn’t mean that. I meant, I thought you said something about an oni?”

“Oh yeah, Suika’s an oni.”

“You mean that girl who just came in three minutes ago?”

“Yeah, her.”

Now that you mentioned it, I thought I noticed two things protruding from her head. I guess those are her horns? Wait, what am I saying? Oni don’t exist! … do they?

“Okay, kid. Here’s the thing. You’re not home anymore and there’s no way you can get back home. There is one way but that’s one risk nobody would really dare to take. So anyway, welcome to Gensokyo!”

“What is this place anyway?”

Well I guess if I’m gonna dream about this place, I better just get used to it instead of trying to deny things.

“I’ve said it a hundred times. How many times must I say it? THIS! IS! GENSOKYO!!! Heard it this time?”

“Yeah, yeah. Gensokyo… I’ve never heard of it before, though. Can you tell me a little more about this… Gensokyo?”

The shrine maiden began rubbing her chin and then she started.

“Well, Gensokyo used to be a desolate region in Japan centuries ago, haunted by the youkai living here. Eventually a barrier was erected around Gensokyo, sealing it away from the outside world. Yadayadayada, and now today, there are only two simple ways to bypass the Great Boundary –that’s the name we use to call the barrier separating Gensokyo from the human world; YOUR world- ; one is through this very shrine. Somehow you are one of the very few PEOPLE who have actually made it through this shrine. However, it’s a one way trip if you use the shrine. Once you’re here, you can’t use it to go back.”

“Okay… this is getting a little… confusing…”

“Tch. Alright, alright, I’ll show you around the place. You’re only getting a quick tour and I’m off to the village to get some food.”

“Sure… I… guess…”

It was a little confusing but oh well. If I’ll be staying here for a while, I don’t see the harm in learning a little more about this place, right? Right?

“Okay, follow me…”

I stared at the young shrine maiden as she easily levitated off the ground. She’s floating! Okay, no doubts anymore. This IS a dream.

“Oh yea, I forgot. You’re from the outside world so you probably never seen anyone fly before. Nevermind then. Here, hold on to my hand and I’ll show you around.

With ease the young girl named Reimu carried me up. Despite her small size, she’s really REALLY strong.

I continued staring at her, dumbfounded at her supernatural ability to fly like that.

“What are you doing? Stop staring at me like that…”

She looked down for a moment.


She let go of my hand and I fell on my butt.


“Good thing I wore my sarashi this morning! Okay, kid, I’m going to take your hand again, and we’re taking a quick tour. If you do that again I don’t know where I’ll drop you this time…”

She was threatening me. Her face changed to a very evil grin. I knew she meant what she had just said so I decided to close my eyes and hold her hand as we both floated off the ground.

“Don’t look up!”

“’kay… WOAH!”

“Don’t look down! It’ll make you feel like falling.”


“Stop shouting. Just relax…”

“Okay down there is the Forest of Magic, where lots and lots of fairies reside. Take a little walk inside and you’ll soon end up in the Misty Lake where you can go fishing for some REAAAAALLY good seafood, although it’s a little dangerous out there if you don’t know how to fight back since there are quite a few playful fairies lurking about and there’s the small chance to encounter a youkai since the place is covered with mist and finding your way around is really difficult.”

I looked around, amazed at the breathtaking beauty of this land known as Gensokyo.

Unfortunately, what REALLY ruined the mood was the constant urge to puke. I wasn’t really used to flying yet. I think I’d never even been on a plane before in my entire life. Either that or I’m just a little acrophobic… okay maybe a lot… Maybe it only comes when I’m really high up in the sky? I don’t know, actually.

“And so if you look to your right over there you’ll see Youkai Mountain in the distance…”

Soon Reimu’s tour was nearing its end and I just got used to the height. I guess I felt sick for the first few minutes or so but now it’s ok-


“Ewww, kid what was that all about? Couldn’t you at least hold it in till we got down?”

“Sorry. I thought I was okay. But I’m okay now…”

“As long as my shrine is clean, it’s okay.”

The shrine maiden looked down and smiled at me.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” I said to her.

“It’s okay. I know where I’m going. Oh, and if you look right below you right now you can see the Human Village. It’s pretty safe here. Alright, I’ve shown you around the places near my shrine, the Forest of Magic and this is our stop. If you’d like you can get that History teacher to show you around too.”

Reimu then slowly descended to the ground and released my hand before walking into the village.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off. Take care now~”

She waved at me and walked away. Suddenly I remembered something…

“Hey, wait! Who’s this History teacher you mentioned?”

Maybe she didn’t hear me as she had her back turned to me and slowly she disappeared into the distance. Oh well if this place is as safe as she said, I guess it’ll be okay to take a look around…

I took my first step into the village. Everything seemed normal. I looked around the village. Nothing was out of the ordinary. It looked like some old village you would see in a television show. There was a crowd somewhere in the village so I decided to take a little look.

There were too many people for me to see what they were looking at. So I decided to ask someone instead.

“Excuse me, sir. May I know what’s going on here?”

He didn’t seem to hear what I had just said.


I tapped him on the back.

“Oh, sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. Hello there youngster. With clothes like those, I bet you’re not from here, are you?”

“No, I’m not. So what’s everybody crowding here for?”

“Oh, we’re here to see the puppet show by Alice. She’s one of, if not the best puppeteer in all of Gensokyo. Her shows are just… indescribable… Here, I think you should be able to get a good view from my place here.”

The show was just amazing. It was astonishing. I don’t believe there’s a single person from my world who can play with dolls like that. This girl is just… like that guy said… indescribable…

Alas, all great things come to an end. The girl gives a bow, followed by all her dolls, synchronized. The most amazing thing in the show wasn’t the show itself. What amazed me the most were her dolls! They looked impossibly real. Their movements couldn’t possibly be done by any normal dolls. They were flying all over the place! However, what really mesmerized me was the fact that her dolls were floating without strings!

Right after the bow, the crowd dispersed and the villagers resumed their daily lives. Some approached the girl to thank her for the show, some even giving her coins for it as she was packing up. Oh and by packing up, I mean commanding the dolls to do all the packing up for her, before lining up in orderly pairs and then flying behind her in their lines as she left the village.

At the village entrance I caught up to her.

“Wait, miss!”

She stopped as her dolls followed, before she turned to look behind.


“That was a magnificent play just now.”

“Thank you. You don’t look like you’re from these parts. You new here?”

“Yea, kinda.”

“Alright then, I’ll be taking my leave now.”

She bowed slightly and turned her back to me again.

“Wait, miss… Alice?”


“Don’t you live here? I mean, is there anywhere else that’s safe for us?”

“Oh, not really. I live in the Forest of Magic. I don’t like to live in a place with many people around. I just don’t like socializing like that. The only time when I do is when I come here for shows. Sorry it’s getting a little late. I better get home soon to prepare dinner…”

“Wait, did you say Forest of Magic?”

“Yea… what about it?”

“Can I tag along? I kinda… wanna… take a little walk there… but I heard it’s not really a safe place t-“

“Yes, it’s very dangerous there. Miasma everywhere, youkai roaming about and there’s no electricity there…”

“What? Electricity? You mean here, in the village, ther- Wait!”

I chased up to Alice but it seemed as if she got really annoyed and decided to fly up into the sky before leaving to the forest. Darn it! I slowly walked around, hoping to find her again despite knowing such efforts would be futile.

I walked round and round and slowly I got further and further away from the village. Soon I had this strange feeling in my gut that I was lost, and the worst part is, the Sun looked as if it would be setting pretty soon. No, I KNEW I was lost, that is until I saw her…

Alice? No… Alice is blonde, this girl is… definitely not her…


Chapter/Part 4


“Hey, excuse m-“

Oh sh-

“Muahahaha, what is it that you desire from me, human?”

This girl has wings…


She may look young…


…but she’s definitely not any normal kid…


“Huh? Yes?”

“You called? So what is it you want from me, puny human?”

Oh no. I better get out of here. Is she a youkai? Will she eat me? No matter what, I’ll have to get away as quickly as possible.

“Hey, look behind you!”

I pointed behind the girl. Damnit, what was I thinking? Did I really think she would fall for something as stupid as t-

“What? Where?”


This is my chance! I’ll have to get away as fast as I can. I turned my back to her and ran as fast as I could. Too bad for me, even the twigs and branches around hate me. They keep cracking and snapping every time I stepped on them. To make matters worse, they’re all over the place! God, what is it that you want to do to me?

I managed to get away in the end, though. I was panting, gasping for air, trying to catch my breath. Until…

“Hah! You think you can get away from me? Well, you can’t!”

“Well, it wasn’t like that. I mean, well, it- err, it was worth a try, right?”

“You can’t get away from me! For-“

She tripped on a rock while trying to approach me. I guess despite acting tough and all, she’s still a kid at heart. I decided to close the distance between us to help her up. I don’t know, maybe I was a really kind person before the accident or whatever? I guess my instincts just got the better of me.

I stretched out my hand and opened my palm out to her.

“Here.” I said with a gentle smile.

She grabbed hold of my hand, got back up on her feet and starting wiping some dirt off her dress. I could only smile at her, noticing how cute she is.

“You alright, kid? Haha…” I asked and laughed a little.




I looked at her in silence.

Suddenly she took in a deep breath and stood akimbo.



“Muahahaha! Now Eye shall take my prey down!”

She attempted to take another step to attack me. But then she tripped on a rock again. The same one…



“Stop laughing!”

She got up and rubbed her head.

“You sure you’re alright?”

“Eye’m fine!”


“Stop laughing!”

“Okay okay okay…”

She got up again and sat down on the floor.

“Eye’ve never been beaten before. Eye can’t believe a mere human managed to defeat me. TWICE for that matter. Eye want a rematch one day!”

“Haha, whatever. Hey, I almost forgot what I wanted to ask you in the first place…”

She looked back at me in confusion.

“How far away are we from the village? The Human Village. I mean, I was following somebody not too long ago but I kinda got a little lost after a while, so, errr… can you help me out?”

