Our Sin, is Sacrifice: Revision

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Our Sin, is Sacrifice: Revision

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Our Sin is Sacrifice: Revision

Welcome to a further rough draft, altered from the old one. I personally like the construct of this one a little more so I am going to wing it. Over time I will turn around and iron this out so it flows easier, as well so it doesn't look so sloppy. But for now, deal with it, it is a rough draft.

Part 1

"That's right, I once thought that life could continue on normally. A detailed grasp on life that I could live by, just

so I could avoid the painful future. As years passed I would drift away from my friends, knowing that we would

depart by the end of high school. But the more I drifted, the lonelier I felt. Because of this loneliness my heart tried to

attach itself back to the social world. That's right, because of a girl, I got pulled back into a ring of friends. Heh, if

only I could have remained to my original claim. Maybe things would have gone easier."

Chapter 1: Normality, is it sin?

A rising sun, light finally breaking over the peaks of Mt. Burns. Another morning has come for the small city of Revere. Children, boys and girls left their homes clothed in uniforms. A wild formation that seemed without balance walking upon the streets. Only a few richer families had the luxury of being driven to and from school.

Upon these students, were two boys that formed their own small group. Happy, nor sad, they walked through their somewhat normal schedule. One, a dark haired boy, his bangs just long enough to cast a shadow over his hazel eyes from the morning sun. Bag slung over his shoulder he continued forward. On his right, a shorter boy. Small, silver lined glasses dragging focus to his bright green eyes. Brown hair, short enough for a military inspection.

"Hey, Ike." The dark haired boy spoke, obviously trying to strike some kind of conversation. "Next year, make sure you get into the same math class." His eyes gently looked upon his friend, bringing slight confusion. Some would see it as a moment of loneliness, but one knew better.

"I'm not doing your math homework next year." Ike was rather blunt. His response taking immediate effect causing the other to lower his head and mutter a swear under his breathe. "I knew that's what you were after. Stop sleeping in class and you might actually catch up. As it is, your going to fail the grade." Looking to his friend who still showed no response he became slightly annoyed. "I'm serious Nare, keep sleeping in class you are going to fail."

Raising his head Nare gave a thumbs up, "It's fine, I am passing PE."

Ike slanted his eyes, Nare knew well that PE was the only thing he couldn't pass. "That's not enough to keep you from flunking a grade. So much for wanting to follow Misuzu."

Nare dropped his smart ass grin with Misuzu's name. "Shit.. That's right, at this rate she will go to the next grade. No girl would date someone who flunks a grade!? Wait, if I tamper with her tests, she will have to fail the grade too right?!"

"Your train of thought is screwed up somewhere in there.." Ike's pace quickened putting him a little infront of his friend. His concentration still trying to figure out where his own logic was flawed. "Hurry up or we will be late for school!"

"Eh?" Nare blinked a few times looking at the back of his friend. "Oh.. You go ahead, I need to pick up something for lunch.

Ike stopped only to turn around to look at his friend. "You forgot to bring lunch again? You should disable that snooze button." Shaking his head he turned back around to continue on alone. "Whatever, don't be too late Nare, or you can't stalk Misuzu anymore."

"I am not stalking her!" Nare yelled after him causing a group of girls passing by to stare at him. A stupid chuckle errupted from his throat as he slowly backed away before sprinting off in the other direction.

The day continued, a rising sun, taking the throne at the peak of the sky. The young boy nicknamed Nare followed his everday schedule. Except, there was never sleeping in his third hour. This was the class of his bliss, the thing that led on his hopes. The girl that brought him back from his dark corner sat but two seats infront of him. Like everyday, he tried to work up the courage to take those few steps, but failed. Before one could realize, the sun was reaching for the horizon.

Bells ringing, students would flow from the school. The lonely Nare would walk alone, his friend Ike being a genius, it would be expected right after school. While walking through the courtyard, girls from other classes would snicker as their rumors would spread.

