Redemutio Mansion - Struggling

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Redemutio Mansion - Struggling

Post by OmegaSui on 9/1/2011, 1:05 pm

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Light Redemption

The freaks:

Raito : A.k.a LightRedemption, BtrflyKssBlade, ......... god knows how many nicknames does he have. His theme song is SORRY, BLAME IT ON ME, because bad things happen = his fault. Yuri fanboy at level [WTF], BDSM fetish.......k i forgot ok. Has probs with coke, chocolate, wine, sugar, spice and everything nice.
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Hiraki : Hiraki Gensei, Nobody, Brainless, Brainbody, Nobody_lol_icon, CCC. I'd love to say his theme song is Nobody but it's Korean so screw this part. A Pedobear at level >9000, has a huge neko (and nekomimi) fetish, Ren (Melty Blood) fanboy, and a well-known cat (not cat girls, CATS) rapist in the neighbourhood, plus somewhat necro fetish. Has probs with human race, being called a smartass, human race, dead, human race, human race, human race, .... did i mention human race?
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Shiroi : Shiroi Barairo, David Travion, Joker_DT, Đồng Tháp (VNese
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1. Prologue

During the middle of the night is when people least expect others to bother them. Usually, this is also the time where most people would be sound asleep, but not in this house, no.

My name is Raito; Raito Redemutio to be exact. I’m 26. After years of hard work and early retirement, I was finally able to build (raze and rebuild) a mansion to my ex-girlfriend’s likings. It was all she has been complaining about for awhile. Unfortunately, our relationship ended soon after that, for whatever reasons I would not like to repeat.

In this mansion, there are originally two maids who my ex hired. She had these strange requirements: they must either be not cute or lesbians.

In the end, I ended up having two extremely cute lesbian maids. One is a retired and on-the-run Russian spy who knows no housework but sweeping. The other one used to be a cook in some old Japanese’s ramen shop. I myself have this information from the start, but my ex’s welcoming attitude for them had never pushed me to check their profiles. But it didn’t matter.

They are great maids around the house, as far as concerning for one depressed man goes. The only thing is, they are lesbians, and they make love to each other so much that I don’t even need to keep porn around to get aroused. I don’t know whether I’m blessed or cursed, but I do enjoy it.

The Russian spy is named Chikado Putina, and I don’t want to know where the name came from. She is a resourceful person with a little of a bad temper. She can’t do housework, but she knows karate, can drive helicopters, shoot bullets, jump parachutes and hack into every kind of super computers; normal for a girl with her history I suppose. Her one and only weakness is not the fear of death, no, rather death would be scared of her, but my other maid – Rinai.

Rinai Hokura is a cook, or used to be. She was an orphan, who was picked up and raised by a chef at the said ramen shop. She is the definition of kindness and shyness in a woman. She is obviously great at cooking, but also at every other house works. Come to think of it, she is almost opposite in every aspect to Chikado, yet they get along so very well. I’ve also been wondering about that for a while, but let’s put it aside for now.

I would be lying if I said they’re not really dating. They make out twelve hours a day, seven day a week. At least they do respect me as their employer, somewhat. If I recall correctly, some time a week ago Chikado asked me to help her with something, and made me promised it. I did, but I forgot what it was that she wanted me to do.

About a 2 months after it was built, our home has begin picking up new residents, 4 to be precise, all of which were my old friends. They all live in the 3rd floor and share the same rule we do: breakfast at 8, lunch at 12, dinner at 7, no running in the halls, and the kitchen after 10 is off limits to them, since
that is around the time my maids start making love.

One of the new residents is a mental therapist, named Taiyo Sui. He, in all aspects, isn’t doctor-like at all, or at least he doesn’t act that way when he’s at home. He is a hentai maniac and the self-proclaimed “Guidance”. Though admittedly he is a good friend who helped me through tough times; I cannot trust him fully. He helped me in an arrest matter with one of our old acquaintances, Kyouiku Ayen, thus Chikado showed her appreciation by making him Aigis, his very own personal android maid with an actual intelligence.

The second guy is Hiraki Gensei, a German ambassador. He was once proven to be clinically insane, but his skills and trust-worthiness put him over the top. He has extreme connections to the very inside of the German government, having large military power under his command. Usually, at home, he’s just a quiet guy that likes to read books and watches anime, mostly given to him by Taiyo. He does have this “thing”, but it didn’t matter that much.

The last, but definitely not least, is Shiroi Barairo. As strange as the name goes, it explains him exactly. He is an unemployed worker, with a strange obsession to the color pink. I always try to not think about it, but it pains me a little every time I pass by his room, seeing his pink curtains, I don’t really know why. Other than that he’s normal enough. Usually inside his room playing games or listening to music, all that normal stuff.

