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Redemutio Mansion - Fall

Post by LightRedemption on 11/13/2011, 10:08 am

1. Extended Vacation

“How long are
we just going to lie around here like this?” Taiyo grabbed his head in
frustration. Truth to be told, even though he had experienced this before,
going through it again was a whole lot more painful.

“What did you tell
me that time? Oh that’s right, control your hormones for a day will ya?” Raito
found Taiyo stuck in the same situation as he did a month ago. This time it was
a lot more depressing, since none of them can find anything to do for days.

“Well it can’t be
helped; it’s the vacation season after all.” No matter how calm and profound he
sounded, Hiraki just made the rest even more eager to go suicide. It’s the
start of the summer already. As Raito, Taiyo, Hiraki, Shiroi and Kyouiku were
sitting idly about trying to think of a suitable vacation spot for all of them
that would somehow be close enough, their boredom becomes uncontrollable.

“I guess this
is most of my fault. I never realized how insecure we will be if they left us
like this. To be honest when Chikado-chan asked me for a make-up vacation for
last time, I thought it would only be right to let them go. However, the more I
realize that the incident was her fault, the more I regret this blatant
lifestyle.” Raito clucked his teeth, with his palm over his face. Ever since he
rebuilt the mansion, Chikado and Rinai – his two lesbian maids – were probably
the only ones keeping his life from going off track. Now that they’ve gone on
their extra honeymoon to the Kawaii islands with Taiyo’s personal android maid,
Aigis, he is left with no ounce of fun in his life.

“No use in
crying over spoiled milk. We just have to find something to keep us occupied.”
Shiroi pointed out the obvious. Being one of the many strange residents in this
mansion, he was probably the most hopeless, due to his extreme lack in stable
income, and a job. Despite that, he stayed here as a permanent “guest” due to
old time’s sake. With Raito, the mansion master being a wealthy retired social
worker, he was somewhat supported. Taiyo, the infamous yakuza therapist and Hiraki,
the German ambassador, paid their own rents. Despite their monthly pay hardly
make 50% of their costs; it would only come as natural if it was forgiven.

“Easy for you
to say, haven’t we been already doing that for what seems to be half a week
now?” Hiraki saw the flaw in the plan. Of course, no one wanted to be a jerk;
it’s just that the weather’s hot and they lacked good entertainment, with the
working season already over. “Well at least this time Kyouiku brings us good food
to eat.”

“Well yeah, I
can’t starve here, nor can I leave this wonderful place of luxurious
accommodations. I do suppose this is time for us to eat. Normally when people
can’t think, they eat just to flow away their buildup tensions. That’s actually
when people are most likely to get ideas.” During the last 4 days, Kyouiku had
been the one gathering food as “gifts” from his so-called students. He used to
be a professor at Cambridge
University, but now
decided to retreat to his old country and live in the huge mansion with his even
older friends. “Would anyone mind helping to get this eel dumplings out of the
god forsaken nylon bag?”

Having his cry
heard, Hiraki actually cut off the bag and let the food out. The rest of the
bags were treated the same way, cut then extracted. The process didn’t seem all
that appealing, but it was hard to resist a table full of hot delicious food
placed out for you. So, the five of them sat down and ate. It was barely 3:30 in
the evening, but since they didn’t have anything better to do they’d just eat
the day away…

finished, so did you guys get any wild ideas there?” Kyouiku asked as he wipes
his mouth gracefully. The rest don’t even bother trying.

“Not at all,
are you sure that “eat and think” thing works?” Shiroi Barairo seemed suspicious
of the method. He had a rather weak body, so he must be very considerate of
whatever he eats and consumes. However, the answer was in no way to his

“Of course not,
I just wanted some eel dumplings.” Having said that, Kyouiku Ayen quickly
retreated; to a corner to avoid the murderous gaze of the others.