"Shhh, be quiet." One would say too loudly, both the excitement and anxiety rattled at their throats keeping it from being a whisper. "Isn't he the one that burnt down his last school?" A statement that was obviously not true, but rumors took no pity. "It's kind of sad isn't it? He has no friends." Why couldn't they just all disappear, didn't they have better things to do? "Actually, some people say he abandoned his friends, forcing them emotional, even physical pain. Who wouldn't hate him?" One of the snobbier ones spoke out, eyeing him cruelly. "I feel sorry for Ike, being bullied all the time, even forced to do that guys homework." Nare tried to turn away, but it only seemed like they made themselves louder, strictly for him to hear.

"Hey Misuzu" The name forced him to turn around and look into the group of girls. The one that spoke out grinned as she saw his reaction. Her back turning to him as she faced someone else. Curiosity, and slight annoyance drove him to walk closer to the group, peeking over the girls shoulder. Misuzu was actually there. "You know, a lot of people are saying the you have a rather persistent stalker. Graver even admitted it to Ike. The girl looked back to

Nare, it seemed he got a new nickname with the girls. The turned sideways, allowing full sight of Misuzu. Their eyes locked for a mere second before the girl spoke again. "Look, there he is now." Misuzu backed away, hiding behind the other girls. "You should probably avoid him."

Nare closed his eyes, a brief thought that his life was initially over. Quickly turning around to try and run away with his own shame. "Oh come on, can you girls just shut up already?" The voice caused him to stop and look back one more time. A girl pushing herself out of the group to stand between them and Nare. "Seriously, you are all so annoying. The things you say are even more boring, I mean, they are always depressing and about other people."

Nare looked at her back long and hard. She had blonde hair, held in a ponytail that still dropped to her mid back. The winter uniform's blue jacket definitely contrasted. "Hey Nare come here." She snapped her fingers not even turning around. Hesitantly he moved up beside her. "If this guy is some kind of bringer of death, then why can I touch him?" She placed a hand on his shoulder before looking up to him. Her cool blue eyes blinked for a second before she leaned against him, putting her arm around on his other shoulder. Her shorter size making it rather awkward.

Confusion was still flowing through his mind on who this person even was. As well, why she would be doing something like this. " Well then, are yall going to get out of my face, or do I have to disprove more of your myths?" She looked between the group and Nare, his eyes were glued back on the head protruding from the back of the group. A quiet sigh escaped her lips, "And another thing, get your rumors straight at least. If he is some kind of delinquent, why would he only stalk Misuzu? He might as well rape her while he is at it."

Nare tensed at the thought, a twitch coming to his eye. Was this girl trying to help or make things worse!? "Come on Nare, I am getting sick of these people. " With the state of confusion, he was easily drug away by the girl. His gaze stuck looking for Misuzu one last time. He was pulled all the way out of the courtyard, down the street, and around a corner. "Give it up, you can't see her through walls."

"Who are you?" Nare managed to shake it off. " Why are even even speaking about me like we are on friendly terms? Don't you know, befriend me, people will hate you too." He turned to look back at her, only to find her face in his, her blue eyes poking up at his.

A single finger tapped his forehead before the girl rested back onto her heels. "First, before asking for a girl's name, you tell your own. I simply overheard your geek friend talking to you this morning, so I borrowed your nickname. Or is it intruding on your boyfriend if someone else uses it?"

This girl, she was definitely just acting out for fun. Using Nare as a reason to pop into a fight. "Shut the hell up blonde. I don't swing the way your fantasies wish."

Laughter was her response, her character only becoming more confusing. "All right, all right. Your interesting enough. Sorry for playing games with you pinhead. The name is Elizabeth Renalds, you can call me Eli, Nare."

Raising a brow, Nare was only more confused on this girl. "How can you speak down to me, and then act like are friends in the same breathe?" Walking away from her, he waved his hand back. "Go home blonde."

"Ehem," she pronounced her presence following him. "I said to call me Eli. After all, I am your owner now." Nare was going to speak out, but she already jumped to the catch. "I just helped you out, so you are indebted to me. Besides, my house is this way."

"Whatever. Just be quiet alright?" He muttered out. This girl would be rather cute, that is if she could just keep in attitude in control. Everytime she spoke, it felt like she was trying to stand above him in some way. "Don't you have other friends to bother anyways?"