In the end that left me. I, as the master of the mansion as I’d like to call myself, am a self-employed social researcher, though I don’t work much anyway. Honestly speaking, since I already retired, I basically am a free man with a whole lot of money working his way around life. It’s a pretty sweet deal, minus the heartbreak, the constant bickering, the self depression and all the harsh money management. However, my struggling had just begun.

2. Returning the favor

It was a nice morning, like usual. I woke up with a living alarm clock, namely Rinai. As a maid, even though I have never asked for it, she always turns up early to wake me in the morning. Truthfully I don’t know because she’s naturally up early or I just sleep in way too late. I never used to, before I bought this place, though.

That day was just the same. Rinai was standing next to my bed with a cheerful smile on her face. Seeing her that happy, I couldn’t help but smile as well.

“Good morning Raito-sama. Did you sleep well last night?”

“Morning Rinai-chan. Thank you, I guess I did. What time
is it?”

“Around 7 a.m., Raito-sama. I do believe today I woke you up a little bit earlier than normal. Usually Chikado-san would never let me leave, but recently she’s been different. I woke up alone these few mornings.” Saying that, biting her own lips a little, Rinai’s head was down. It seemed she was feeling nervous.

“Have you seen her again since you’ve woken up?” As exhausted as I am, I couldn’t help but notice her discomfort. Also, I thought it was my duty to care.

“I saw her in the halls, but she seemed to be ignoring me.”

“That could be a problem. Don’t worry about it though Rinai-chan, I’m sure it’s just something she would like to keep for herself. I’ll try talking to her to find out, alright?”

“Thank you Raito-sama. I will be in the kitchen. Please make sure everyone’s there on time.”

With that being said, Rinai had already headed out of the room. Normally she would hang on a little more until Chikado eagerly pulls her downstairs, but I guess not today. Strangely, not so long after she left, Chikado showed up at my doorstep after I finished changing.

Raito-sama, I have something to ask you. A favor, I suppose.” Chikado had never been this submissive during our entire employment. She is also quite serious too. That behavior might not be too weird, but it was certainly rare.

“What is it Chikado-chan? You look oddly focused today. Let me guess, it is either about you wanting to shoot someone, or it is about Rinai.” Making such a joke, I didn’t know how right my guess was.

“Actually it is. Raito-sama, I have something I want from you. I know that you might not approve of this so willingly. Last week, you already promised you would do anything to help me strengthen my relationship with Rinai-chan, right?”

“Erm… I think I might have said something like that.” It was coming back to me. Late that noon during the party preparations, I did promise Chikado something like that for helping rescue me.

“I need your wedding rings.” She spoke out blatantly.

“My wedding rings…? Why?” That response truly shocked me.

“I haven’t said this to anyone, but I’m going to ask Rinai-chan to marry me, soon. I want you to be the one who marry us, since you have the social knowledge and status to do so without need for further notice. And, I remember how envious Rinai-chan was when we saw the rings you showed to Mona-sama. She loved it. Since you probably won’t be having your planned wedding, I figured that it would be ok for you to give it to us, as wedding gifts.”

“I see.” What I felt right then was not the urge to keep my jewelries, but the fact that the girl I bought them for has left me. It was quite the dark period in my life, and shivers ran down my spine every time I remember the painful experience. “I guess I would be able to help.”

I do think it was the time to let the past go. Since my marriage didn’t work out, I suppose it’s not going to hurt to give this pair of rings I’ve been keeping in my drawer to those important to me, especially as wedding gifts. I handed them over to Chikado. She took it with an extremely wide smile, like saying “that’s better”. I never thought I’d be able to see her smile like that. It relieved my longing for the past a little. I’m glad I was able to put a smile on her face, and probably Rinai’s too once she sees the rings.

Chikado happily left the room; as I watch her go, feeling fulfilled. Why not? I’ve helped two people today, just a morning’s work. Normally these things would never concern me, but feeling needed is a lot better than feeling nothing.

3. Valiant Efforts

I guess I did forget to mention something, Taiyo might not be the most decent guy out there, but he has been doing a pretty good job raising Aigis. As most people don’t know, Aigis has an actual intelligence that is able to be developed through contact with external information. She is like a growing girl that was put into Taiyo’s care.

But other than that, she is nothing like a baby. With a body of a fully blossoming teenager, I can’t really understand how Taiyo could hold himself back; maybe it is the feeling of responsibility. What I know is what I know, and I know Taiyo loves her. And who am I to judge them? I might be a social worker and supposed to “help” him; but he already had all that he needs. Also Aigis, as a robot, has incredible super-human capabilities. She herself remodeled the entire third floor into bedrooms for Taiyo, Hiraki and Shiroi. I guess Chikado did think of everything when she built her. Well… maybe not everything.