“Village? Village… village… village… village…”

She chanted and chanted for what seemed to be a few minutes(?) and eventually she stopped and paused for a while.


“What? No, no you don’t get it. I’m lost. Can you help me out? At least tell me what direction I should go to get back to the village. I mean, it’s getting really late and from the stories I’ve heard from some people, I shouldn’t be walking around outside like this after dark. Perhaps you can take me back?”

“Village? As in home? You wanna get back home?”


Finally she understood what I was trying to say.

“Okay sure, come follo-“

She tripped over that same rock again.

“Owww… You got lucky that time, human! Ahem. Sure, come follow me. Hold on to my hand so you don’t get lost. It can get really dark sometimes, at some random places…”

I held on to her hand and- oh god! It’s so damn cold. It’s like a freaking refrigerator! Guess I didn’t notice it just now when I helped her up…

“Oh, yeah. How rude of me. I forgot to ask for your name, young lady…”

“Oh, so do you remember now?”


“Yes, I remember now. So what is your name?”


“Cirno, eh?”

“Yes! So what’s yours, puny-human-who-got-lucky-and-managed-to-beat-me-THRICE?”

“Well, one, don’t call me that. Two, I don’t even remember my name, actually…”

“Hmm… okay then, human!”

“Stop calling me human! It’s awkward!”

“Alright! Let’s go!”

She tugged my hand and dragged me with her again…

“Hey, Cirno?”


“I was wondering... What are you? You have wings but you don’t seem like a dangerous youkai like all the other youkai I’ve heard in stories and all.”

“We fairies take pride in what we do!”

“Fairy? So you’re a fairy?”

“Of course Eye’m a fairy. What did ya’ think Eye was? A pixie?”

“No, I-“

“Pixies are boring! They dress in full grey office wear with those weird, geeky pointed hats, speak in monotonous voices and all have the same voice! They’re nowhere near as fun as us fairies!”

“What? Wait, where’re you taking me? I thought you were taking me back to the village?”

“You said you wanted to go back home. Eye’m taking you back home now!”


“Don’t worry, this is gonna be FUN FUN FUN FUN!”


“Juz’ c’mon! Eye’ll introduce you to some of my WEAKER friends!”


I don’t like where this is going. Is it really gonna be okay?

Soon everything got dark. I looked around me and all I saw were trees, trees and more trees…

Is it REALLY gonna be okay?

Chapter/Part 5


"Good morning, human friend!"

I opened up my eyes.

"Let's go!"

"Huh? What? What do you mean? Who are you?" I asked, still half asleep.

"It's me, Cirno! You said you wanted to take a rest and you collapsed. Are 'ya okay now?"

I rubbed my eyes and tried to remember...

Suddenly it came to me. I recalled a certain blonde-haired girl’s words...

"Yes, it’s very dangerous there. Miasma everywhere, youkai roaming about and there’s no electricity there…"

So I guess this was the work of the miasma thing?

"Hurry up! We gotta get home quick!"

"Why? And where is 'home' anyway, might I ask?"

"We live by the lake. It's really an awesome place! Quick!"

"Okay okay! What's the big rush?"



"Friday is the greatest day of the week! It's the best day for pranks! Some people take a day off on Fridays to come here and relax, fish or even enjoy the cool, fresh air. Besides, tomorrow is a Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards. Those are two days where lotsa people come here. They're the best days of the week!"

"Didn't you just say Friday wa- nevermind"

I smiled at her. I guess from here she does look pretty cute. She's a child, human or not.


As we continued walking towards her home, I felt the air around me lighten. I took in a deep breath. Holy cow! I've never tasted such fresh and cool air before!

"Hehe, we're here! Hold onto my hand so you don't get lost!" she said energetically.

Cirno grabbed my hand tightly. A little too tightly.

"Hey Cirno, can you not hold my hand that tightly?"

"Oh, s-s-sorry..."

She loosened up her grip a little, but still holding it with a firm grasp. I turned to look at her and something surprised me...

Even through the thick mist, I could see Cirno's face turning red...

"Ahem. What're we waiting here for? Let's go!"

She tugged on my hand.

Is it going to be alright? Well, I don't know about that. The only thing I can do now is put all my trust on her. So do I trust this fairy? I have no choice, do I? If I turn back now I'll probably get lost and slowly get my life drained away by the poisonous air in the forest.

"Hey! Stop spacing out! Let's go!"

"Oh, sorry..."

I walked behind her but eventually we walked side by side, hand in hand.

Cirno, I trust you...


I looked in awe. This place is amazing. Is this really Cirno's house?

"Home sweet home!"

I can't believe it. From the outside it was just an ordinary tree house but inside...

I heard the door open.

"Oh hey, Dai-chan! WAZZZAAAAA-"

I looked at Cirno, confused. The girl who had just entered suddenly opened her mouth.





The two slapped each other a high five.

I gave a puzzling look to the two girls standing in front of me.

"Hey Cirno who is th- GASP! You've been out all night with this man? So how was it? Hm?" the girl said in a mischievous tone.

Cirno's face suddenly glowed red.

"NOTHING! WE DID NOTHING! Sigh. Dai-chan, to tell you the truth, we fought last night. This man is indeed strong. He beat me three times in a row! Me! DA STRONGEST!"

"I see. So you guys 'fought' eh? Is he really that 'strong', Cirno?"

The girl tilted her head and smiled at me.

"So, how was last night, mister? Was my friend Cirno good? Did 'winning' three times in a row feel good? You are indeed strong. However, that was Cirno's first time-"

Cirno raised her voice all of a sudden.

"ALRIGHT! Ahem. Okay, this is my friend Daiyousei"

The girl named Daiyousei smiled and waved at me.

"You can call me Dai if you wanna…"

"And this is... Uh... He's... Uh..."

"Geez Cirno, three times last night and you don't even remember his name anymore? Was it that bad? Sorry, let me rephrase that. Was it that good?"

Daiyousei giggled.

"Actually, miss, even I don't remember my own name-"

"Gasp! Mister, even you have forgotten your own name!? My gosh! I should've been there last night"

"Shut up, Dai-chan! You shouldn't be rude to our guest!"

"Teehee. Sorry Cirno. Oh yeah, the plan is all set!"

"What? Aww, you girls didn't even wait for me? Eye hate you!"

"Sorry... We couldn't wait any longer. Don't worry, Cirno, we'll all get to see the poor victim's face, hehe!"

"What!? Victim?” I let out a loud gasp when I heard them. “Are you guys trying to hurt people? That's just wrong!"

"C'mon, you can watch with us. Nothing bad's gonna happen..."


The loud scream came from outside.

We ran out of the house as quickly as possible but the scream had already disappeared into the distance.

"Aww crap! We missed it!"

"It's okay. There's always the weekends."

"YEAH!" they said simultaneously as they slapped each other a high five.

"What was that anyway?" I questioned.

"That, my friend, was a failed prank." replied Cirno.

Prank? I guess these girls don’t mean harm to the humans… right? Right? I trust them…


Chapter/Part 6


“Grrr, Dai-chan! Have you been going to dirty websites with my computer again?”

“Uhhh… Teehee, no…”

“Stop lying! Or Eye’ll cyro freeze you-“

Suddenly the door swings open and three voices filled the air.


“Alright, you three are here! Here’s the plan...”

Three girls came into the room. Fairies, I assume? Yeah... with those wings, I doubt they're human...

“Hehe… Tomorrow’s gonna be the first time Eye’m trying this out…”

“Cirno has a new plan, yay!”

Cirno stood up from her chair and walked towards the three to tell them about her great plan.

“Okay, so here’s the thing. Su- Dai-chan, ya’ better not go near that computer of mine again!”

“Okay okay… Sheesh…”

“Okay, here’s the thing. It’s a little prank used a lot in the outside world. Everyone who’s anyone in the outside world knows it. If ya’ don’t, y’all just proving how useless y’all are. Muahahaha…”

“Tell us!”

“Yeah, tell us!”

“Yeah, Cirno, tell us!”

The four girls stepped out of the house for a little while to discuss their prank for tomorrow.

Daiyousei and I both sat in the room quietly. Slowly she sat in front of the desktop again.

I really don’t believe it. How can this place have access to the internet? I mean, we’re in the wild! How does this place even have electricity!?

I looked at Daiyousei, staring into the monitor. I decided to break the ice.

“Hey, Dai…”


“Uh… You, errr… Uh… uhhhh… You have really nice wings…”

“Why, than- oh my gosh, stop thinking such lewd thoughts, you perverted man!”

“Wha? I’m not! You’re the on-“

“Gyahh~ Stop it, please! Don’t, please… You’re making me blush…”

“Come on, Dai. We both know you’re the one who’s having such thoughts, ya’ know. And didn’t Cirno ask you specifically NOT to touch her computer?”

“Okay, okay… Hey, here. Have a seat. You must be tired standing the whole time. Sorry. We didn’t really get that many chairs here so…”

She stood up from the seat. I didn’t want to decline her offer. I HAVE been standing almost all day. I better take a seat.

I sat down on the nice, soft, comfortable chair.


“No~ Please, mister. Don’t make such weird noises. Cirno’s gonna hear us an-“

“What’s this? Eye’ve only been out for five minutes and what’re you two doing? Kid, Eye thought you were my friend! AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY COMPUTER!?”

I turned to look at the screen and…

Dear god!


“How could you? After all Eye’ve done for you. Eye just left you two for a moment and you’re doing such dirty things to my friend! What are you, some kinda bear who likes little children? PERVERT!”

Cirno came up to me, grabbed me by the collar and pushed me down onto the floor.



“Hahaha! Eye win this time, human!”

She let go of me and I stood up, dusting my body a little.

“Hey, you’re pretty strong, Cirno.” I said.

“Of course! FOR EYE’M D-”

“Yeah, you’re the strongest. I know. You’ve said that countless times before. So… how’d your plan go?”

“Hehehe. Everything’s going well. Come, follow me.”

She held onto my hand and I walked by her side to the door.

“And no, Dai-chan. No touchy me computa!”