"I don't have any friends." Her voice was quiet, a somewhat serious tone the brought his attention directly to her. Looks, a somewhat decent but annoying personality, she should have at least one friend. "Don't look down on me ape, I get bored of them too quickly. So make sure you at least provide entertainment for awhile. What other use is a delinquent?"

Just a while ago she was proving that he was not some kind of delinquent, and now she was straightly calling him one? He began to ponder if she actually was just lurking around him for kicks. "Eli, has anyone ever said you are a cruel woman?"

"This would be a first. Guys generally swarm around me not paying attention to what I say." So she was popular with the guys despite her personality. It was not surprising, since after all, most guys only care about looks anymore. "Hey, buy me a drink." She stopped, looking into the window of a convenience store. "You owe me anyways."

Nare scratched his head, figuring that he may as well. It may even be the thing to make her leave. Buying the two drinks, he was forced to use the last bit of cash on him. But still, he figured it was worth it to get the girl to go away. "We are even now right?" He spoke out, walking out of the store tossing the soda at her. She barely even managed to catch it with the surprise of seeing something flying at her.

"Not by a long shot! Besides, couldn't you of just handed it over. Now it's all shaken up." Nare shrugged in response, walking off ahead of her again. Opening up his own soda to take a drink. Though, before his lips could touch the bottle, she pushed his head to the side, resting her head on his shoulder as well taking the first sip for herself. "This one is mine."

"What the hell?!" Nare looked back at her as she took the bottle from his hands, giving him the shaken one. "I bought them, I should get the good one, besides, you are just mooching off of me!"

Eli passed in front of him, turning around before him. Mockingly taking another sip of the soda. "What kind of guy chooses themselves over girls? You really are pitiful aren't you mutt?" Walking backwards infront of him, he had no chance of escaping from her sight. " So, you really are after Misuzu huh?"

The question came just as he opened his own bottle, causing him to drop it on the ground. Another curse escaped his lips before responding. "That is none of your business." Go figure, the girl would make fun of him, talk down on him, make him buy her a drink, then try to dig through his personal matters. "So what cla-"

"So they are looking for me." She muttered, interrupting him mid sentence. Nare turned around to see a black car peeking around the corner. "Excuse me Nare, I have to run, see you tomorrow!" By the time he looked back she was already taking off.

"See you tomorrow!" He called after her, before pausing to think about what he just said. The car at the corner squealed as the gas was stomped. Tearing around the corner as it went down the street after her. Long, black, eight windows? "A limo?" Nare blinked watching as the vehicle followed her until she jumped over one of the short walls beside the sidewalk. "What the hell?"

And just like that, the day seemed to pass quickly. A normal routine taking place once again as he entered his home. There was a slight irregularity today, and that was the girl named Eli. But then again, not every day can exactly be normal now can it? Even if he wanted things to continue 'normally', he wanted to solve what 'normal' truly was. It seemed as if anytime a 'normal' was occurring, something absurd would take place.

Chapter 2: Familiar Stranger

Yet another day would begin. The morning dew unchaning in comparison to any other day. Again the flocks of students would raid the streets in attempt to make it before the bell. Just as every morning for the past four months, Ike waited at the intersection that split their homes apart.

"You are up late again Nare." He muttered, watching as his friend passed by him. Quick to follow into his overly normal pattern of walking to Nare's right side. "I have more student council after school. So you will need to head back without me again.

"I see." Nare muttered. It was odd for Ike to remind him about his after school activities. It didn't really tamper with his schedule much either way. He would wait in the courtyard for five minutes after school, if Ike never showed, he would leave. His mind was also wondering if Eli would show herself again today.

Ike cought on the lack of response, trying to continue a form of conversation. "So when are you going to join a club anyways? All you do at home is sit around and play video games, I mean, you may as well put the time to some use."

"Like hell.. That just keeps me at school longer, who would want that?" This was probably an invalid statement, due to the person he was talking to. The thought of the persistent annoyance was still going through his mind. Was she friend or what? She definitely went to the school, so she wasn't exactly a stranger. "Hey Ike, ever hear about a Elizabeth Renalds?"