“Well I guess
all we could do now is to wait for them to come back then.” Raito tilted his
head. It seems he had already given up on the idea of finding a vacation spot
for them. As pathetic as that sounded, he really had no other choice, since he
hadn’t been outside for 7 months. So it’s only natural that he didn’t know.

“I miss Aigis-chan
more. Why do they have to take her?” Taiyo Sui almost yanked his own hair off.
No matter how he was like before, Aigis had been a part of his life for a
while. You could say she’s a little android sister that he’s raising. Most
people would find that strange, but definitely not the mansion’s owner, Raito
Redemutio and her creator, Chikado Putina. Right now, Aigis’ only job was to
safely drive the boat for Chikado and her wife, Rinai Hokura. Not having Aigis
around makes Taiyo more vulnerable.

“When did you
say they were coming back again?” Hiraki Gensei asked while giving his usual
expressionless face. He hadn’t been like this his entire life though.

“Probably in 2
days. I don’t know what is going to happen until then, but I just hope we don’t
all give up on our lives before they return.”

2. Residential Area

“Have you ever
noticed people moving around the mountainous areas?” Shiroi asked with a
concerned expression.

“Well… I can’t
say I’ve been going out lately.” Raito tilted his head. Honestly speaking, it
had been such a long time that he barely knew what to remember anymore. Rinai
and Chikado had always been in charge of groceries and Raito never bothered to
check out what they actually buy, as long as it gives the food on his table.

“I think I
noticed too.” Kyouiku said while drinking tea, acting supposedly like a
high-class gentleman. It was unknown from where and how did he get the idea,
but it didn’t look like he could pull it off. “Somewhere during the last few
weeks, I received a notice, saying people are trying to move into this area. To
be more specific, if I recall correctly, this mountain is inside the new
extended territory zone.”

“Well that’s a
bummer.” Raito looked troubled. The only reason he built his mansion way over
on the top of a mountain was because of its sense of security and privacy,
depending on how much he needed. However, if the land’s status were to change
now, it would mean going through the troubles of finding another spot. He
doesn’t really worry a lot about the transition time, ever since they had
Aigis, but it would still take a lot of effort. He could either move it, or do

there’s something I need to tell you.” His phone was immediately used. It
seemed he decided to do something about it after all.

Raito-sama?” On the other end of the call is a strong devious woman’s voice.
Her name is Chikado Putina, one of the two maids of the mansion, who had been
going on her honeymoon, and was returning. “What is it?”

do you know that the mansion is being shifted to a residential area?” Raito’s
voice can be heard clearly through the phone. However, on the other line, his
maid was barely paying any attention to him. She was to busy with her wife.

is it Raito-sama?” Rinai, the other maid, said. As they were on a boat moving
at high speed, it was somewhat hard to hear what is going on. Since their
vacation time was over, they had to get back to the mansion. However, a week long
of time together really didn’t pass by so easily. Chikado still couldn’t take
her hands off of Rinai. But now, sometimes Rinai tried to stop her. She found
that extremely strange, since her wife had never tried to stop her from doing
this and that whenever. Right now Chikado was too worked up about her
relationship with Rinai to care about Raito’s pesky problems. “You should pay more
attention Chikado-san, it is rude not to.”

“Yes, I am
paying attention.” Having said that, Chikado looked at her wife once again, who
was sitting on the sun deck. It was somewhat as Raito understood the situation
to an extent, that’s why he stopped talking once he noticed Chikado’s unfocused
voice. They’ve been employer and employees long enough for Raito to notice
these things. “Yes Raito-sama, I have been informed of such information.”

“Then why
didn’t you tell me about it?” Raito, who had been patiently waiting on the
phone, was unsatisfied to hear such an answer. However, what else could he
expect from them? Subconsciously, he knew fairly well the last two weeks his
maids had been dedicating everything to each other, while the earlier weeks
were this struggle with problems. Having though about it, Raito sighed, he
decided not to pursue the given question further. “Ok, are you planning to do something about
it once you get back?”