“Tomorrow, when Star senses someone coming to the lake to fish, Sunny will do a little refracting job between my computer and the lake, while Luna does her own job. Eye’m not good at explaining it, but you should understand this prank, Eye presume?”

“Huh? I’m not really sure.”

“You are from the outside world, aren’tcha?”

I looked at the little blue-haired fairy for a few seconds.


Was she trying to change the subject? Well, now that she mentioned it, I am kinda hungry. In fact, I haven’t eaten since I came here. I’m really hungry now. I wonder what’s on the fairies’ everyday menu…

“Let’s go!”

“So, kid, do you like sashimi? Do you like ice cream?”

“Uhh… I guess… why?”

“Coz’ ya’ can’t have any! MUAHAHAHA!!!”

“Wha? When did you?”

She held up a fish. But when did she catch it? She’s really fast.

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the fish froze solid!

“Woah! How did you-?”

“Hehe. You like it?”

She put the frozen fish to her face.

“Time to dig in~”

She took a bite in it.

“Mmmm~ Frozen sashimi, my favourite!”

I heard my stomach growling. That brat! Without hesitating any longer, I looked into the lake. The mist is really inconvenient. I can’t really see properly. What’s inside this lake, I can’t even make out clearly.

I threw my hand into the lake.


I felt nothing.

I did it again.


Once again, nothing.

Once again!


I felt something! I caught hold of something!

With everything I’ve got, I tried to pull it out. Oh, this is gonna be a good one, I just know it. It feels really big!

I pulled.


Next thing I knew, I was inside the lake, all wet...

“HAHAHAHA! You fell for that? That was meant for the people who fished here previously today! Haha, you fool!”

Cirno stuck her hand out to me.

“Haha, very funny,” I said in a sarcastic voice.

I held on and she pulled me up. My body was wet. My clothes were soaked. The water was dripping from my hair. AND IT’S SO DARN FREAKING COLD!

“Hahahahahaha!!! You should’ve seen your face! You were so surprised, weren’tcha? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Cirno fell on her back, holding onto her stomach and rolled on the floor, laughing her ass off.

“Yea, yeah. Had enough already?”

“HAHAHAHA… Wait, wait, wait for it… hahaha…”

She took in a deep breath.

“Phew. Okay…”

She wiped off a tear from her eye.

“Okay, that was best joke of the day. Okay, okay… enough now…”

My stomach growled again.

“Hey, you look like you’re really famished”


“Here, Eye’ll let you have this fish!”

She smiled back at me. Wait, how did she do that?

I took the fish anyway.

It jumped around. It’s kinda disgusting, trying to eat something raw like this.

“Hey, Cirno. I don’t really dare to eat this thing raw. Is there, uhh, any way I can cook it first? Maybe help me gather some campfire to start a fire?”

“You puny human! Why can’tcha eat it raw? A true man eats it just like that, without cooking! When a man needs to survive in the wilderness, he NEEDS to take things raw sometimes. Drinking your own piss is sometimes essential in survival out here. I mean, don’tcha watch TV? Look at Grylls! Look at how manly he is!”


“Okay, anyway, if you really wanna be so weak and eat it cooked, you can bring it back to my place.”

“Uhhh… okay then…”

I took the fish and together we walked back to her house.


“I’m not! See?”

Dai was just sitting on the sofa- Wait a second. If there was a sofa there all along, why didn’t I just sit there when I first arrived instead of standing the whole time and receiving a scolding for something I didn’t even do? DARN THAT DAI!

“Okay, follow me, human!”

I walked by her side as we both reached the other end of the house. It may look really small from the outside, but inside it’s really big.

“Eye never showed you this part of da house, did Eye? Here, my friend, is the kitchen! Tada~”

I looked around the place she called the ‘kitchen’. It was surprisingly big, even for something inside a tree house. To tell you the truth, it’s even bigger than the room I was in back at the hospital.

“Okay, so ya’ just dump it in this here machine that cooks anything we put in it. So just throw it in there!”

Cirno opened up the so-called ‘machine’ that looks suspiciously like a microwave. But wait a sec, how the hell did they get a microwave here? Oh well… this is all just a dream, isn’t it? Yea, I guess it is. I better enjoy it to the fullest… right?


Chapter/Part 7


"Hey Cirno, whatcha doing?"

She ignored me, her eyes glued to the screen.


I walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Nothin' much..."

I looked at her screen.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger’.Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: Hi there.
You: I own a horse.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

"Wha? What was that all about?"

"Hehehe. Just a little morning ‘trolling’…”

She smiled.

“That's something stupid people will never understand. Oh look, it's about time!"

Cirno then closed her internet browser and opened up a video file, paused and ready to play anytime.

"Cirno! A group of three male friends are heading this way!"

"Alright! Y'all ready, girls?"

"Aye aye, captain!"

"Eye can't hear you!"


"Okay, then, you scallywags! You'll give the signal, Star..."


"They're here!"

Cirno clicks the PLAY button on the video player and suddenly, the video could be seen from the outside, like some sorta projection. And then the music starts playing...

Wait... this music... it sounds so... fami-

We're no strangers to love~
You know the rules and so do I~
A full commitment’s what I'm thinking of~
You wouldn't get this from any other guy~

I applied my right palm to my forehead, producing a sound that went “SMACK”.

"Hey, guys. What's this song anyway?"

"I really don't know."

"Me neither..."

Never gonna give you up~
Never gonna let you down~
Never gonna run around and desert you~

"But hey, it's kinda catchy," said one of the guys as he started dancing.

"Hey! Stop it man! We better get outta here!"

"Yeah, he's right. This must be the work of-"

Cirno suddenly giggled and said, "FAIRY! GOD! PARENTS!"

The three men started backing away from the lake, eventually turning their backs and just running off while the girls fell on the floor, laughing.

"Hey girls..."

"What?" the girls said simultaneously.

"Especially you, Cirno..."


"Why'd ya' try rickrolling these people? It'll probably work for people from the outside world or those who miraculously have access to the Internet here, but these guys, they don't even get it..."

"Failed troll~" Dai whispered.

"Hey! At least Eye'm not a dirty little girl who falls for cheap tricks! Remember that last time when you were offered FREE naughty pictures by going to that lemon p-"


"YOU TWO CUT IT OUT!" I shouted.

Dai ran out of the house as the three fairies followed.

"We'll go after her. You two stay in here..." the blonde one in white and red said. What's her name again? Sunny?

I looked at Cirno again.

"There, there... Calm down, Cirno. Friends fight sometimes, too. Actually, it's a good thing if they fight. It just proves how much they trust each other that their relationship will not be broken."

"Eye'm okay..."

"Hey, Cirno. I've been meaning to ask you this..."


"How do you guys get electricity here anyway? We're deep in the wilds. Even the Human Village has no such conveniences..."

"Well, we should all thank the kappa! They've been really nice to us. Eye dunno what they did but that blue-haired one did mention something about connecting it to the lake blablabla, hydroelectric blablabla, and somehow improving everything using their own tech, making everything wireless. Eye juz don't get it myself, haha."

"But then what about cable? And Internet?"

"That, Eye'm not really sure... Let's juz say it's a freakin' miracle! Like magnets!"

I looked at her for a while, puzzled.

"Well, the kappa did briefly explain how they somehow made some kinda machine that absorbs waves and projects it to this other machine-thingy-thing, and something 'bout getting help from that parasol lady who was promised free internet and cable, too, or something like that, ARGGHHH MY HEAD HURTS!"

"So… it's like… stealing someone else's cable and internet line?"

Everything here in Gensokyo is just so weird. Everything just seems to work so differently. It's not just awry, everything's topsy turvy in my little dreamland!

"But Cirno, why is it that you guys got them for free too?"

"Uh, well, the kappa mentioned something about humans calling it a youkai's secret weapon to destroy the Human Village, so they had extras and decided to giv 'em to us, FREE!"

"Wow, that's pretty cool."


I've been staying here for a couple of nights now, nearly a week. It's pretty darn cool with the fresh air outside. It's just that weird mist that never seems to go away.

I really love it here, though. I've learnt a lot about these girls living here too.

Sunny, Luna and Star always come by to visit Cirno to plan for their upcoming pranks on unsuspecting humans.

Dai's a very naughty girl who does a lot of stuff a girl her age, or at least the age she seems, should never do. But she can be really kind sometimes, helping us pick mushrooms in the forest and cooking for us.

And then there's Cirno...

What more can I say?

She's really fun and outgoing, she’s cute, she's nice, despite being a typical online troll, and her childish behaviour just makes her even cuter. Everytime I see her smile, I feel warm inside. Everytime I see her sad, I feel bad. What is this feeling anyway? Have I fallen for her? Nah, how can that be? She's just a kid...

But still...


Hmmm... It's going to get dark soon and I'm starting to get a little hungry. The girls did say they'll be out for some time. I guess I'll go get some food myself.

Let's see now...

Fish is out of the list, since I can't see a goddamn thing.

Mushrooms? Cirno and Dai did teach me a little about mushrooms the other day; whether or not they are safe to eat... Okay, mushrooms it is!


I bent down a little to take a look at the green polka-dotted mushroom. I recall Dai saying something about these mushrooms seeming poisonous but actually aren't. They are huge and can fill one's tummy for an entire meal. The down side is that you'll get gas... a lot of gas...

I put both hands around it and pulled.

It’s really hard to get it out. I hope this is worth all my efforts.

Damnit, mosquitoes everywhere!

I let go of the mushroom and started hitting the mosquitoes around me. I hope Cirno has something back home for mosquito bites.

They’re everywhere.

I flung my arms back and forth, trying to smack them every single chance I had.

“What are you doing to my friends? Who are you? STOP IT!”


I turned to look at where the voice came from.

“Are you alright?”

“Uh, I guess… yea, besides the several mosquito bites, I’m fi-“

“I’m not talking to you!”

The mosquitoes suddenly flew away, towards the green-haired girl who had just appeared.

“Guys, are you alright? Did the man hurt you?”

She looked at me.

“How dare you…”

Out of nowhere, green glowing balls began to appear all of a sudden. They circled around the girl.