Taiyo-kun; how’s the progress?” I just dropped by Taiyo’s room, to tell him that breakfast is coming up.

“I’m working on it! Aigis-chan, just…lower your head a little, and back up, there.” He’s trying to teach Aigis something, that I would never have known what. He seemed pretty into it, while Aigis was confused on what kind of expression to make about this.

“Yoh, guys! Sup, how’re your mornings?” That was Shiroi, the guy who’s coming out from behind his pink curtains. Sure, he’s normal in his own way, but I and Taiyo still couldn’t grow accustomed to his style of living.

Shiroi, nice timing! Breakfast is coming up soon, check on Hiraki-kun for me.”

“No need to do that, I’m already up.” Hiraki had come out of his room. He looked lifeless as usual, though he is kind of crazy, normally he doesn’t act that way. He’s more like crazily sane than insanely crazy, which are hard to tell apart from for most people.

“Oh that’s great. Rinai-chan is in the kitchen making breakfast. I do smell bacon and eggs. Get your butts down there in 20 minutes or kiss your morning meal goodbye.” I say that distractedly, though my attention was still on Taiyo and Aigis.

“Alright, you don’t have to try so hard Aigis, you’ll get it later.” Taiyo seemed hopelessly exhausted. I didn’t know what he’s been trying to do, but it’s certainly not working so well. “Go down stairs and pick my dry cleanings for me, please.”

I followed Aigis downwards when I saw Chikado sneaking about. I hid myself above the swirling stairs and overheard their conversation.

“What is it that you want me to do, Chikado-sama?” Though she was Taiyo’s personal maid, Chikado was still Aigis’ creator, so she stays formal. Actually, they were still in a servant – master relationship.

“Well an errand, at least.”

“Pardon my wondering Chikado-sama, but why do you look so restless?”

“I haven’t had a well-tuned sleep for days, but that’s certainly beside the point. Aigis-chan, I need you to keep Raito-sama and the other guys occupied, away preferably, for a few days.”

“Where do you want them?”

“I don’t know… an island in the middle of the ocean or something. Just be sure to stay with them and don’t let them die, that’s about it for orders.”

I got it now. Chikado wanted to be alone with Rinai for a few days so she can work out a proposal. Honestly speaking, one might not notice it, but Chikado is especially nervous when it comes to Rinai. Normally she kicks ass and makes weapons; but whenever her girlfriend is sad, she goes head over heels to try and comfort her, which sometimes ends up in funny messes that I have to clean up in the end. However I never did mind, since if those things didn’t happen, it would be really boring around here.

“If you are going to get me out of the way, at least let me hear it.” I came from the stairs saying that. I didn’t mean to surprise anyone. I just thought if I didn’t say this now, Aigis was going to take everyone, including me, to some island in the Pacific really soon.

Raito-sama!” Chikado seemed surprise. Has her sense of security gotten that low?

“I won’t disapprove of this. However, since you are showing her my rings, can you at least give me a… earphone or something?” Hearing that, Chikado threw me a small microphone. I know it wasn’t going to be long before Aigis follow her orders, so I take a look at the house one last time before I leave. I did a pretty good job here, if I could say so myself. I rechecked my room to make sure everything locked stayed locked, and then quickly came down the stairs to see the guys going for breakfast. “Seem like none of us is going to get morning nutrition today.”

4. A kiss on her ring finger

It’s been 13 hours since I was taken here, on some deserted island in the middle of nowhere. At least Aigis did leave us food, but why did she choose to leave each of us on a different island was totally bizarre. I was bored, so I had the communication device Chikado gave me all this time. After being taken away for a few minutes, I hear a loud *thud* and then a stop of all movements. I figured Chikado must have fainted out of exhaustion. She was always pushing her health. I don’t know whether she’d learn her lesson now that she actually collapsed, I doubted that would be my attention. Now, after waiting for more than half a day, I finally hear other noises.

Chikado-san, are you awake?” It was clearly Rinai’s voice. Apparently she had been next to Chikado this whole time, since I did hear little rustling sounds around occasionally.

Rinai-chan? How did I get here on the bed?” Seems like Chikado has just woken up, that would explain the lack of actions.

“How do you feel right now?”

“Tired, I guess.”

“I found you passed out in the halls on the 2nd floor Chikado-san. You are working too hard and missing way too much sleep, I think it’s starting to become a bad habit on your health. You know how I feel about you neglecting your own personal strength.”

“Oh come on Rinai-chan, it’s something I have to do fast and focused.”

“Am I supposed to ask what it is about?”

“I will tell you soon enough. However, Rinai-chan, I need your family’s phone number so I can contact them about this “upcoming event” I’ve been preparing for.”

Chikado-san…” Rinai’s voice suddenly brought a bitter air into the conversation.