“I might.”
Chikado said that just to piss her master off. However, Raito was used to this
also. He did nothing but wait, and she eventually continued. “It shouldn’t be
too hard. All I need to do is to change some policies right? Our country, at
the moment, is probably the freest country out there, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t
have rules right. I’ll just find a way to influence the president. I don’t know
how effective it would be though. To be honest, it is a miracle that this
country even has mountains in the first place. The demand for land is so high,
and the land itself is not getting any bigger.”

“I’ve thought
about that too. The way I see it, everything can be arranged. Just giving them
some base mountain parts instead of way up to the top. Even we aren’t at the
top.” Raito stopped to consider his proposal. Would such a number of people be
sufficient with moving to the mountains only to reach its base? “Take that in
mind too Chikado-chan.”

“I see…”Chikado
seemed to be pondering. There was a lot she can do to achieve Raito’s goal.
However, which one was the most beneficial to her, she had to decide on.
“Alright Raito-sama, I will meet up with the president, seeing if she has
anything to say about this.”

“Wait what? You
mean you’re going away longer…” Chikado smiled as she hanged up the phone. Teasing
her master is fun, she knew that. She and her wife are his weaknesses. They
would never worry about getting fired, so she did what she thinks is
entertaining, it’s only natural.

“Come on
Rinai-chan, we are going on a field trip!” Chikado screamed happily. She didn’t
notice Rinai looking troubled behind her. “Alright Aigis-chan, step on it, due
course to the capital city!”

Aigis, Taiyo’s
personal android maid, pressed the gas, as her creator ordered.

3. A Chat

“Is there
something bothering you Rinai-chan?” Chikado asked with concern. Something was
obviously wrong with Rinai. She’s been awfully quiet and defensive this past 2
days. Normally they would be going wild at each other by now, but it was so different
this time. Not only did Rinai hide all her usual lust, she also just retreats
to the little corner of the boat, looking out nervously from time to time.

“I’m alright
Chikado-san. Please, just focus on the matter at hand.” Having said that, Rinai
turned her attention to something else, seriously worrying Chikado. It was not
normal for her newly wedded wife to avoid her like this. Since they were both
women, there should be no reason like “not wanting to have a baby” or
something. Come to think of it, Chikado did wish she could raise a family with
Rinai, adopting a daughter.

“I guess you’re
right. I should focus on my meeting with the president.” Chikado dropped the
subject. If there really were something wrong with Rinai that she wouldn’t even
tells Chikado, then there would be no use asking for it. Instead, she turned to
Aigis. Aigis was currently on the wheels of the speed boat, navigating her way
through the vast Atlantic Ocean using global
GPS. No matter how you looked at it, Aigis looked exactly like a real girl from
the outside, except for her round metal ears. It was no surprise Taiyo would
drool over her all day. However, since Chikado already warned him that his maid
had an actual intelligence, meaning she would actually develop social skills
based on whatever happens around her, he had never crossed the line.

“What is it
Chikado-sama? You look troubled?” Aigis turned back. Even without looking
forward, her navigation system enabled her to control the boat through remote
signals. Thus, there was not even a need for her to stand there steering the
wheel. Chikado just ordered her so to make it seemed more natural than a
self-driving boat, as it would raise unnecessary attention.

“It’s nothing
Aigis-chan. How much time left until we reach the capital city?”

“About half an
hour till board Chikado-sama. However, I must inform you that within this
distance, a secured call can be made to reach the president immediately without
having to go on land. If you want, I can put you through right now.”

“That would be
best Aigis-chan. I also agree that it wouldn’t be wise for any one but
Taisen-dono to know I’m even in this country.” Chikado said as Aigis left the
wheel and entered the inner room. She attached a cable from herself and plugged
it into Chikado’s computer. Intrigued, Rinai looked over to the pc without
Chikado noticing.