“You like to hurt insects, do ya’, human? Take this!”

The balls circling around her suddenly stopped and all flew at me at the same time.

What do I do?

I tried my luck to dodge the balls, which seemed like bullets at that time.

One of them flew by my face. Phew that was cl-


I was then hit by dozens of other green bullets shot by the little green-haired girl. I collapsed to the ground.

How? Why? What just happened?

I tried to stand up but it hurts just too much.

I heard the sound of the wind blowing by. The miasma surrounding the forest was also at work. I knew it was the end…

The girl took a few more steps towards me and pointed her index finger at me.

“It’s over…”

The finger slowly began to glow green…

I closed my eyes, ready to wake up from this horrible nightmare…

A few seconds had passed…

Nothing happene-


What was that?

I opened up my eyes and saw her…

“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have left you all alone… It was all my fault…”

It was her…

I just know it…

But she sounded…



Chapter/Part 8


“Cirno?” I softly called out to her.

Her voice was a little deeper than usual. And she didn’t have that usual childish accent. She sounded like…

“Please, just…”

…an adult…

“…hang in there…”

She threw an angry glare at the girl who had just attacked me and growled at her. Her eyes narrowed.

“Wriggle… attacking unsuspecting victims again, I see? Are you really that hungry? Or are you just really bored?”

I looked around my attacker. I was shocked to realize what the previous cracking sound was…

I looked at the ground around her feet. The mosquitoes and other flies surrounding her just a moment ago had been frozen solid and shattered into pieces. Yes, tiny insects shattered into even tinier bits…

“I suggest you leave him alone, Wriggle.”

“But- but- But he attacked my friends fir-”

She stopped before she could finish her sentence and I understood why. I could feel it too. The look on Cirno’s face was just frightening. There was a heavy, dark aura emitting from her body, making everything in her surroundings heavier than they should be. I felt my heart throbbing faster than ever. I could feel every muscle in my body cramp at the same time, disabling any sort of movement. I could feel all my energy being sapped away from my body...

I'd never seen this side of her before.

“You wanna see who inspires more fear, little firefly?”

The girl named Wriggle trembled. Her whole body shook as she just stood there, unable to do a single thing.

“Y-Y-Y-You d-d-don’t scare m-me, d-darn f-f-fairy!”

“Oh? Really? Have you forgotten?”

Wriggle summoned another barrage of green glowing balls and threw them at Cirno with her still-trembling hands.

The fairy just stood there, still, holding her position. She lifted up her left hand and snapped her fingers.

I felt cold all of a sudden…

A chill broke down my spine as I eyed the fight between the two girls once again…

All the balls thrown by Wriggle…


...had been…

“What was that?”


“Have you really forgotten, little firefly? I am the strongest…”

Wriggle got back up on her feet which, after a second look, were half frozen. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, never turning back to face the nightmare that was the ‘strongest’ fairy, Cirno. After running several feet away, she lifted off from the ground and disappeared among the trees.

The fairy looked down upon me.

“I’m sorry…”

“Cirno? Is that really you?”


She put her cold hand over my face.

“I’m so sorry…”


“I should have warned you first…”

I saw a tear roll down her cheek, glittering under the moonlight.

“We fairies aren’t the only ones roaming around these parts of Gensokyo. There are many other dangerous entities out here, some harder to deal with than others. That firefly was just one of the weaker ones out there…”

She slowly held me up to her face as I wrapped my arms around her and embraced her.

“Thank you so much…”

“W-*sob* why?”

“For saving me…”

“But it was all my fault this happened to you in the first place.”

“No, it’s not…”

“Yes, it is! If I hadn’t had left you at home, all alone, you wouldn’t have come out and you wouldn't have been injured, would you?”

“But you saved me in the end anyway, so thank you…”

I could hear her continuous sobbing as she held on to me tightly.

“Hey, Cirno…”

“*sob* what? *sob*”

“Why are you crying? And why are you protecting me anyway?”

I heard a soft mutter from her.


Soon I felt so cold that I just had to close my eyes and my vision just blurred out…



It’s morning already?

I got out of bed.

"Hey Cirno, morning"

"Morning, human friend!"

Suddenly an image of a much more mature Cirno flashed through my eyes. I could have sworn I've heard her speaking in a less, err... kid-like tone. Oh well, must be just a dream.

"Imma get myself some fresh air outside, back in a while." I told her.

"Yeah, sure- WOAH! Creepy IRL trolldad is creepy…"

"What's that?" I asked, squinting at her monitor.

"Oh nothing. Just some awesome troll IRL…"


"IRL is short for 'in real life'. Sheesh, do eye have to teach you everything?"

"No, I mean- never mind…"

At that moment the door slammed open.





Oh, what the heck. Guess I'll join in too...





I ended it quickly.

"So, morning guys. How was everything? How are you fe-"

Before Dai did get to finish her question Cirno bugged in.

"HEY! It's time for breakfast!"

The door opened again, this time revealing three familiar fairies as they spoke in turns.




And they said it together.








"Yeah, Eye did!"

"YAY! BREAKFAST! So what are we gonna have today?"

Cirno showed an evil grin.

"Eye know! How about some blue waffles?"


"They exist?"


Dai looked at Cirno suspiciously.

"Wait a minute, wasn't that the site you said I could fi- AH! Girls, it's a trap!"

"What do you mean?"

"What's so wrong with food?"

"Yeah, Dai-chan~"

"Trust me guys. You can go google it if you don't believe me!"

"Girls, can't you see her face?" Dai asked.

Everyone looked at Cirno's suspiciously wide grin, cutting her face from ear to ear.

"Come on girls," Dai said, pointing at Cirno, "Can't you see it? That's her trollface."

"It's late. Eye'm gonna go get some myself then~"

"No, Cirno wait."


Several minutes later...

The three girls’ eyes widened, their pupils reduced to a single dot.

"What has been seen cannot be unseen," said Luna.

"See? I told you so..." said Dai, blowing out a loud sigh.

They sat in front of the computer, still staring.

"Uh, girls?" Dai called out.

"Hehe, so how 'bout we go grab some breakfast now?" said Cirno with a grin.

"Cirno, something's wrong..." Dai turned back with a worried face. The three girls just sat there, not flinching one bit. Nothing but dead silence…


"Hey. Girls. Sunny, Luna, Star. Hey. Hello~" Dai began poking them on the back.


"Wow, Dai. I guess they don't call 'em shock sites fer’ nothin, eh?" Cirno said, still with that grin, albeit a little smaller now.


"Uh..." Dai began feeling worried for the three.


"Hey, Dai-chan, are you hungry?" Cirno suddenly said with her usual energetic tone, attempting to change the subject.


"How 'bout you?"

They both looked at me.


I pointed at myself.

Both of them nodded.

"On second thought, Dai-chan and Eye will go fishing. You stay here and have some waffles, then."

"No, Cirno. What if he does 'things' to the girls?"

"Uh, that'll only be you, Dai..." I said, glaring at the young green-haired fairy.

"You'll only do them to me? No, please! No~ you're such a dirty man."

A sweatdrop rolled down my face.

"How could you? Eye thought you were my friend!"

"Not again. Oh and Cirno, what's all this fuss about blue waffles?"

"Ask the girls..."

She did that smile again.


"Or go see for yourself..."

Her smile widened.


"Coming out from a troll's mouth, I guess that's gonna be the last thing I do... Oh yeah, Dai?"


"I can guess Cirno tricked you with-"


"Yes, you're correct," Cirno grinned at me.

"So, what are we waiting for? What's for breakfast? Fish again?"

"Eye dunno."

"Me neither. C'mon, let's go outside and decide," Dai said as she opened the door.


Chapter/Part 9


"I'm sorry..."

What was that? What was that dream all about? I think I just dreamt about a more matured Cirno, sobbing.


Cirno... Mature... Sobbing...


I think, maybe, just maybe, it's because I've been hanging out with Dai a little too much... Okay, no maybe, it IS because I've been hanging out with her too much. But what can I say? She's fun to be around... but not as much as...

Cirno's smile flashed through my eyes.

Huh? What was that?

"*sob* why? *sob*"

Get out of my head! Enough with such thoughts about Cirno.

I hit my head a few times.

She's my friend and I will never hurt her like that...

I really gotta stop having such dreams.


"Mor- Woah! Dai, you're early today. What are you guys doing? What's with that look of anxiety in your eyes?" I asked, slightly alarmed at the fairy who usually comes over much later.

"We're going out..." said Cirno.

"Where to?" I asked, yawning and rubbing my eyes to clear off all that drowsiness in my eyes.

"Hehe. That's for us to know and you to find out!" she replied with a mischievous grin.

"We're going to the shop!" Dai gave me a more appropriate answer.

"Awww, Dai-chan. Why?"

"Cool. What shop?" I inquired.

"It's a little too far away for you to go, even with us. Besides, we fairies have something you don't..."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"That's for us to know and for you to never ever find out! Besides, the owner of the shop will probably even creep you out."


"Enough with the questions already! Eye'm gonna leave you behind, Dai-chan, if we don't go now."

"Okay, then. See 'ya later,..."

She waved and smiled at me.


I felt my body burn up as my whole face turned red.

She closed her mouth with her left hand and giggled.



Today's going to be a boring day.

Hey, I wonder...

I walked up to Cirno's computer.

I wonder if she has some stuff for me to do here to pass the time.

I switched on the PC, sat down and waited...

I waited for several minutes and the computer had been booted up and ready to use.

I wonder...

My Computer> D:> Videos

Let's see now...

Movies, Blurays, Anime, Spongebob, Others, This Is Not Daiyousei's Movies.

Yep. That's sooo hidden...


My Computer> D:> Games

Wow, this is one big list. Maybe I should spend some time like this sometimes...

The door swings open.

"Oh hey there Sunny, Star. Hey, where's Luna?"

"She's still at home..."

"Yeah, staring blankly into space..."

“Hey, where’s Cirno?”

“She mentioned something about going over to the shop? I’m not sure what she meant, though…”

“Oh, you mean that shop?”

“Yeah, I think he means that one…”

“What do you mean by that shop?”