“What is it Rinai?” Chikado sensed something wrong, but wasn’t resourceful enough to know about it.

“I am an orphan, Chikado-san. Right after my orphanage got destroyed in a fail experiment, I was left alone. A chef took me in as his daughter and raised me. Even though I didn’t get much education, I did get to learn how to do house work and cook from him. I was a help in his ramen shop, up until recently. A year ago, my adopted father died of a heart attack. I had to sell the shop since I wasn’t good enough to handle it, and drifted all the way until I heard Mona-sama was recruiting maids. I was desperate at the time, so despite the “lesbian” requirements, I joined anyway. Turns out I really am a lesbian, strange right?” Rinai spoke of her story shockingly proud and informative. Chikado didn’t respond in a while, and I am surprised as well. Up until this point I have never bothered to read the two maids’ application since my ex already checked them.

“I’m sorry Rinai-chan; that was so insensitive of me.”

“Don’t hold yourself on it Chikado-san; I know you only wanted to be sweet to me. I, of all people, know that you are a very sweet woman, that’s why I’m your girlfriend. What about your family Chikado-san? I know you were a spy, but you never mentioned anything about relatives.”

“I’m not sure myself. Ever since I was little, I’ve been training my heart out. Most likely I’ve been picked up by the spy agency from some poor couple’s arms. Admittedly I always want my birth parents to be alive, but I guess that’s not happening.”

“I see.”

Eves dropping every word, I feel like my shirt is already soaked in sweat. I never knew my maids had such uneasy pasts. I actually realize why they wanted to be someone’s maids. I must admit I do feel sorry, but seeing how happy they are right now, who is it to say that the life they currently have was not good for them.

“Why were you avoiding me during the last couple of days, Chikado-san?” Rinai say with quite a pouching voice. She has been caring for Chikado all this time, so it’s normal for her to feel a little bit upset on not knowing.

“I did it to prepare the “special occasion” in secrets. But now that you know I do this, it probably won’t be special or secret anymore.”

“Special? Secret? Occasion? What do you mean?”

Rinai, I know you’re not that oblivious, don’t tell me you really didn’t notice?”

“Notice what?”

“I guess I couldn’t wait anymore then, since I’ve already come this far.” I hear pockets opening. From the other side of the globe, I knew exactly what Chikado was trying to do.

5. I do!

Rinai Hokura-chan, will you marry me?”

I can practically see Chikado showing Rinai the box, and the expression of amazement and fulfillment that is probably on her face right now.

“Yes, a thousand time yes!”

Though I already saw it coming, only until Rinai said “yes” did I truly feel relieved. I guess over time, these two maids have really become important to me, and I truly am happy just to see them happy.

It is not long until Aigis was called by Chikado, informing our return to the mansion, though I do believe leaving each of us on a separate remote island is unnecessary.

About 5 hours later, I arrived home. Chikado, Rinai and the others are already there. Rinai’s eyes still hold her tears of joy, and it did make me feel happy.

“Welcome back Raito-sama.” Said Rinai with an unusually cheerful smile, which is perfectly explainable. She’s engaged now, and the wedding will probably come fast.

“It feels good to be home, and how is the wedding plan?” I supposed everyone else has been informed, so I just went ahead and say it. Rinai blushes a little, but not Chikado.

“About 2 days from now, Raito-sama. I want to set it up right on the mansion’s ground, if you’ll allow it, though I doubt you won’t.” Chikado said with such a devious face.

“Well, there really is no reason for me to disapprove. But do I have to do anything?”

“Why of course! You are marrying us, don’t you remember?”…

Yeah, that was how it happened. The next 2 days pass by so fast. Every time I look out the window, I see Chikado and Aigis busy at work preparing the settings. Rinai is asked to sit aside and let them do all the work. The other guys are asked to help too but I guess they somehow got away from that. Anyways, now that it’s only a few minutes until the wedding begins, I have to ready myself. This priest suit is unnecessary big, but at least I sort of remembered all my lines….

“I believe it is now time for you to exchange wedding vows.” I say. Chikado nodded, meaning she wants to do it first. I would go with that too, since she had more time.

“I might not have too much to say, but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway. I was, and still am, a wanted Russian renegade spy. I was used, hated and chased by those around me ever since I was very young, that was why I ran away. Rinai Hokura, you are the first and only woman who I love and desire. You came into my life when I have no job, a place to go or someone to call family. You are my guardian angel. Being married to you today, I am truly the luckiest person in the world.” That was truly not much to say. Though I didn’t expect a long elaborate speech, I didn’t expect this either. Maybe she really just wants to get this over with and started on whatever’s coming next.