The first thing
that came on the screen was nothing but static waves, seemingly following
random patterns. However, as Aigis’ eyes lit up and beginning to circle, the
statics slowly cleared off. Looking at the screen, Chikado could see the image
of a well-suited woman sitting behind.

Chikado here, I’m sorry for such a sudden bother.” Chikado formally greeted the
woman. If there were any people she would be scared of, it would be this woman
and Mona, her old employer. “I have a request to ask of you.”

“Don’t be so
formal Chikado-chan. How are you these days? I haven’t seen you in months!”
Futaka Taisen, the president of the country, instead greeted Chikado with a
wide and cheerful smile. Obviously, as the one with higher status, she could
choose whichever way she wanted to greet people.

“I’ve been
doing very well thank you. Unexpectedly, I got a job quite quickly after
arriving here. I’m married now!” Chikado said cheerfully, seemingly got a lot
of pressure off her chest now that they can speak so frankly.

That’s wonderful, but to whom?” Futaka seemed surprised.

“Rinai Hokura,
that’s her behind me!” Unknown to Rinai, Chikado had already noticed her
staring at the screen from behind. Futaka noticed as well and smiled a painful
smile. A bit of her past came back to her at that moment, with a regret she
could never undo. Seeing Futaka suddenly quiet, Chikado decided to keep on the
subject. “I need your help on something. You see, mine and my wife’s current
job is a maid to a guy named Raito. He is a good person, but that’s beside the
matter. I noticed you’ve beginning to expend residential areas towards the
north mountainous area. That’s where I and my wife live, and I would be very
grateful if you could just… adjust the plan a little, trying to keep the
residents under the mountain base. None of the residents in our mansion enjoys
neighbors, and that goes the same for me and my wife.”

“I see.” Futaka
pondered for a moment, seemingly trying to think of a good solution to the problem.
Unknown to herself and Chikado, she and Raito, along with the other guys, were
once classmates. But his name wasn’t Raito back then, so it would only be
natural for her to not recognize him. They and the rest of their schoolmates
once had a fierce struggle before, and it ended somewhat horribly. However,
none of that would be reminded of now. “I think I can shift the area to another
place, don’t worry!”

“You really will?
Thank you!” Chikado smiled gracefully.

“One thing
though Chikado-chan. Don’t you ever let your wife go, you’d regret it if you
do. Trust me, I know.” Futaka smiled sadly as Chikado tilted her head in

4. Paranoia

“I’m home Raito-sama!”
Chikado screamed the announcement as she, Rinai and Aigis walked past the gate
to the front yard. The big wooden door to the main mansion started to move.
From behind it, came Raito, looking all excited.

“Finally you’re
back. It’s been so boring around here without you two and Aigis!” It was the absolute
truth. Nothing much had been happening around the house during the past week
that they were gone. All the male residents suffered quite a bit of boredom,
having nothing interesting to witness, do or enjoy during the time.

Raito-sama, I’m glad to see you’re doing well.” Aigis said as-a-matter-of-factly.
As soon as she was done with her greetings, she walked pass Raito, increased
her volume and shouted. “Taiyo-sama, I’m home!”

immediately, Taiyo came running from inside the house. It’s like he had been
waiting all week just to hear that sentence.

“Goodness Aigis-chan,
you’re finally home. It seemed you’ve listened to my advice too, always
prioritize me over others. That’s a good girl.” Hearing her master say that,
Aigis voluntarily put her head down, waiting for Taiyo to do what he usually
does. He patted her head just like she wanted. Whenever she does something
good, she enjoys that little pat with a smile on her face every time.

“Good morning
Raito-sama, I’m sorry that I was away for so long.” Rinai said apologetically.
However, Chikado was the only one who would feel bad from that, since it was
entirely her idea. Raito nodded, somewhat noticing the passionless look on
Rinai’s face. “Now if you’d excuse me, I have a lot of housework to catch up
to. Please be patient on today’s lunch, since it’ll probably take longer for me
to cook it.” Having said that, Rinai entered the house, leaving Chikado and
Raito concerned outside the yard.