“Well, well, look at the time…”

“Yeah, Sunny, it’s about time for br-“

The two suddenly stopped and glared at each other for minutes.

“Errr… girls?”

No respond.

“Sunny? Star? You girls okay?”

What happened?

Oh wait…

Did the mention of ‘breakfast’ bring back some really unwanted thoughts?

I looked at them again, still staring blankly into each other’s eyes.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure. Geez, what did Cirno do to them anyway? I don’t think it’s really that bad, was it? Nevermind, I’m never gonna check it out anyway…

Hey now that Star had mentioned it, I am feeling a little hungry. Maybe I’ll just take a little walk in the forest. If I don’t wander too deep inside, I won’t get lost.

“So girls, you okay now?”

I approached them and waved my hand at them.

“If you’re not coming with me, I’ll just be off then…”

Okay, since they’re not responding, I’m just gonna go by myself.

Hmm… I remember Dai teaching me a little about mushrooms not long ago; which ones are poisonous and which ones aren’t.

These thin and long red ones are supposed to be a really nice snack, according to her. Maybe I’ll get some of thes-

I felt a very familiar presence. I don't know why, but I know, somehow, that I've felt this before…

I looked up and saw a very familiar girl…


Meanwhile, on the way to Kourindou…


“Woah, Cirno. You alright there?”

“Eye just have a slight feeling that…”


“That somewhere out there, somebody is talking about me…”

“You mean the man back at home?”

“No, Eye don’t know. But Eye just can’t shake off the feeling that somewhere... somewhere out there someone... some long, twin-tailed, pink-haired girl -or a guy just shamelessly crossdressing as such a girl- just said they wouldn't open the spoiler tags…”

“There, there Cirno… Don’t worry. I’m sure it’s just your imagination…”

“Yea, Eye hope so…”

Chapter/Part 10
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Oh well, I'll just continue here...

Chapter/Part 10

"Oh, hey there... uh... sorry but what's your name again?" I curiously asked.

"..." but the girl with the short hair kept silent.

She turned to look away as if she never saw me.

"Oh yeah! Alice!"

"O-Oh I remember you now. You're t-t-that g-guy f-f-f-from the village who was s-s-st-stalking me."

"Hey! I'm no stalker! I just had some stuff to ask you, that's all."

"Uhh... Nice w-w-weather we're having..."

She keeps stammering. Is she nervous about something?

"Yeah... But it's kinda hot today."


Suddenly she paused for a moment. She put her hand on my chest... and...

She pushed me down!

"Ow, what was that for-"


A gust of wind blew against my face, making it feel as if the earth were rumbling and trembling beneath me, but no, apparently it was just the wind... or someone who was riding the wind...

"Sup, Alice?"

It was another blonde girl, looking about Alice's age.

"Hi. A friend of Alice's, I presume? I better take my leave now, then. Bye." I said, waving at the two blonde girls as I turned my back to them and got back to picking the mushrooms.

I slowly walked further away and left the two friends alone. From afar I could still hear them talking.

"Alice, who was that guy anyway? Were you-"

"No, Marisa. Don't misunderstand. There's nothing bet-"

"Shh... I believe you... Because… I love you..."



"Marisa, can I- can you, you know..."

"Close your eyes..."


"Alice... I love you..."

I felt my heart pounding, about to burst from my chest.

I can't take it any more…

I looked back.


"Tsk tsk… Eavesdropping on girls is no good, ze~..."


"What’d ye’ think we were doin’? Ya’ sick man! Ya’ really remind me of a certain fairy livin’ down by the Misty Lake. A man like you will surely enjoy her company, ze~."

"Oh you mean Dai? She's a little too annoying to be a good companion..."

"Haha, so ye' know 'er? Is she really dat annoying?"

"Trust me; she's pretty damn annoying to be around sometimes."

"Haha. You're not bad, maybe we should hang out sometimes. Kay then, see ya around, ze!"

I heard Alice in a soft voice.

"Haha, guess he fell for that… and wow you can really socialize well, huh?"

"Thank the kappa, Internet and Facebook, da ze!"

"You're actually willing to pay extra for Internet bills, huh?"

"Hehe, of cuz' I am! So where were we?"

"Where were we whaaAAA-?"

I heard a loud smooching sound in the distance.

Did they really? Or did they not? Dai, I blame you for all these dirty thoughts overflowing my mind!

I ate some of the mushrooms on the way back.


Kinda salty...

But really good, nevertheless. It's even better than Pringles! And according to Dai, it’s nutritious too!


"Hey I'm back... Sunny? Star?"

They're still here?

*snap snap*

They blinked after I snapped my fingers.

"Oh hey there."

"Cirno's not back yet?"


"Hey, you wanna do something?"

"Like what?"

"Something to pass the time..."

"Coming out from you guys, I say it's a prank?"


"Yea sure why not. What's the plan then, girls?"

"We'll ring doorbells and hide before the owners show up!"

"That's a great idea, Sunny!"

"Just one problem, girls. Where are we supposed to find houses with doorbells here?"

They looked at each other and smiled.

“Star, I’ll explain it to him. You go get Luna…”

“Will do.”

“You see, there’s this big house down this lake that’s really… uh… well, BIG. It’s totally different from our homes here. It has a very big metal gate outside too! I’m sure the owner’s a really big and important person. If we manage to pull a prank on them, how great would that be?”

She said with her usual cheeky smile.

“I don’t know, maybe it isn’t really a good idea…”

“Sunny, Luna’s asleep. Should I wake her up? Or we can just go without her.”

“Yea, let’s just go without her…”

“Girls… I don’t know if this is a really bright idea…”

“Awww, come on, party spoiler!”

“Yea, just have fun!”

“I have a bad feeling about this…”

And soon we came upon a huge mansion and damn was it big. It looked like a very olden Western-styled mansion, with a big clock on the top floor of what had seemed like a tower, just like what we see on television.

“You girls settle this quick okay? Sigh, I shouldn't have come here in the first place…”

“What? You chicken?”



“Okay, you girls go on ahead; I’ll just stand out here and stay on guard…”

“Great plan!”

Well I’ll just let these girls settle this little prank as soon as possible. If anything bad happens I’ll probably just apologize to the mansion’s owners.

I watched as the two fairies flew over the gate, slowly sneaking up to the front step.

I looked around for a while to examine the place.

It’s really beautiful after a second look. It has a huge garden around it, although the atmosphere here is a little creepy, but overall it’s still a pretty nice place to live in.

I looked around a little more until I saw someone…

I put my hand over my head to block the sun’s rays as I squinted my eyes to see who it was in the distance.

It was a girl, leaning against a tree, asleep.

This is a bad idea after all. I think I’m just gonna tell Star and Sunny to come back here right away.

I turned around to face their direction…

...I was about to call them back...


Chapter/Part 11 (slightly disturbing, but it's not really that bad...)



…I heard a woman’s voice from inside the mansion, echoing…

The girls looked at each other, giggling.

The voice filled the air as it resonated in our heads…

“ZA zazaza…

The girls looked at each other and Sunny showed Star a puzzled face.

“WARUDO dododo…

I blinked.


The two girls screamed aloud but within a second or two, their screams slowly faded away into nothing.

From where I stood, I looked at the two girls, now lying on the floor, upon the front doorstep. Standing only a step away from their bodies, bloodied and mutilated beyond recognition, was a single girl.

I could only watch in horror from afar, as the girl with shoulder length silverish hair looked down upon the two bodies.

I gasped.

She heard me, looked up and turned her head to me.

I decided to run away, but…

In the blink of an eye –literally- she appeared before me. How did she even get here?

She was looking at me with her cold, emotionless, blue eyes.

“Darn fairies! Ahem. Sorry for the rude language. So, kind sir, do you happen to be an acquaintance of these two young ladies here?”

Her voice was monotonous that I could not sense a even single hint of emotion in it.

She gripped my shoulder with one hand.

I blinked again.

When my eyes opened, I felt like ‘letting it all out’ when I was to behold the gruesome sight before me…


There was blood everywhere…

On the floor, on their faces, on their bodies, still trickling down…

Their eyes were wide open; three of them at least…

One of Sunny’s had a knife right through it, right into her skull…

Their mouths were really wide open, covered in dripping wet, red blood…

Star had three knives embedded into her skull…

Let’s just say it wasn’t a really pretty sight…

“Hm? So do you know these two?”


Who is this girl?

“Excuse me…”

“…how could you do that?”


She raised an eyebrow.


Suddenly as I looked back at their bodies, they started fading away and their bodies began slowly turning into tiny balls of light, which in turn, dispersed into the air and just vanished.

“No… Sunny… Star… NO!!!”

“So, I assume you do know them, sir?”

“How could you do that to them? What did they do wrong? It was just a little-“

“As little as pranks can be, they tend to worsen up and end up getting out of hand, creating a huge mess to be cleared up by my maids and I.”

I looked at the girl. I had just realized that she was wearing a complete maid uniform, head to toe, with a few bloodstains on her face and some on her apron.

“How could you?”

“Hmm… I see you’re a friend of the fairies, sir…”

What is this? Who is she? I could not even sense a hint of guilt from her voice. Not even the slightest bit!

“I guess these two have learnt their lesson. Sir, if you have any other fairy friends, would you please kindly inform them not to come by and play such petty pranks on the Mistress? She hasn’t been in a very good mood lately and I don’t want to see you or your friends hurt or anything.”

What does she mean? Who does she think she is? She just took away two lives and all she can think about is this Mistress of hers?

“Well, I don’t know who you are, but how could you do that? You could always just advise them NOT to play such pranks, instead of… of… ARGHHH!”

“I’m sorry, sir. That was to discipline those girls. If I hadn’t had done that, they will never learn.”

“Learn? You just KILLED my friends… HOW COULD Y-“

“Ahem. Excuse me. Those two are just fairies. Their lives aren’t wor-“

“JUST fairies? How could you say that? You’ve just taken away two innocent kids’ lives!”