"Renalds?" He paused momentarily, "Doesn't ring a bell. Some foreign singer or something?" For a student council memeber to not know of someone like that, it was hard to believe. She had to of kicked up a bit of trouble somewhere right?. But you better be carefull, keep asking about other girls Misuzu might actually disappear from your grasp."

With how much Ike brings up the subject of Misuzu, he must have seen it as a ground over Nare. " My firm attention is on her, don't let yourself think otherwise." Either way, it seemed like Ike's assumation was always going to be right. It annoyed him to think that the girl he wanted would be out of reach.

The walk fell silent, as Nare went into his thoughts. Both, how he would eventually have to confront Misuzu directly, and, who exactly was Eli? Of course, due to the previous statement from his friend he felt like he was betraying the girl he liked for having another plague his thoughts. That annoying, persistent girl is even the same in thought.

"Nare?" Ike was stopped infront of him. Taking a moment to look at his feet, because he himself didn't even notice that he became so absorbed that he stopped moving. "You alright?"

"Uh.. Yeah, I just remembered, I need to grab some lunch." Nare muttered out as an excuse. Truth being he actually did have a lunch in his bag this time, in fact, that was why he got out of the house so late. "I'll catch up." Waving his hand he turned the closest corner he could, feeling that being alone might help him control his thoughts a little more.

He walked for mere minutes, thoughts not capable of sorting themselves out. As soon as he started thinking thoroughly on one thing, it would skip to the next throwing itself off balance. "Why is a confession so damn difficult?!" It's like no other thoughts can run through one's mind when they are plotting how to engage the next step.

"Because if they were easy, what's the fun?" That seemingly dominate tone with such a gentle voice. "I didn't think I would find you before school numbskull!" Sure enough, the voice did belong to Eli. Walking up behind him, and giving him a good push on his left shoulder before proceeding to that side.

"Great the distraction I didn't need." He sighed deeply, walking along beside her figuring he could at least figure things out on one end since it came down to this. "You never did tell me, who exacly are y-"

"Hey, get me a lunch." Eli's eyes were glaring into his. Those blue eyes, why was it everytime the burrowed into his that he felt subdued. "I didn't have time to pack anything" This person, she must trick guys into buying her food all the time.

"Can't" He stated briefly. Only her glare becoming colder as a response. "You made me waste the last of my cash yesterday. I had to even make my own food before I left the house." Her gaze did not avert, what more was she wanting? Anytime he tried to ask something, he would be interrupted.

"Useless.." Her words barely escaped from under her breathe. "Fine, I will lend you the cash just go and get me food." She grabbed his sleeve, forcing him to come to a stop so she could pull money from her pockets.

Nare looked down the street at the small convenience store, understanding this girl was just full of herself. "Get it yourself if you have the money."

"Hey wait!" She grabbed back for his sleeve before he could start walking away. "I don't like entering those kinds of places. Come on, do me this one favor Mr. Delinquent." Same as ever, she couldn't be nice for a single sentence could she?

Taking a good moment to stare at her, he finally broke under her stare. "Damnit, here." Sticking out his hand he took the money from her. "Don't spread harmful rumors like I robbed you or something got it?" With a simple nod they walked down to the convenience store. Eli smiling cheerfully as she leaned against the glass window by the door. "Just be happy with what you get alright?"

"Wait a second!" She probably just noticed that she forgot to tell him her preferences. Unfortunately for her, she was both too late, and Nare didn't really care. He made his way into the store, walking up and down the aisles.

His mind began to linger on his previous thoughts."If only it could have been Misu-"

"Stop" The voice made him jump as it echoed in his ear. "The girl that was just on your mind. Forget about her." Confusion was coming quickly as he turned to look the man in the face. Long dark hair falling to his shoulder blades, perhaps even past them. A creepy scar followed the length of his cheek. "She will die soon, because of you." Nare, became somewhat afraid. Perhaps it was the tone of this mans voice, the awkward feeling of knowledge. As well, the topic itself being extremely uncomfortable, especially for some stranger. The man, barely taller than Nare himself, leaned beside his ear, "Say goodbye to Misuzu." This through Nare over the edge. Stumbling back into the aisle as some of the merchandise fell to the floor.

