Fighting for One Piece

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Fighting for One Piece

Post by king-piccolo on 5/11/2012, 7:29 pm

A must have for all One Piece fans

Map Info from the author Spiridon
This is a hero arena style map with over 24 characters from the famous anime/manga One Piece.

1. All heroes have custom skins.
2. The spells are awesome.
3. No lag.
4. There are many items which are divided in 5 types:
-Basic items: These are common items soled by the basic item shop (the giant penguin).
-Advanced items: These items are soled by the advanced shop. They are
more powerfull than the basic items and way more expensive.
-Special items: These items are sold by the legendary shop and they are unique for every hero.
-Boss items: They drop from various bosses that you can fight. They are a lot stronger than the basic items.
-Secret items: These items can be obtained by finding secret places or
defeating secret bosses. Their strenght usually equals the boss items.
5. You can fight with epic bosses (as already mentioned above). Such as the Flying Duchman, Davy Jones or the mighty Sea King.
6. There is a duel event every 6 minutes, where all players from the 2 teams will fight in a arena to death.
7. You can spend your gold to buy tomes to boost your stats additionally if your inventory is full with items.
8. The games is very fast paced. (Fast leveling, Non stop fighting and etc.)
9. Well balanced.
10. 2 available game modes:
-Manual Pick: everyone picks his hero.
-All Random: everyone gets a random hero. There is also a command for
single random pick if you can't decide what hero you want to play.
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