“I’m sorry, sir. I apologize for such a gruesome sight just now, but I hope you pass my message to your friends back at home, okay? Thank you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some work to do…”

Who the hell does she think she is? Were Star and Sunny’s lives worth nothing at all to her? Did she think they were disposable?

I couldn’t take it anymore. I curled my hand up into a fist and lunged right at her.

“It’s useless…”

In a split second, she disappeared and I lost balance and tripped, falling face first onto the cold hard ground.

“Sigh. I can’t believe how useless of a bodyguard that girl is, always sleeping on the job…”

I climbed back up on my feet, ready to charge at her once again.

But then she took notice of my plan to attack her from the rear.

She looked back at me, and her eyes started glowing red.

I blinked and when my eyes opened this time, everything around me had changed…

That rock! Didn’t we walk past it on our way to the mansion?

Wait, how did I get back here?

I’m lost…

With the think mist here, I know I can never find my way back. And without Sunny and Star…



Why didn’t I just stop them when I had the chance?

Why didn’t I just tell them it was a terrible idea in the first place?

Why did I realize it too late?


What makes a fairy’s life less valuable than any other person’s? They’re just the same as us.

Who was that girl?

“ARGHHH!!!” I gritted my teeth and gave the rock one hard punch. My fist began bleeding and I could feel the blood slowly rolling down my fingers, dripping onto the floor.

Well, I know I won’t be able to make it back there without a guide.

I couldn’t even give my friends a proper burial. They disappeared right before my eyes…

Star. Sunny. May you two rest in peace now…

I only know the way back to Cirno’s house from here.

I’d better warn the others not to go NEAR mansion ever again, never again…

I never wanna see anyone hurt like that… ever again…

I got back home.

I turned the doorknob.

Tears were streaming down my face.

“Oh, welcome back…”

I looked up…

My eyes widened…

Chapter/Part 12


“Hey there…”

“B-But! How? What did you do? What happened? How did- I don’t get it…”

I kept wiping the tears off my face.


I looked behind the two girls.

“Well, I see you understand what I meant now, huh?”

I thought for a little while…

“…Besides, we fairies have something you don't..."


There was nothing but silence in the room.

I could feel the tears coming out again…

“Sunny! Star!”

I ran up to the two and hugged them.

“Group hug~”, Dai said as she joined in and wrapped her arms around us.

After a few minutes, Dai released her arms and so did the rest of us.

“Hey! You’re bleeding!” Dai took notice of the wound on my hand and immediately rushed to the back of Cirno’s house and back, holding a first aid kit when she had returned. And much skillfully, Dai applied some ointment onto my wounds to prevent infection and wrapped the bandages around my hand, like a true professional…

“Hey, it’s getting kinda stuffy in here; I’ll be getting some fresh air outside…” she said when she was done attending to my wound.

Dai left the room.

“Yeah, we better get home now…”

“Hey… we’re really sorry about just now…”

“Yea, we should’ve told you…”

They waved at us and left the room as well.

I turned to look at Cirno, who was silent the whole time, hiding her face under her hair and standing in one corner.


I walked up to her. I put my hands around her and pushed her face to my chest.


This is it…


I was sobbing…

But still…

I have to tell her…

“Cirno… I…”

I knew this was my only chance to say it…

“Cirno… I-I…”

Whether it be a dream or reality itself, I don’t care anymore…

All I know right now…

…is that…

“Cirno… I lo-“

“I know… you didn’t have to take so long to find the guts to say that, I already know…”



“Whatever you do… please… please, I beg of you… don’t leave me…”

She held on to me tighter as I, too, tightened my arms around her.

“I don’t ever wanna see that happen to you…”

The picture of the two girls flashed before me once again.

“Cirno, don’t ever let something like that happen to you…”

“I… I promise… I won’t…”

“Don’t ever break that promise, okay?”

“I won’t… Hehe, I am the strongest, remember?”


I heard Cirno muttering.

“Hey, kid. You know what? I-“

I could barely make out what she was trying to say, and god darn I just HAD to interrupt her...

I really shouldn’t have, darn it!

“Cirno, I want this dream to last forever… I wanna be with you till the end of time. I don’t care if I don’t wake up anymore…”

And with that, Cirno let go of me and pushed me away from her.


And then she left with tears on her face.

“Cirno, wai-“

But before I could finish she slammed the door behind her.

What was that all about?

I guess even though she acts a little more matured, she’s still a little kid…

She was seated on a rock, silently sobbing.


As I called out, she turned to look at me and wiped her tears off her face.

I walked up to her and put my hand on her head. I gave her a soft pat.

“Cirno, what’s wrong?”

“*sob sob* nothing… Eye’m fine…”

“Cirno… at least… can we continue our normal lives, like before? I’m sorry if I said or did anything that hurt your feelings…”

“It’s okay. Eye’m sorry too for running off like that.”

She smiled at me, but then it seemed like it was a forced smiles on her face.

I felt bad for doing whatever I had done to make her sad.

“C’mon, let’s go inside. I can feel the rain droplets already.”

“Yea… let’s…”

“That’s not the Cirno I know…”

“Ahem. HAHA, WEAK MORTAL! Afraid of a little rain, Eye see? Let’s go inside then, and we’ll have some fun, if you know what I mean.”

And she gave out her usual grin.

That’s the Cirno I know…

I guess our normal days are just going to continue on, huh?

I don’t wanna wake up from this dream… ever…

“Morning, Cirno. Dai, you’re here early.”

Cirno was looking at her screen.

“Morning trolling again?”

Dai nodded her head.

“Hey, Dai… Just wondering, though…”


“When you use the internet, you always visit those… ummm… you know what I mean… but then, doesn’t it say you need to be over 18? Don’t you think it’s a little too early for you to go to su-“


She gave me a dark smile, as if she were threatening me… and yeah, that was what I was feeling at that time…

“Don’t ever ask that again, okay?”


I wish these days will last forever…

It’s so fun teasing Dai, fooling around with the other girls, and most importantly, being able to be with Cirno…

I don’t want these days to end…


I don’t ever want to wake up…

Oh how I wish this were all real…

Chapter/Part 13


I heard voices coming from inside Cirno's room.

I walked towards it, silently, to make sure they don't hear me, and then I put my ear against it.

"Please, Dai. Please."

"I don't know."

"All ya' need to do is take care of him whenever he goes outside if Eye'm not around, in case anything happens."

"Cirno, I haven't seen you this serious in a very long time. At least tell me what's wrong with him going outside."


There was silence for a very long time, what seemed to be ages, which was suddenly broken when the door opened inwards and I landed right in front of the little ice fairy’s feet.

"Eye don't mind you listening to our conversation. Just don't make it look so awkward by eavesdropping like that, it’s just plain weird, okay?"

"Hold on…"

I got up on a sitting position.

"What is this about Dai taking care of me when I go outside? What is she, like, a babysitter to me now?"

She looked away for a second.

"She's back," she said softly.

"What? Who?"

Dai gasped.

"You mean her?"


"What are you two talking about? Who do you mean?"

"Her heart is as dark as the void around her, her eyes as crimson as the blood shed by the people who have actually seen her in person…"


"Her claws and teeth are as razor sharp as a BlendTec blender, she is just…"

"Who is she?"

"Sigh. Eyemma go outside for some fresh air now..."

Cirno left without turning back, closing the door behind her.

"What's up with her?" I looked at Dai, not getting a word Cirno had just said.



"Have I ever told you the story of how I met Cirno?"

"No, not that I can recall..."

She took in a deep breath.

"Well, you see..."

I sat down, listening attentively.

"It all started when I was first born here. I was lost out there by the lake, with the thick mist -that could never seem to go away- making everything worse.

I was scared and no one was there. It was but dead silence...

Everything went from bad to worse when I actually did meet someone… I was attacked by some random fairies living nearby. And soon, it was not just the fairies. Soon, I was being pushed around and bullied by almost everyone I met. Because of that, everything around me scared me. Before I even lived up to an hour old, I’d already learnt of a fairy’s immortality… the hard way…

I couldn't spend a single second without insecurity. I hated my life… hated it so, so much…

Until she came along.

She stretched out her hand to me and smiled at me. Never before at that time, had I seen a face that made me feel so warm inside. At first I slapped her hand away and cowered in fear, shivering from the sheer cold of the outside, clothless.

But as I looked up, she reached out for me again, maintaining that warm smile of hers. I braved myself up and slowly reached out too. The blue-haired girl held my hand tight.

I remember those words she said to me back then. I'll never forget them. She said, she would show me the world… and that I would be safe if I stayed with her. But what made her words engrave themselves into my mind was the fact that she was the first... and definitely the last time, in almost two hundred years, that I’ve actually had someone regard me as their friend…

And can you guess what I told her after that?”

I shook my head after a short pause and Dai continued.

“Nothing… back then, I didn’t even know how to talk. Thing is, I didn’t even understand what a ‘friend’ was until months later. I was still lost… and it was her who had shown me the world, it was her who had shown me reality, it was her who had taught me everything I needed to know, and it was her who became my one and only friend…”

I felt a tear in my eye as I forced it back in, before pushing myself up and giving ol' Dai a big, warm hug.

"Idiot. Who do you think we are? Sunny, Luna, Star and even I myself. What do you think we are to you?"

Her eyes became watery as she wrapped her arms around me and eventually burst out in tears.

"What are we to you?" I asked her again.

"I don't know."

"What do you take those three girls as?"

"They don't consider me a friend, either. We're only 'partners in crime'! Besides-"

"Then what about me? What am I to you?"

"I don't know! Cirno has been my one and only friend. She protected me from the dangers out there. She took me in. She helped me build my own home. She taught me everything I needed to know in order to survive here. She was my one and only TRUE friend! And then YOU had to come into the picture. YOU just HAD to ruin everything! Now look at what you’d done! Cirno's leaving me because of you! What am I to her now? She doesn’t even care about me anymore! Am I to be made of wood? Like those trees out there in the forest?"

"She isn't leaving you. She's asking you to follow her. She wants to show you another person in this picture you would call your circle of friends, for you to befriend. Dai, I am your friend! Don't ever forget that…"

"Don't you get it? She doesn't take you as a friend…”


“She loves you! And she's doing her best to show you that!"