The screaming from the employees only made his heart race faster. No matter how much they called for him to stop, he kept running. Straight out the door past Eli, who became confused as well. Watching as Nare ran down the street. She turned to look in through the window at the small chaos he had caused. A lone man stood looking out the glass directly at her. The same man who just spoke to Nare. He seemed to have a deep loneliness to him when eye contact was made. His hazel eyes averting to the direction Nare went. And so Eli followed.

She finally started to catch up as he was running out of breathe. "What happened back there!? Are you some kind of idiot or something!?" She yelled as she came close enough to him. His eyes were open wide, panic was obviously in control of him. "Nare what happened?" She crouched down, trying to see his face as he was bent over.

"Misuzu... She is in danger.. The guy, said she will die.." Nare was shaking, his hands couldn't seem to remain still. Whether it be because of the panic, or the exhaustion from the run. "He said it was because of me, because of me she is going to die!"

Eli stood up straight, holding out her hand firmly before putting a driving force. A loud smack could be heard as her hand met with his head. "You piss me off Nare.." He quietly looked up to face her, bewildered by the slap as well her words. "What happened to, 'I will seperate myself from others so I don't have to deal with the departing.', huh?"

How could she have known the way he chose to live by so many years before? How did she even know him? Overheard a conversation with his nickname? And last morning, they were running late.. There was barely anyone on the street. If Eli was there, he would have recognized her wouldn't he!?

"I just don't get it Nare.." Her voice, it was becoming gentle, what was going on? It was almost as if him breaking down was breaking her down as well. "You said things would before fine if I acted normal around you. You said I was the only one capable of making you avoid the pain." Nare's focus was concentrated to her words, puzzled. This was not the Eli he pictured, what happened to that tomboy that spoke so highly? "So why do you try to get rid of it without me? You idiot... Idiot! Stop trying to do things by yourself!" Tears, there was actually tears coming from Eli because of something he did not know, but was a part of. "Was my Sin not enough?"

Nare tried to break through his frozen state, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Eli?" She quietly looked to his eyes, the tears streaming from her blue eyes. They were so cold just a little while ago, why do they look so gently now? He had so many questions to ask her due to this. But one thing locked in his head. "What is Sin?"

That's all it took, was that one question for the tears to stop, a look of disbelief on her face. "I just.... I'm the cause of it?" Her head slowly turned to look to the convenience store. "But...."

Chapter 3: Rising Future

"I just..... I am the cause of it?" A response that blockaded the way out. She had no choice but to continue on. His mind, lingering away from an unwanted topic and falling to Eli's words. "But.... What?" No matter how lost she was, or wanted to be, Nare would double it.

His grip tightened, wanting her full attention back on him. "The cause of what Elizabeth?" She must of noticed how much further she was digging that hole. For her tears came to a stop, and her throat was cleared with one sigh. The disappointment remained on her face however as she stared towards the ground. Her lips moved, but no voice came, what did she say?

"Miss Renalds.." Nare looked up to see the black limo, a man stood holding the door open. When they got there, he had no clue. The man's arm forcibly grabbed her hand, pulling her up. Only for her to push away and slowly crawl into the back seat herself. "You should not go disappearing like this. It brings trouble to the organization my lady."

Nare only became more lost as to what was going on. "Sin... Eli, what is Sin?" He muttered, looking through the open door to her. By the word the man holding the door became uneasy, his eyes looking to the door as well as if confirming something. Not only him, but even the driver stepped out. Keeping a hand to his side as if prepared to pull a weapon from his waist.

"Get in the vehicle" With the voice came moments of hesitation from Nare. But, time would not wait for him as the man grabbed his arm and forced him inside. Quietly taking a seat across from Eli, the man climbed in to sit beside her. "To bring an unwanted guest. Only you can get away with something like this."