“I will keep my vow short as well. I was an orphan, raised as a help, with little to no education. However, I know how to be a proper girl; I know who I wanted to be. Chikado-san, you changed me. I never would have thought I could find happiness within my reach, if it weren’t for you and Raito-sama. You are a sweet, caring and kind person Chikado san, and I love you just as you love me. I promise to always uphold my part of the marriage, to always treat you kindly in return, and to care for you wherever you are ill, and whoever you might become.” That was shorter than what I expected as well. I guess only Rinai can call Chikado a sweet, caring and kind woman, but I didn’t feel like ruining it for them. What I need to do now is to finish my job.

Chikado, do you take Rinai as your lovely wedded wife? To always care, love and share with her for the rest of your life, through thick and thin, until death separates you two?”

“I do.”

Rinai, do you take Chikado as your lovely wedded wife? To always care, love and share with her for the rest of your life, through thick and thin, until death separates you two?”

“I do.”

“Then by the power invested in me, I pronounce you two, married. You may now kiss the brides!”

As I would expect, Chikado quickly lifts Rinai off her feet and starts kissing her passionately. Honestly speaking, despite expecting them to be bold, I, being the lonely priest on the stand; can’t really help but feel a little sad.

I am happy and jealous at the same time.

6. A new experience
As you might have guessed, now that Chikado and Rinai have gotten married, they went together on a happy honeymoon, which might very well be the best experience they ever had.

Of course that doesn’t go the same for the folks back home.

“Yes?” I blatantly pick up the phone and put it to my ear.

Raito-sama, I have a favor to ask of you. Remember, this is still my and Chikado’s honeymoon, so yo-“. From the moment I heard the voice, I know it is Chikado wanting something from me, why else would she be calling?

“Yes, I must uphold my promise to help you in any way possible. What is this you need this time?” Reluctantly answered, I can’t help but feel used.

“We need to borrow your credit card.”

“You have better not bought an island.”

“No we didn’t, we’re just going on a private cruise.” Chikado seems happy enough. I don’t feel like arguing anyways. “Here’s the thing. I accidentally ran out of credits, so I kind of need yours to pay for the trip. May I ask from the goodness of your heart, that if you give me the money, I would not have to *%$#@ you.”

“I understand…” I regrettably answer. I would have given her my money anyways even without her threatening to *%$#@ me. “You know what my numbers are, just do it.”

“Thank you Raito-sama, I really appreciate it.” This time it is Rinai speaking. She is being nice about it, unlike Chikado the Ungrateful. Oh well, a promise is a promise.

“Everything’s done now, Rinai. Come on, get on with the eating! I’m sure to let you taste it tonight.”
Chikado’s shouting got into the phone. I realized I don’t want to continue this conversation any longer, for both party’s sake. There’s only one thing left I wanted to ask.

“What is Aigis-chan’s role in your vacation, Chikado?”

“Oh, she’s driving the boat! Now good bye Raito-sama, we still have a lot to do!”

The maids are having a blast somewhere in the Kawaii islands, while we, meaning me and the guys, are having a rough time back home.
These past 2 days, Hiraki was nice enough to do the cooking. However, it was obvious that there was no way that his skills could ever be as good as Rinai’s. So even though we all appreciated it, none of us could enjoy it the way we wanted to.

As depressing as the service crisis was, there were other problems as well. We have nothing interesting to do to pass our time. Somehow the maid’s leaving took all the fun out of our lives. I realize how desperate that sounds, but it is the undeniable truth.

“5 more days to go…” I have been repeating that for the last hour, sitting around in the living room. Taiyo is all eyes on “something” on his computer, which I wouldn’t watch. Hiraki is reading what seems to be a very old cook book he found lying somewhere in the kitchen. If we are eating something written in that thing tonight, then I’d rather starve. Shiroi is… well, being as truth to himself as he can. He’s trying to paint and decorate his seat in the dining table over there, as pink as possible, if some of you were wondering.

“Oh get over yourself. You need a hobby man. Being ridiculously rich and self-employed is one thing, but don’t you think you’re taking your boredom problem a little far? I mean, you know, all of us here have something we’d like to do.” Taiyo starts to lecture about the interests in life.

Honestly speaking, I did have hobbies before. Many, actually, were fun and exciting. Playing games, writing novels, reading books and researching are a few of those many activities I used to do. But ever since my breakup, things around me have been… slow. If it weren’t for the maids understanding and always trying to keep my spirits up; I would’ve had seizures by now.

“Alright that’s it! Hiraki, please just put the cook book away, actually, just burn it! We are going out to get something decent to eat tonight! And by tonight, I mean we’ll go now!”

“Dude, it’s rofl 5 in the afternoon, and I got a lot of things to download. Can you just hold your hormones for half an hour before we finish?” Taiyo has a solid point, my hormones are acting up, but that’s not important since it’s irrelevant. What is important is that I need to get the hell out of this house for once. I might not recall it very well, but I haven’t done so in 5 months, not counting the time I was arrested.