I was surprised at what Dai had just said. Does she really mean it?

"Apparently someone out there doesn't want Cirno to have her happiness..."


"Sit down."

We both sat on Cirno's bed.

"Over a thousand years ago there lived a great youkai who terrorized everyone, humans and youkai alike. She roamed the world, in search of food and causing chaos wherever she went, wreaking havoc upon those weaker than her. Her thirst for blood could never be quenched no matter what and her hunger for destruction and death would never be satisfied even after eradicating countless villages. A sadist at heart. Just the mere mention of her name would instill fear into the hearts of all. However, that name of hers has been long forgotten..."


What was that?

Both Dai and I rushed downstairs, only to see Star, panting and covered in blood.

"What happened?"

"T-t-t-that t-t-thing... Luna, Sunny, t-t-t-t-they..."

"Get a grip of yourself, girl! Take a deep breath, girl. Easy… Take it easy…” Dai quickly helped her up to a sitting position.

She took a few seconds to catch her breath.

“You okay? Now can you slowly tell us what had happened?"

Star was still panting, but managed to relax a little and started talking.

"She said something… something about ‘the beast’… some ‘number of the beast’..."

"What? Never mind, Star. Lie down, have a rest…"

Dai grabbed my hand as we rushed over to the three fairies’ home.

"Do you know about the number of the beast? Ever heard of it? It’s pretty much known by any old youkai or even any human who has studied the history Gensokyo. It’s a number they used –mainly as a nickname, because it was one she herself had proclaimed herself as- to call one of the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo… The second, to be exact…"

I thought for a while.

"Yea, I think I do... You mean the triple six they used as the number of Satan?"

"No, I mea- oh no..."

We looked at the three fairies' home, wrecked and ravaged as two bodies laid on the floor. Everything was a mess. A strange sepulchral silence filled the air, creating an atmosphere much like one in a horror movie…

That very scene the other day came into play again, flashing before my very eyes as I looked at the horror which lied before me.

Luna twitched.

"Luna! Are you oka-"

She suddenly attempted to talk in a weak voice.


"What was that?"

Dai looked at me.

"I think she said... ‘run’..."

We looked at each other after realizing her message and quickly turned back, only to find something which made Dai drop her jaw in fear. Her eyes widened as she trembled. Her legs shook without stop.

On the walls where Sunny’s body was impaled onto with several sharp blades, were written in the still-wet blood of the fairies: ⑨⑨⑨


Chapter/Part 14 (May be a little NSFW, what with all the screaming, girl-on-guy action, some mentions of a tight little hole and going deeper, etc; no hentai or pornography but you have been warned...)



Dai softly whispered to me, still trembling.

"Find Cirno, quick!"


"You heard me. Go back home and find Cirno!"

"If you're thinking about me leaving you behind then forget it. I'm not gonna leave you behind like this, Dai. We'll be leaving here together!"

Dai held onto my hand. I could feel her hand trembling in fear as well.

"Hold on tight..."

Together we got out of the house as quickly and as stealthily as possible.

"I think I know where Cirno is..."


"That one place she goes to when she's sad. This time, I bet it's because she's too afraid to face her..."

"What do you mean? I still don't get it... who is this ‘her’?"


She kept silent for a while.

"Cirno used to be one of the most powerful youkai out there, back in those days when she was known as ‘the beast’. She gained respect from many, human and youkai alike. She was a kind soul to everyone, whether it be an enemy or an ally, friend or foe. However, one tragic day, everything was taken away from her. That one youkai who simply walked into her territory, killed everyone right before her eyes, and just left, leaving behind Cirno in a deep, deep traumatized state. The youkai mentioned her own name, which terrified even the so-called 'beast' who was in fact, not even monstrous nor beastly at all."

"Who was that youkai anyway?"

"Like I said, her name has long been forgotten. That fateful day, Cirno fell into the deepest, darkest pits of despair, never being able to climb back up again. She had learnt the shame of losing every last bit of her pride and more importantly, she realized how precious her friends were to her. Cirno did, however, manage to weaken the girl enough for her to be sealed away by a certain traveling shrine maiden by the name of Hakurei, along with her band of youkai exterminators who encountered her right after the long lasting battle between the two. At least, that's what she thought..."


So Cirno used to be...

Suddenly I remembered that one time when I was attacked by a green-haired youkai who befriended insects Wriggle -if I recalled her name correctly- while I was out in the forest, looking for mushrooms. I suddenly remembered the Cirno that had saved me that day. She wasn't the same Cirno I have been living with all this time…

Wait, so that Cirno was real? It wasn't just a dream?

"The other day, when Cirno left you all of a sudden in the middle of your conversation, she saw her... She was right outside the window, smiling at Cirno as if she were thinking 'Finally, I've found you!' That seal on her had weakened throughout the years. She had been exorcised many times before in the past, but even then the seal couldn’t contain her for good. Right now, the seal is practically broken... She is out there somewhere... And as we speak, she's looking for her one sworn enemy, making sure to finish her off this time... Cirno knows that too... And she knows she's no match for her..."

Dai put her hand on my shoulder.

"The second tallest tree to the right of Cirno's house. She's hiding among the leaves there… most probably…"

She pushed me about two feet away as I lost my balance and fell on my behind.

"Ow, what gives?"


An array of dark-coloured, bullet-like projectiles shot out of nowhere, stabbing Dai from the back before disappearing as suddenly as they had appeared.

I looked behind Dai and was shocked at what I was seeing.

It was a spiraling ball of darkness, about the size of that mansion down the lake.

And then a voice echoed from within it.

"So, you there, green-haired one. You're a friend of that my buddy, that good ol' ice fairy, eh? I guess you know why I'm here. Any friend of hers is a target of mine..."

That voice sounded like it came from a young lady...

"Youkai of the Void at your service..."


"I need not have a name..."

...just from her voice alone...

"But if you would like to at least engrave one last name in your head before you go to Hell, or rather, when you disappear into nothing but oblivion, then remember this..."

...I can feel my heart race. I can feel the fear, sipping into every vein in my body. I can feel death standing right before me...


And with that a figure appeared from within the darkness and jumped right at Dai.

It appears to be a girl, about the age of twenty, with long blonde hair and a red halo circling above her head. Her crimson eyes were glowing red like fresh blood and she had razor sharp fangs -like that of a vampire's you'd see on television- protruding from her lips. She had black wings sprouting from her back, that of a raven's.

And with a wave of her arm, she summoned a sword out of thin air, engulfed in shadows.

Dai shouted at me.


Without anymore hesitation, I stood up and despite my intuition telling me to stay and help Dai, I ran towards Cirno's hiding place.

I looked back one last time.

Without any effort, the blonde-haired girl stabbed the sword right through Dai's chest.

"Don't worry... I won't kill you... yet. I'll do it as slowly and as painfully as I can..." she said with a sadistic smile.

"I'm not afraid of you!"

"I know you darned fairies can't die. But what if I rip your pretty wings off, cut out those pitiful limbs and slowly bite off that cute little face of yours? I'll savor every moment..."

"Y-you d-d-don't scare me, you filthy bit-AHHH"

"Oh I'm sorry, my hand slipped."

From that far a distance, I could still hear Dai's screams along with the grotesque sounds of her limbs being torn apart as her sleeves ripped from its seams.

I didn't turn back. I knew it was wrong to leave her behind, but it was all I could do at that time. I had to get help.

"Does it still hurt? Oh that's no fun anymore now that it's all numb. Don't worry, honey. I'll take care of the boy once I'm done with you, okay?"

I managed to get away and reach Cirno's. Now to find that tree...

I kept wiping off my endlessly flowing tears from my face, streaming like waterfalls. I looked around for that tree Dai had mentioned. And then I looked up for a while…

Yeah, it's the second tallest tree alright...

Two trees stood above the rest. Both at least ten meters higher than the rest, while the tallest one being slightly taller than the second.

How am I gonna climb it, though?

I thought for a bit...

And a sudden chilling scream pierced the entire forest, up into the skies, and was heard no more.

I don't have any time left. I need to get her! Now!


No reply.


"Okay, okay I get it. Stop screaming already..."

I was relieved to finally hear a reply and simply turned back without a second to spare.

And then I realized, a little too late, that the voice wasn't Cirno's...


"Your little friend and I had loads of fun. Here, take a look at her cute little smile," the girl said as she took out something from behind her back...

She grabbed Dai by the hair...

Her bloodied, disembodied head looked back at me...

Her expression showed extreme pain no less...

Her mouth was wide open...

Or to be exact, her bottom jaw had been ripped right off, revealing the back of her throat...

Her blood was still dripping onto the ground, from every wound, every single cut on her face, and even more of the red droplets were dripping from her jawless mouth and from her neck with her spinal cord still partially attached...

I covered up my mouth as I looked at the most gruesome sight in my life.

"I'm still hungry, though..."

She put her tongue on Dai's cheek and slowly went up her face, licking every last drop of blood on the cuts that she had put on her.

She put up her index finger and I was mortified at what she had done next: she forced it into Dai's right eye! She pulled out the eyeball, slowly, with some nerves still attached to it before they soon snapped and then she stuffed it in her mouth whole, chewing on it as if it were gummy worms. Really, really round, chewy gummy worms...

I couldn't hold it in much longer. I fell on my knees and I vomited after seeing that last gruesome and sadistic act of hers, which was the most disgusting thing ever. The sound of the eyeball being chewed made things even worse.

"Mmm~ chewy~ so chewy~ so delicious~"

She said it in a melodious voice as if she were singing a song.

"I guess she didn't see that one coming, huh? Hahaha..."

What disgusted me the most wasn't actually the consuming of the eyeball, but what she had done afterwards…

She put her face on Dai's, stuck her tongue out and started "French kissing" her...

"Mmm... So this is what they call a kiss? No wonder I hear it's good, it really is!" she said while slurping all the way.

She slowly worked her way up to Dai's empty right eye socket and stuck her tongue inside. She started licking the inside, moving her tongue all around the insides of the hole, making sure it's all nice and clean…

I puked once again, unable to withstand such a disgusting act.