A response never came. The entire trip lasted who knows how long, and not once did she speak. The awkward air only silencing Nare from making any sound at all. This was not even bittersweet. Mysterious people are taking him to a location unknown. He intentionally avoided thoughts of what Elizabeth could be a part of, not wanting to become lost on her identity any further. His only worry, was about his own life.

The vehicle came to a stop, and the men climbed out. This was when Elizabeth and Nare were taken seperately. She, was escorted by a single fair-haired man that was waiting outside. Nare was taken by the two from the vehicle, one walking infront, the other behind. There foot steps lined up as if marching under severe discipline. This building was rather large, Nare did not notice that until they were walking along the outside walls to get to the back of it. Not a single other building in sight even on top of the vast hill.

"Don't think about running." The man behind him muttered. A slight feeling of relief came, glad that a voice broke the air. Though, that relief would soon disappear as they entered the large backdoor. Chairs were stacked over in the corner, a projector in the middle of the room, and a screen against the wall. But the thing that destroyed his relief was the additional six people in the room, each one glaring at him.

"Let's hurry up and get this over with." A man stepped forward holding a small camera. With the scars and his arm, and the man's tall stature the it could be mistaken as a weapon. "Get the meat to the front." Nare's face obviously showed confusion when the man said meat. Despite it, the men forcefully put him infront of the white screen.

"Wait!? I am the meat?! What?" Cannabilism, that had to be it right? What human would call another meat? Then again, Eli has a pretty warped personality herself. The man with the camera grinned. Sharp teeth reflecting the lighting of the room. Nare stiffened to the point the others just let go. Leaving him there infront of the screen unbounded. Incapable of moving only because of the man's grin.

White haired, tall stature, and sharp teeth. That's all Nare could think about when the back lights shut off, two stage lightings from the front blaring onto him. The darkness brought another trait to the tall shadow. His gold eyes were still apparent, watching his every move. Those gold slit eyes that glowed with the darkness. "I like meat that is obedient. Such a shame you won't be around for long." The mocking words killed the last bit of easiness left. This man was not human.

Every flash of the camera, revealing the man's face as he grew closer and closer to bloodlust. It was like the gaze was already devouring him, the feeling of being pulled away from the world. That is, until the lights flicked back on, everyone in the room was staring at the lone giant. Until one chuckle escpaped. "You sure now how to scare them don't you Grim?" A boy stood, almost the same age as Nare if not older. "Just keep in mind, you can't eat him just yet. After all, he did come in with Miss Renalds."

The man called Grim growled, handing the camera over to the boy. "Annoying courier. Hurry up and get my permission." The two turned away from eachother, a mutual hatred. The boy turned his head to look over Nare as he walked out of a door leading further into the building. Grim, walked the opposite direction and went through the door Nare came through.

"Smoking is going to kill that dog." Another member whispered when the door was closed. "One can't quit a habit they obtained as a human easily." Confirmation, Nare now knew he was right, that man was not a human. At least, not anymore. "What about the kid?" A female spoke, coming from the back of the room to the other four. "Oh, him? Won't he be fed to Grim like most of them?" Another responded. "Well, we are running short on breakers right?" She spoke out again. The others looked to one another before continuing, "Are you insisting we keep this kid as a member? What makes you stand for a stranger Wraith?"

"Simple," Wraith's voice was becoming gentle as if saddened," Tempest asked for this favor." The four seemed to become discomforted. "I will ask Lofgar myself if I must." They remained quiet as if stunned. "Do not get me wrong, I don't care for this kid at all. I simply will honor the last favor Tempest asks of me."

"Did you say last favor she will ask of you?" The door flings open as Grim walks back in. "Seems like you can't talk past him after all." Someone mutters, by the voice probably the same man from the vehicle as earlier. "What happened to that vile demon? Has she already run off to betray us all?" The man froze quickly, his body visibly stiff as this 'Wraith' was already behind him, a knife to his neck. "Speak not, for if you mutter a single curse in relation to Tempest again, I will put you down."