“No! Pack up, men; we are going, right now!” I don’t give a damn about free-loaders anyways. “My house my say, I’ll drive!”

7. Special Debut

Having driven in my car four miles away for some restaurant called “Le’ Antique’ du Fromage’ “, we finally settled in.

“Are you sure we should be going into a restaurant like this? I could’ve settled for some ramen shop.” Hiraki said. It’s hard to believe some who’ve been cooking for us ungrateful bastards for two days would say that.

“Nah, I figured, after all that we’ve done, we do deserve something nice for a change. Your cooking is one thing Hiraki, but all of us here would rather some well-prepared meals once in a while.” I said that directly, since I know someone like Hiraki wouldn’t mind. Taiyo looks kind of lost. When he’s outside without Aigis these days, he seems lonely.

“What are you looking at?” Lonely might not be the right word, grumpy is.

“Oh nothing. I was just wondering. You look so… blend right now. Usually, going on a special event like this you would’ve dressed up or something.”

“No, that’s just not me. Chikado-chan taught Aigis-chan “proper dressing”, but it just doesn’t suit me man. Aigis-chan always prepared my clothes, so I had nothing to escape into.”

“Is it awkward having an android maid in your room all the time all week like that?” Shiroi seems to be questioning Taiyo’s attitude. “I mean having your fetish satisfied is nothing that can be overdone, I know that very well. However, it must feel…strange at least. But I don’t think you seem to be affected by this change in living habits at all, how is that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you…instantly get used to it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Trying to make fun of me?”

“I don’t know.”

“Ok you two just keep quiet!” I’ve had enough of this never ending conversation. To be honest, I don’t know what I was thinking bringing them to a place like this. I should have seen this coming, but I guess I didn’t.

Then again there are a lot of things I didn’t see coming, like what happens next.

“Dude, look, does that guy over there, the one with a bunch of guys in suit, look familiar?” Shiroi caught my attention with that question. I turned around. It was a tall guy, of which I can’t really see his face. Though suited, I can presume he has some special reasons for being here; or at least a special position in the group.

“Excuse me. You look like someone we know.”

That sentence catches his attention as well. He turns around and we immediately recognize who he was.

“Oh it’s you, Iya-kun!” Taiyo is truly surprised, and I can’t blame him.

“Greeting, old friends. It is good to make your acquaintance once again.” He is definitely the person we thought he would, but being classy isn’t necessary, really.

“Dude, I thought you went to England 9 years ago? Why are you back here?” I was a few of those people who knew of his actual plan. He didn’t say anything, but I did not keep it a secret from the rest of the class, he never told me to.

“I did, and I finished my PHD 4 years ago. Now, I am working in a “special field”. He might not look like much, but Iyagarase seems to be a lot more confident now than he was years back. I just hope all that doesn’t go right through his head.

“What kind of “special field”?” Hiraki can’t help but be curious.

“INTERPOL – SFD, Special Foreign Division.”

“Well that’s… great.” It’s not like I even knew what the heck he was talking about anyways.

“Oh you’ll soon find out what’s so great about my job. Now if you excuse me, I have a plan in my hand ready to execute.” That is an unexpected sentence.

Iyagarase simply picked up after himself and left with the rest of his colleagues, whoever they are. We felt strange, but decided just to enjoy our lives and continue eating.

8. Paranormal Activities

We finished the food soon enough, then came the time when we just have to go home. All of us did drink a little, hazy there and there, but
not too buzzed that we can no longer see the road.

Well, we had to go back, just not as peaceful. There was an accident on the road. It blocked us. We got mad and return with that frustration. Then there was another accident on the road. This time we were in that accident.

All and all, it took us a lot longer than I’ve expected to get home, perhaps 45 minutes later. And when we finally got back, none of us were able to enjoy that drive at all. The food was nice and all, but the encounter with Iyagarase really didn’t help. At first we thought it was just some minor annoyance. However, the more we think about it; supposedly all of us disliked him for some reasons. It’s bad to say that about a friend whom you just met again, but it wasn’t comfortable being around him at all.

“That guy looks so effing arrogant.” Bad mouthing aside, Taiyo is right. Iyagarase was a lot surer of himself than he was the last time I met him. However, it seemed whatever “special field” he’s working on in the INTERPOL has gotten over his head. He acted like he is in a different social class, but it didn’t work on us. In the end, wasted efforts turned out the way no one could have guessed.

And that is the least out our worries. No sooner than ten minutes after we just gotten home, Shiroi notices something disturbingly bright.

“Hey, it is normal for things to be this bright, or am I just too drunk?” He speaks with alcoholic ratings of over 1.3. However, he is not hallucinating anything. There are many lights directed into our house.