She withdrew her tongue.

I thought it was over. Oh how wrong I was...

She looked at me with a sinister smile.

"Do you think this next part will be good? Hehe..."

She put a finger into the eye socket and started digging...

"Aww, it's too deep... I have to go deeper…"

I knew exactly what she was doing and that thought alone made me barf all over the floor once again.

And with her razor-sharp claws, the youkai easily stabbed into the poor fairy’s forehead and began clawing her way around her head, until she went all the way around. Then she grabbed hold of her green hair covered in red blood and tore it all open, revealing what she had wanted to consume: the brain…

Another few minutes passed slowly, every passing second seeming like an eternity, as the blonde youkai devoured the fairy’s brain as if it were an ordinary dish, licking her fingers clean like what a kid would do after eating –as they called it- a ‘finger-licking’ good meal…

"I'm still hungry. Oh well, I’m a little lazy to get everything else out of this tight little hole of hers…” the sadistic youkai said as she stuck her middle finger inside the empty eye socket, slowly circling around the edges. “Very well then, it's your turn now..."

My body shivered. My legs trembled. My eyes widened.

"No... Please..."

My voice came out and sounded like a pathetic squeak from a helpless mouse cornered by a cat.

She took some slow small steps towards me, smiling an impossibly-large grin that cut her face from ear to ear.

Every single step puts me this much closer to death.

She curtsied.

"Oh, how can I forget my manners… People call me Rumia. Just remember that name when you're in Hell, okay?"

She smiled with her eyes closed; normally any normal person would consider that ‘moe’, but this situation I’m in now? It proves otherwise…

I couldn't move my body at all. It didn't respond to whatever I was telling it to do.

She got closer and closer to me.

I opened my mouth but I couldn't scream. I was just too scared.

Moments later she was standing right before me. Her face was only an inch away from mine.

She pushed me down onto the floor and mounted herself on top of me.

"Don't worry. If you're afraid of dying, just be strong! I'll make sure you don't die that quickly. I'll make it as painful as possible, okay?"

She unbuttoned my shirt and put her finger on my chest, slowly moving down to my stomach.

With much ease, the demon Rumia poked my abdomen with her finger and slowly sliced it open, as if my skin and flesh were made of paper...

I tried my best but no sound came out from my mouth. My tears were flowing nonstop.

I forced a scream and finally, something that's not a tiny squeak came out.

It was only a single word. But I never expected that word to be something other than a big "Help!"...


... actually, I did. Somehow I knew, deep inside, that she would come if I shouted loud enough.

I didn't have the strength to shout again.

I looked down.

Rumia forcefully tore open my stomach, revealing my intestines, making sure I suffer as much pain as possible.

She looked back at me.

"Wow. Enjoying the view? Haha... You sure have a lot of guts kid. Hahaha..."

Laugh all you want, you monster. I know she will come. She'll be here soon, I just know it!

Everything started to get blur, Rumia's laughter became more and more distorted every passing second.

Cirno, I love you...

I know you will come to my rescue...

I know you will never leave your friends to die...

I know you will never abandon me...

You said it before once, remember? Before I went to bed...

You said that you'll never give me up, let me down or turn around and desert me...

You said you'll never make me cry, that you'll never say goodbye...

But most importantly...

You said you'll never tell a lie and hurt me...

I hope you don't...

I know you won't...

It might have been a joke or a prank on me that day… it might have been but a lame attempt to rickroll me…

But deep inside, we both know you meant it...


Everything blacked out...

And then there's this sudden chilling, no, freezing gust of wind...

It's so cold...

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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

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Wow, it's been awhile since the last time I read guro. Thanks! I really appreciate it. No, really, I just love guro and yandere stuffs. More if it's combined with Touhou. Grin~
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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

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Just wondering, that wasn't meant to be sarcastic, right? Sorry if I made myself sound so sceptical...

Oo look, another free post! something I wrote, albeit some parts not being very original...


Oh how long has it been since that day when I'd come across that kind soul who took me in without further questions, all with a warm smile...

Allow me to reminisce my days before that meeting...

All I remembered was darkness...

There was nothing in my surroundings, save the void that I'd had to bear with all those years in the past...

One fateful day, everything began to perish as light shone over my skin, allowing me to feel warmth for the very first time. I saw the world for the very first time and it was but a bright white light; nothing I had imagined it to be.

However, that light, too, disappeared soon enough, fading away and becoming dimmer and dimmer every second until there was nothing left.

That was, however, something I had only imagined. Little did I realize my life had changed so much since then...

The world to me was still filled with darkness, but I felt something different this time. I felt a presence nearby, instead of the usual void...

A loud sound of breathing did I hear, coming from somewhere just slightly above the ground. And curious as I was, I approached the source of the strange noise and with my arm outstretched towards it, my fingers felt a strange warmth emanating from a soft surface; one I had never felt before.

My fingers wriggled around to feel the surface -which was in a shape so strange, I could not recall having touched such a weirdly-shaped object before- only to be replied by a soft, weak, panting voice.

"Please... stop... I beg of you... no more..."

Maybe it was all just part of my imagination...

Slowly, I continued examining the specimen. I then felt a soft, thin layer with a slight bulge. Upon further investigation, it seemed the thin layer could be easily stretched opened, revealing a soft bulge underneath. Touching it and feeling it with my fingers only made the strange breathing sounds from before grow louder...

My curiosity got the better of me after I had deduced that the bulge was removeable. Slipping my fingers into the gap around the soft bulge, I gave it a slight tug and managed to pull it out from the specimen. A further examination showed it was a soft, round object. An ear-wrenching screech could be heard before it disappeared and became even louder breathing.

Putting my hand on the oddly-shaped surface again, I found out there was yet another bulge on it, exactly like the one before. I decided to do the same to it and removed the spherical object.

"No..." was all I had heard before it became another chilling screech, only to disappear fully, this time without any more strange noises. I was surrounded by silence once again.

With the two round objects in my hands, I began wondering. I put my hand on my face and began inspecting it, only to discover slight similarities with the oddly-shaped surface from before. I moved my fingers up my face and found two small holes below my forehead.

And then an awkward idea popped up in my head... I decided to shove the two objects I was holding into the holes on my face.

Painful as it may seem, I still found it a strangely brilliant idea at the time...

The pain lasted for what seemed like minutes, before it all wore off and I realized the void that had shrouded me and kept me company for the past decades had vanished! I began to perceive the world around me in a completely different manner.

I turned my head around to scan my surroundings, though all I found -after having searched high and low- were endless rows upon rows of bamboos that stood up tall and blocked out the sky above. I gazed down upon a body on the floor, bleeding profusely. It was no more than a female with long ears protruding from its head, with its long, purple hair covering her bloodied face. Its motionless body showed no signs of life, meaning it was but a corpse, lying naked on the grassy ground.

Paying it no heed, I decided to take a walk, viewing the world around me which had once been shrouded in darkness.

However the bamboos all looked the same and never seemed to end. Hours on end I had been walking, and still no signs of change in the bamboos...

Until I came upon a woman with an unwelcoming gaze, but quickly it turned into a warm smile as she introduced herself and offered me a home to live in, people to accompany me and of course, she offered to show me the world. Without the slightest bit of hesitation I accepted but then she began stating conditions...

I could not understand her conditions but she said I soon would. And then she brought me into a room in a mansion much, much deeper among the bamboos. She gave me a creepy smile as she left the room and closed the door behind her. "Go and understand what I had meant..." she said as I heard the door click.

It was dark again, but this time I could sense another presence in the room besides myself, a dark figure standing behind a relatively small -in comparison to the huge room- arched door, leading to yet another huge room.

As I approached the arch, I began to perceive the dark presence even more clearly and vividly until I was to behold in a frightened stance, a mortifying creature; a horrible, inconceivable, unmentionable monstrosity that was standing before me. It looked me dead in the face with its eerily glowing, crimson eyes. Its heavily-scarred, tentacled face showed a saddened emotion of great pain and grief. It scanned me from head to toe as I did the same to it, going from its toes up its body -made up of pale, putrid, rotten flesh with some parts ripped open till its bones were visible- until our eyes met once again and locked at one another.

I understood then, why the woman had said I was one who would never be accepted if I did not follow her instructions. I'd understood the meaning in her words ever since I stretched out my fingers to that abomination within the great gilded frame; stretched out my fingers and felt the unyielding, cold surface of polished glass...



The doorknob turned, followed by a familiar voice. "Udonge, isn't it time for you t- Udonge! Didn't I teach you how to use the eyes of a lunar rabbit? Didn't I tell you specifically NOT to break the illusion of that cute bunny-girl shell of yours? What would you do if the Princess caught you like that?"

"I'm sorry..."

I apologized as my red eyes began glowing redder and the woman looked back in a smile.

"That's better..." she said as she gestured me to move towards her. "Help me deliver some of these medicines over to the Village now, Udonge..."

"Yes, Master."

I do not want to be homeless again...

Even though I am just hiding behind this facade, my happiness is real, and I do not ever want it to end, ever...
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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

Post by Angel of Game on 9/15/2011, 12:51 pm

I really do like guro stuff. Looks like it's pretty strange, eh? XD

Hmm... I wonder what happened to the guy who lives with Cirno? Well, I guess it's either already ended or the latest chapter is interlude. nicepost
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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

Post by OmegaSui on 9/15/2011, 12:52 pm




Sleep within these hands, gently watching over you
I remember you, laughing, crying, getting angry
I'll never forget, ever, until my life is exhausted
You were right there with me
Always always always you were smiling there beside me
Even if I lose you, I'll get you back. I will never leave you.

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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

Post by entaobah on 9/15/2011, 2:49 pm

It's not weird to like it, at least now I don't feel so weird myself...
Anyways, it's ended. I did do an epilogue, but I can always leave it as it is with an ambiguous ending and leaving the question of whether that freezing cold was Death coming for him or a certain someone, unanswered Grin~
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Re: ETB's attempt at writing fanfic(s)/short(s)/etc.

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