“Why does
Rinai-chan look abnormally tired?” Raito didn’t know what to think. He really
had never seen his maids this poor-spirited before. “Did you two overdo it while on honeymoon or

“No, absolutely
not, it…” After saying that, Chikado almost wanted to hit herself for being so
inconsiderate. Of course that was a very likely option. Once she thought about
it, Chikado realized that she had been working around Rinai’s tolerance for a
whole 6 and a half day. It would only be natural for Rinai to grow tired of it.
She might even have hated Chikado if she kept pushing things.

“I don’t know.
All I know is you need to settle this problem directly with Rinai-chan. There
is no work-around this time. Since you two are already married, I can’t step in
to help anymore.” Raito said that and led Chikado back into the mansion. “I
just hope this problem will be solved before tomorrow though.”

That noon, they
all ate an absolutely downhearted lunch. Even though the food was good, the
lack of passion being put into making it made it so blend. However, everyone
noticed Rinai was in a bad mood, so naturally they stood out of it. Dinner was
the same, this time without Rinai even showing up. It seems she left for
somewhere, as only Chikado was there serving food, looking worried.

there you are. Look, we need to have a talk.”After dinner, Chikado went out to
the yard, trying to look for Rinai. She eventually found what she was looking
for, only to see her wife almost on the verge of tears hearing her said that.
“Rinai-chan, is there something wrong?”

Chikado-san, don’t leave me!” Rinai unexpectedly ran into Chikado’s arms.
Chikado embraces her wife as a natural course. Tears were dripping down her
shoulder, but she just wanted to know what caused this outburst of emotion.
“I’m sorry I was so needy; please don’t think I’m just wanting pushing you!”

“What did you
say?” Chikado, with absolutely no idea what was going on, looked at her wife
and asked. “Rinai, I just want to know one thing. Why did you try to avoid me
the last couple of days?”

“Do you
remember the afternoon the other day?” Chikado could vaguely recall that. She
did remember they were having extremely passionate sex that day, but not much
of any details. They stopped afterwards though, which she thought was the
beginning of this whole ordeal. “That day, after you were done… I said I wanted
to… do it again. You… rejected me. I was pushing it… you told me to be quiet
and stopped talking to me the rest of the day. I thought you… hated me for

became so clear to Chikado at that moment, no matter how weird it all seemed.
Both of them thought it was their fault that they didn’t “finish”. Chikado
thought she was forcing Rinai to do it too many times, while Rinai thought the
same thing. That day, Chikado got a bit cranky in the end; that was all. “To
think you would get so upset over something so silly like that. Rinai-chan… it’s
not your fault.” Chikado looked into her wife’s eyes as she said that from the
bottom of her heart.

Rinai felt herself being embraced strongly. Chikado kissed her forehead. Rinai
almost burst out tears of joy at that moment. She realized she was just being paranoid,
as Chikado slowly led her back into the house.


are you sure we should be doing this? I mean we are on the 4th
floor.” Rinai said that nervously as Chikado was quickly undressing her. It didn’t
seem as a suitable place for them at all, doing it in the halls of their
master’s floor.

“Don’t worry
Rinai-chan; I made sure to lock all the doors. No one shall be interrupting us.
We are in absolute privacy.” Chikado slowly slid her tongue across Rinai’s body
as she quivered in pleasure.

“But…” Rinai
still had some concerns left, but Chikado ignored it. She undressed herself
just as quickly, as the rustling sound of the carpet echoed through the halls.
When she was done, Chikado quickly grabbed one of Rinai’s breasts with one
hand, while she bit down on the other, sucking it like a baby. The harder she
bites; the louder were Rinai’s moans. The foreplay ended quickly as Chikado
took out a gun.