“What is this? Did our neighbors get bored or something?” Taiyo swipes off the light from his face. At that moment, none of us could’ve been thinking straight.

“I wish that was the case, if only we had any neighbors in the first place.” Hiraki answers to the point of us thinking he is actually sober. “Maybe just some annoying parade or something.”

“A parade without music? I doubt it?”

Looking out the window, I can see dozens of light tubes pointing directly at our house. They are big, monstrous in size. Around them are numerous men dressed in black, all with radio phones ready, about to carry out their orders.

“Listen up Mansion Residents; you are hereby under arrest for violation of international law. We, the INTERPOL, will uphold the process of taken you into unconditional custody! Should you try to retaliate, we will not hold fire!”

“What is the meaning of this?” It wasn’t like something similar had never happened to me before, but I could not help but feel really ill when thinking of having to sort out another misunderstanding. The last time, I had to reach the president’s authority. However this turns out, it will just be a pain in the butt. “On what authority do you besiege my property?”

“We are the international law enforcer, and we have the rights to enforce the law on whoever defies it!”

“Are you trying to divert my attention or something? I asked on whose authority you are here?”

“That is none of your concern!”

“Toying with me aren’t you? Fine, go ahead, see if I’ll cooperate!” Admittedly, the drinks finally get to me. Can’t hold myself back, I shout so hard I almost fell out the window, and regret immediately what I did.

“That’s it! You have until noon tomorrow to surrender, or else we will have to take you by force. You no longer have the rights to remain silence, and if you should let us forcefully take you, you will be in submission of interrogation for enforcer’s incorporative behavior!”

That is when my consciousness got lost somewhere. All the other guys heard what I and some INTERPOL agent were shouting to each other about. The good thing is that we had about more than half a day left. The plan would be to contact Chikado as fast as possible, ask her for a way out of this mess. It should be easy, since she’s easy to contact and was probably well-prepared for something like this. Also the home field advantage means we will not easily loss if it actually come to fighting.

The bad thing was that I couldn’t stay up…

9. Plead for help

“Hello, Rinai speaking, who is it?” I hear Rinai’s voice through the cold metal of the mobile phone. I had just sobered up and felt extremely noxious. If I weren’t on the phone, I would’ve puked by now.

“It’s me, Raito.” I am hardly able to give a straight answer. My head is hurting like crazy, and not many thoughts can come to my mind. “I have to speak to Chikado-chan, it’s urgent.”

Chikado-san, Raito-sama wants to talk to you. He said it’s urgent.” Rinai is obviously calling for the Chikado next to her. I wouldn’t believe it if they told me they hadn’t been all over each other for the last 3 days. But I don’t think they would be tired of it just yet though. A moment later, I heard a loud yawn near the phone. It seems Chikado was next to Rinai at the time.

“Tell him to go away!” Chikado clearly sounds annoyed. I don’t want to get on her bad side either; it’s just that this is such a dire matter that I had no other choice. However, whether Chikado would be willing to help then was out of my knowledge.

“But he said…”

“Screw him, whatever it is; he gave us a week-time honeymoon. There would be no reason for him to bother us right now, that I would give a damn anyways.” Chikado is speaking her mind. As mad as I am, I did promise to not interfere with their get-away paradise ride. Of course I don’t think of things turning out this far, but we couldn’t even handle food properly without them. “No hang up the phone and come here Rinai. You look so gorgeous that I just want to eat you up right now.”

Chikado-san, fawning over my breasts comes later. Don’t be rude and listen to what Raito-sama has to say.” I feel relieved. If it was anyone, it would be Rinai who could convince Chikado. And I’m glad this time she’s on my side, unlike the previous accident with the cosplay video tape.

“Fine, give me the phone, but you owe me extras for this!” Obviously Chikado, no matter how cold and devilish she was, cannot resist the pleading voice and face of her newly wedded wife. I truly am lucky, or so I thought. “Is he already gone?”

Chikado, I-“

“I think he’s gone Rinai!”

Hot blood is getting onto my head. It is obvious that she was pretending I left the phone so she could hang this matter up. She would just expect me to scold her once she gets back and that is it. However, the situation calls for desperate measures.

Chikado, if you don’t calm down and listen to what I have to say, I will tell Rinai you slipped aphrodisiac into her food three times a week!”

That is her dirty little secret that I happened to find out. As expected, Chikado has to pay attention.

Raito-sama… is that you?” Clearly she sounds pissed. It’s like telling me to go burn in hell if I ever let that secret out. But I can no longer turn back.

“I need your help! This concerns your relationship with Rinai and your future as lesbian maids of the Redemutio household.” I practically shout into the phone. It is not like I wanted to though. She forced my hand.