Nare watched silently, knowing that Wraith didn't move at all. It was almost as if she was always there with that knife. The black hood that followed the dark grooves of her clothes. The small opening he could see for her face was blocked by a dark mask. With the following silence she lowered her weapon. "I shall take my leave, but heed my warning Grim. If you touch that child, I will ensure you will live out the rest of your days in hunger."

Just like that, she was gone. Again, without any movements made, her exsistence itself seemed to vanish. Everyone started talking again, just as before. And Grim was lighting up a cigarrete before walking out the door. The rest seemed like humans, but with what had just occured would it be safe to assume? Was it safe to do anything?

Hours seemed to pass after Nare was taken to a room. The doors were locked and guarded from the other side. The only reason he knew was from the occasional cough. The walls were lined with books, and fancy furnishings scattered the room. In the middle, two love seats sat stairing at one another. Nare sat at the far one, staring at the double door. There was no point in trying to escape. After all, if he did manage to get out, there might be more like that 'Wraith'..

"Serene...." The guard spoke loudly, he must have been on edge. Perhaps one of the higher ups finally arrived. "I can't do that, it's off limits for a meeting.." The other voice, it was too quiet for Nare. Moving closer to the door he tried to listen into the conversation. "Yes, forgive me..." The lock on the doors clicked, and one side slowly opened. Nare gazed at the opening waiting to see who would emerge.

"Oh..." A small voice portruded from the open door. "I didn't know they brought more trash in." A small girl entered the room. Long black hair embracing her frame. "Do us a favor, and go die, you are only in the way, really." Her small red eyes looked just as souless as she sounded. Only slanting due to his constant staring. "Stop looking at me with your unpure eyes and leave. I can't read my books with you here."

Nare looked to the door where the man stood guard. Taking a step back he opened a way for Nare to walk past. Instead of taking the exit Nare just glanced between the two wondering what was going on. Was the guard seriously just letting him go? "Glitch." Another man took to the doorway. His voice brought peace to the girl who spun around. "Would you mind if we used this room for a meeting? It is somewhat private."

"Yes master." The girl bowed, squeezing past the man and out the door. Nare stood bewildered and annoyed at what had just occurred. That girl couldn't have been even twelve and she was throwing around remarks, just to turn around and call someone master like a servant or something.

The man smiled as he entered. Taking off the small grey hat to reveal his light brown hair. "I apologize for that odd encounter. As most young girls, she generally forgets arrangements." Elizabeth walked into the room, glaring at the small paper in the guy's hand. And after her, the boy from earlier, still holding the camera. "Eli brought you in huh? This is most surprising." Apparently the man wanted to get straight to the topic at hand.

"If I remember correctly, it was your two lapdogs." Nare spoke out, thinking about the two in the vehicle. "Besides, who the hell steals a kid for just talking to a girl?"

The man raised his hand, as if stopping his track of mind. "Eli, has never gone against our wishes until this day. She escaped us, and found you. If we don't stop the cause, the effect will only occur again." He lowered his hand again, "Therefore, just by being around you, our Eli has brought you in."

Eli jumped forward, grabbing for the paper in his hand, only to be grabbed by the boy. "Come on!" She whined, "Give it back Harris!". The man looked to the boy, as if questioning if he had control. "Ya I got her Mr. Lofgar." The boy grinned, using only one arm to hold her still.

Nare focused on the paper, wondering what it's contents were. "Taking interest?" The man laughed. "All well, if you take a look, you might even see what all the fuss is about." He held out the paper for Nare to take. It was aged, it definitely was not very well preserved. "She kept it in her pocket.. Supposedly for two years before we took her in. I took it from her to make sure it wouldn't crumble." Nare reached out for it, making sure to take it from him before he could withdraw the offer.

It was just a picture. A picture that brought relief, and more confusion all over gain. In it was himself, standing infront of this man, Mr. Lofgar. An audible beep could be heard before a flash occured in the room. "There!" Eli blurted out, "If you want one so bad take your stupid camera!" Apparently she managed to struggle free to get the camera. Nare looked back to the picture in his hands. The collection of books on the far wall beside them.

It seemed the coincedence even made the man lean forward to look at the picture again. This was the picture Eli just took? " Five years she had this picture, and she just took it again?" Mr. Lofgar was speaking clearly under his breathe. "Boy, what is your name?" The curiousity of the man became directed on Nare himself.