“Rinai-chan, I
want to use this… is it alright?” Not waiting for an answer, Chikado quickly
unloaded the gun and dropped the bullets onto the ground.

Chikado-san, I want it. I want your hard hot thing!”

Following that,
their moans of ecstasy could be heard clearly for those who were still awake at
midnight in this mansion.

“That’s it
Rinai-chan, I’m putting it in deeper!”

Chikado-san, harder, I want it harder inside me!”

“I love you
Rinai-chan! I can’t hold it any longer…”

“I love you
Chikado-san! I’m going to…”

The cracking
sound of the door was hidden behind the moans…

The next day…

“Is it morning
already?” Chikado woke up on her bed, completely naked with a blanket covering
her body, along with Rinai, who’s been holding on to her all this time. She
searched through her memories, trying to remember how they ended up here, but
failed. However, it didn’t bother her, as right now, she was as happy as she
could ever be.

“You are
awake?” Raito’s voice came from the corner of the room. He was sitting there,
calm and contended, reading a book that its title was too hazy for Chikado to
even concentrate on. “It’s about time.”

what are you here in our room?” Chikado remembered that she locked his door
from the outside with her special key, it shouldn’t matter what kind of keycard
Raito has, he shouldn’t have been able to get pass the door.

“I carried you
two here, after your little scenario outside my room last night.” Still sitting
calmly, Raito put away the book and looked at his two maids on the bed. “I
don’t know what gave you the idea of doing it right outside my room. However,
the harder thing to believe was that you actually did it so hard, so many times
that my door actually broke down from all the pressure. So, as soon as you passed
out of exhaustion, I brought you here instead of leaving you there. I’d hate it
if one of the guys come up looking for me and see that… scene.”

“I see… I’m
sorry I was so extreme.” Chikado apologized. She had no idea what Raito was
like last night. Not too hard to deduct, he had an extreme lesbian maid sadist
fetish, and nothing was short of his hopes last night. It was a miracle that he
even had the consciousness to have actually thought everything through to this

Rinai called out her lover’s name in her deep slumber. She was still asleep,
probably from all the pain and pleasure she endured last night. Her arms were
embracing Chikado from the side, warming the both of them with her body heat.
Chikado smiled happily and embraced her back. With a kiss on Rinai’s lips,
Chikado could barely hear Raito’s words as she closed her eyes.

incredible how you two were made for each other, you and Rinai-chan. One of you
is a sadist, another one is a masochist.” Raito, having noticed that Chikado
has already fallen to another peaceful sleep, stopped talking afterwards. The
book on the desk, named “Winter Girl”, is one of his personal collections of
short stories that he had been writing over the years. He picked it up and put
it between his arms. He can vaguely hear Taiyo calling for him from the main
building. Looking back at his maids, he smiled and left the room, after leaving
the book back instead of taking it…

Rinai woke up
at 11 in the morning, feeling extremely satisfied and fresh. She saw Chikado’s
arms over her chest, embracing her. Rinai was happy, as nothing but Chikado can
bring her this happiness…

Chikado picked
up the book left on the table as Rinai is preparing their cloths. She just woke
up a few moments ago, to see Raito has already left, leaving the book behind.
She saw the title and got interested, opening up the book…
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Re: Redemutio Mansion - Fall

Post by LightRedemption on 11/13/2011, 10:10 am

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Re: Redemutio Mansion - Fall

Post by LightRedemption on 11/13/2011, 10:10 am

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Re: Redemutio Mansion - Fall

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Re: Redemutio Mansion - Fall

Post by LightRedemption on 11/13/2011, 10:11 am

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Re: Redemutio Mansion - Fall

Post by LightRedemption on 11/13/2011, 10:12 am

For some reasons I kept getting the presentations of the story all messed up (refer to 1st post)
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Re: Redemutio Mansion - Fall

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Gj faggot, Microsoft office sucks.



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Re: Redemutio Mansion - Fall

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