“Yes I’m listening, what is it?” It seems my serious topic did the trick.

“We are in danger! The mansion has been surrounded by INTERPOL agents saying they want to arrest us for international securities! At least patch me up on the information.” I go through the details as fast as possible. It isn’t like I had much time left anyways.

“I see…” Chikado realizes we’re in a pinch now, as she gets her serious tone back. I can vaguely hear her murmuring something. “Alright, I will as soon as possible, how much time do you have?”

“Until noon, meaning midnight for you right now.”

“I see. Please, strengthen your defense and wait for me to get back. I will immediately prepare the chopper and go back as fast as I can.”
Chikado leaves the phone right after, meaning I am not able to tell her the most important flaw in her plan.
She has no money, since my credits had been blocked internationally. Meaning if she were to try and get back, it would depend solely on the speed of the boat they’re in, and also the skills of the driver.

10. Delay tactics

“I see… then can you estimate the time you need?” Chikado called back a few minutes later, saying that she found out I was out of cash. As embarrassing as that sounded, it couldn’t be helped. Now that she had to go back by the boat, she’ll just have to patch us in on the information first.

“About a day, it will take a long time.” Her voice sounds heavy. I can practically see Rinai sitting next to her quivering.
Aigis will drive the boat while I shall constantly contact the local authorities, though I doubt it might work.”

“Are you sure you won’t be better off away?”

“Please Raito-sama, I have to handle this, it’s my fault in the first place.” Chikado seems regretful. Though this might very well be her fault, who am I to judge her prejudice?

“It is just an excuse!”

“Even so, it is because of me being employed there that put all of you in danger.” Hard to believe, but Chikado is speaking very emotionally and responsibly. “You’ve been charged with cooperating with an international criminal.”

“You know you’re better than that. If it’s your part, then you being a part of my family, it is my duty to help you, for better or worse.” I cannot really believe what I am saying. I always thought of myself as a selfish person. I guess now I think a little bit more of myself. “When I hired you I hired you problems to. Now stop sulking and come back home Chikado, we are waiting.”

“Thank you, Raito-sama.”

I put the phone down. I know what the situation is.

Raito, even more and more people are gathering on the outside.” Shiroi reported. I had him on look out to spot any sudden changes. It didn’t take long for him to notice the ridiculously long line of people in front of our gates. All are men, in particular.

“I noticed.”

“Do you think they’re assaulting the house?”

“I believe they will. They want to take over the house by sheer power, meaning there probably won’t be any less brute force.”

“The communication line’s been cut. We are isolated!” Hiraki comes running in after checking the computers. It seemed they’ve already cut off all of our means of calling for help. Chikado’s and my radios are the only things kept useful, since they use international frequency.

“We can’t even call for help now. If only we were able to this wouldn’t have been so bad.”

“What is the plan now?” Taiyo, who is sitting firmly next to me at the time, asked. Apparently he got bored, since I couldn’t find any task for him to do.

“Alright, this is important. Taiyo, you go search Chikado and Rinai’s room, see if you can find any weapons that we can use. Hiraki, I remember there’s a fire hose on the end of the 2nd floor hallway, we can use that. Shiroi, keep a look out. I don’t know if the mob is going to go berserk at any moment.”

“Too late for that.” Shiroi lowers his head. I can hear the charging sound of a thousand bulls at my gate.

Looking outside, it was almost hell. All the local residents of the surrounding areas, male residents, are trying to take down the titanium gate with their bare hands. They are like mindless zombies, trying to overcome an obstacle through brute force. However, they are listening to orders.

“Remember, there is a really hot Russian babe hiding inside the house. Whoever captures her shall have her!”

I actually notice a smirk on the face of that agent. I know it. No way in hell they were going to give up Chikado that easily. However, the deception worked pretty well, since we got a thousand perverts charging at our door steps.

“To hell with this!”

I turn to Hiraki. He knows what I mean. He nods then runs upstairs.

“You want to come? Come here!”

I soon had what I wished for.

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Re: Redemutio Mansion - Struggling

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2nd post.



Sleep within these hands, gently watching over you
I remember you, laughing, crying, getting angry
I'll never forget, ever, until my life is exhausted
You were right there with me
Always always always you were smiling there beside me
Even if I lose you, I'll get you back. I will never leave you.

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Re: Redemutio Mansion - Struggling

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oH yEAH. Epic fortress defense in chaps 11-st and epic rescue mission from st-ongoing..

Really keeps getting better and better. It never ceased to amaze me
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Sleep within these hands, gently watching over you
I remember you, laughing, crying, getting angry
I'll never forget, ever, until my life is exhausted
You were right there with me
Always always always you were smiling there beside me
Even if I lose you, I'll get you back. I will never leave you.

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Re: Redemutio Mansion - Struggling

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