"Nathor Froz Narich" Elizabeth was the one to respond, causing everyone to look at her. The boy beside her even let go of her arm to give her freedom. " Born 1994, in a small city called Averge. Given the nickname of Nare by his fourth grade English teacher. Favorite color is blue.." The man held up his hand again trying to keep her from going further. "Sin of..." A hand clasped over her mouth, the boy knowing it was becoming to much. Apparent glances to Nare wondering if there was a reaction. "How.." He muttered out. "How do you know this?" Nare continued. This went beyond stalking, this girl..

"Eli... Come" Lofgar took the picture from Nare's hand, offering to her as a bribe. "Nathor, I would like to ask you to wait here. Lore can keep you company for now." Just with that, the man walks out the door with Eli. The picture cradled in her hands against her chest.

"I keep asking her why she is so infatuated with that picture. All she ever says is that it's the last thing 'he' gave her." Lore chuckled, on behalf of Nare. "Just start accepting things as they are. Answers come easier with time anyways. Then again, it seems you already know that in some cases." Nare remained quiet, looking to the door. "Anyways, your in for a hell of a life now. That girl is the key to all of this exsisting. I have only heard about it once, but three years ago that girl found Lofgar. Fourteen years old, and out of the entire world she found Lofgar. She had to have been pointed in a direction right? Anyways, she carried a note and that picture. That note contained research that put us on even grounds. We have been making imperfect copies, but it seemed someone had broken the code to a perfect Guardian."

"Pointed her in a direction? And even grounds with what? Guardian?" The questions all jumbled in his head, there was too much information to ignore.

Lore sighed loudly, "Well, I thought we were on the same page. Like I said, some things are easier to learn through time. Just keep your head forward, and you will do fine." Nore took the chance of his grin to look at Lore's teeth. "Oh, saw Grim's? Don't worry, he is the only dog around."

"Ah..." Nore breathed out, he wanted to ask questions, but perhaps Lore was right. With just that first information dump he was confused, he wouldn't be able to take all the information in so quickly. He wasn't even good with his studies, how would he be able to remember things that weren't needed for daily life? "There won't be any of you following me around at school will there?"

Laughter filled the room as Lore rolled back his head. A few minutes passed before he regained composure to speak. "Are you serious? You won't be going to school anymore. Or even home for that matter." He few more chuckles escaped his throat, "No, no, you see, you already know too much to leave here. With this discovery, you no longer get to be normal."

"Your kiddi....." His mind escaped him for a moment. What did he have to go back to exactly? A single friend that he only hung around with at school? A bunch of annoying girls that would try to hurt him in any way? Or a girl, Misuzu that would never even look at him with a proper eye. His life hadn't been moving, so where was it going? Constantly failing school, what future did he contain anyways? What was the point in him living such a hundrum life, when everyone else would go on without him? What point was friends and family when in the long run they would all leave? "Alright... I'll help you all any way I can."

"That" Lofgar was standing in the doorway once again, "is what I like to hear."

Chapter 4: Breaking the Surface

Chapter 5: Learning Sin

Chapter 6: Suffering the Sacrifice

Chapter 7: Meeting in Oblivion

Chapter 8: Glitch's Oath

Chapter 9: Cutting Ties

Chapter 10: Charging forward

Chapter 11: Glitch's Sin

Chapter 12: Besting the perfect

Part 2

Chapter 1: Setting Pieces

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Re: Our Sin, is Sacrifice: Revision

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[Chapter 2: Familiar Stranger] has been updated.

[Chapter 3: Learning Sin] Is being worked on, currently it is also a week full of work. Cheer for 3am wake up calls anyone?
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Re: Our Sin, is Sacrifice: Revision

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Due to me skipping around in writing different chapters (In different parts even) I am yet to go back and fix up the last rough drafts. But I will go ahead and post up Chapter 3.

As well I have the chapters have switched up a bit. Learning Sin will be released at a future date.
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Re: Our Sin, is Sacrifice: Revision

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