Relapse - Visual Novel. (Help wanted!??!)

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Relapse - Visual Novel. (Help wanted!??!)

Post by IloveTsundere on 6/27/2012, 7:09 am

It's summer everyone, and that means I have a lot of free time on my hands. So I decided to do what any reasonable person would do and make a visual novel!

This project is called Relapse,Remember?, a mystery visual novel that involves a protagonist who loses the memory of only his name. As he is one day suspected for murder, he is taken away by
the police, or so he believes. He's brought into a third party organization that is constructed of skilled murderers and other people with well built skills. However, unlike most criminals,
they remove their own kind, murdering the murderers in their own sense of "justice". At the same time, the protagonist is being chased by a Detective, a ruthless, selfish, self centered young woman
gifted with intelligence and strength, who was inspired to take the case after seeing the protagonists beautiful form of "murder". As the characters venture through the city, day and night passes
as they piece together mysteries and murders, and even their own.

I originally started this project with just me and my friend, however due to a lack of staff, am requesting help!
For this I'll just post the basic pre-written prologue so you guys can read it (and hopefully enjoy it) and comment to help me out ;).
However, If possible, I would love if you could help us with any of the work! We are in a dire need of artists and scripters!
Thank you, and enjoy!
(And yes, there will be comedy)

The night air was coarsing.

From this point of view, one could see the whole city.

The towering buildings, shining brightly in the dark, almost a reflection of the stars in the sky.

The city was a simple yet nice one. Full of sleek and clean designed buildings, followed by an equal amount of nature scattered among it.

The buildings were accompanied by many smaller and homely restraunts and stores, followed by a nearby residential area after crossing the lake.

During the day, one could see children running around, with their parents at home. An almost ideal family situation.

The days would pass the nights would come. And today was no exception.

An almost simple, bustling city night.

However, two people knew it to be much more than that.

On top the tallest building in the city, they approached the nexus of their destinies.

They glare at each other, a piercing, yet almost competitively friendly gaze.

They have known each other for a long time, yet never met each other, a history of escaping and chasing.

Yet here they were, both eyes fighting the other.

The thick and powerful air shrieks and tears through the air, as their clothes rustle and their hair buffeting their faces. The dim red light atop the building blinks, each flash creating a red glare upon their bodies.

The wind is the only voice, roaring in the high altitude.

One person finally speaks out, crashing through the wind and cutting the deafening sound of the gales.

"Prepare yourself."

She runs towards him, her hair ripping through the wind like knives, her body cutting through the wind in a position that can only be imitated by beasts.

As she comes within range, she lunges towards him at an unnatural speed, clawing at his throat with precision, her hands flat as if slicing through steel.

He quickly recoils, stepping backwards and leaning his body back with an equal amount of agility, and quickly rotates his body supporting himself with the fingers of one hand, the centrifugal force releasing a explosive impact from a spinning low kick.

In return, she leaps upwards towards the building door, and jumps off of it to come for his eyes.

Blinded by the wind, he could only rely on his instincts to combat her, quickly rolling to the side, the wind negating the fall. He then rolls upwards and coils his body, releasing the tension from his legs and kicking upward into her chin with a slinging force.

The force impacts at full speed, hitting her chin and rattling her mind. A soaring pain rises from her spine and her bowels begin to shake, as she could taste vomit in her throat and her mind slipping.
Swallowing the pain, she quickly gets up, and dashes at him again with a speed even faster than before.

Momentarily caught off guard, he quickly rises to guard his face. In response she quickly changes her target and aims for his heart. Striking almost instantly, she pummels his chest, knocking him several steps backwards.

As he fell, he clutched his chest, struck by excruciating pain, almost as if glass had shattered inside his heart.

Grimacing, he feels blood rising in his throat.

This wasn't good.

She was a skilled in terms of the field, and was not someone he could afford to lower his guard against any more.

In response, he quickly pulls out two knives from his back pocket, and begins to twirl them in his hands with an elegance not commonly seen in the streets.

"Playing for real now eh?"

She smirks and in response, leans down on all fours, almost as if an animal.

A feeling of predation emanated from her eyes.

The man stops twirling his knives, and grips them in an inversed manner, his right one by the hilt and the left one by the blade. After a moment of fortitude, he shouts.

"Prepare yourself."

This time, he lunges towards her, spinning at a constant speed.

Without any response, she lays there on the floor, with all four limbs attached to it.

As soon as he entered her range, he stopped spinning and did a sliding kick.

In response, she leaped to the side closer to the door.

He quickly somersaulted from the slide, and mid spin threw the knife in his left hand. Barely missing her face, it laid plummeted into the door while piercing her shirt to it.

However, his assault wasn't over yet.

He quickly rebounds after his spin, and dashes towards her as she is pinned to the wall.

She is cornered and has nowhere to run.

As he draws near, she lowers her head, as if accepting defeat.

Yet at that moment.

He could see a smile creeping upon her face.

In a matter of microseconds, she lifts up her head, eyes thirsting for bloodshed, as if a starved hyena.
She quickly rips the knife out of wall, and stabs her own arm with the knife. In a quick chain of action, she flings her arm towards the advancing man, blinding him with the blood.
Caught off guard, he tries to wipe the blood out of his eyes.

But by then it was too late.

She leaned towards the wall, and launched off of it, almost like a spider, and grabbed the man's throat. She quickly took the knife out of his hands, and stabbed him in the stomach. She then proceeded to strike the man repeatedly in the throat, abdomen, knees, and shoulders. Dislocating all of his joints and sending him into a mental state of atrophy.
With each strike, the man coughed and vomited blood, his eyes rattling and shaking ever more as they reached the top of his skull. As his vision began to blur he thought of nothing but the fact that his life was to be extinguished. No memories, no thoughts. Only emptiness.

In a final groan, he gripped her shirt tightly for a moment, then released it. his body falling limp onto her body.

When she realized the man was dead, she took his body and threw it on the ground.

As she began to relax her breathing, she looked up at the night sky.

Dark, no stars were visible.

Chuckling to herself, she pulls out a memo, and jots down five words in English, then grabbing the knives and slamming them into the ground with the memo attached underneath..


I Will Find You All.


Relapse, Remember?

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Re: Relapse - Visual Novel. (Help wanted!??!)

Post by Nuuby on 6/27/2012, 3:54 pm

Visual novel or light novel or just a novel.

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Re: Relapse - Visual Novel. (Help wanted!??!)

Post by Seventhell on 6/27/2012, 6:28 pm

Soo short!
i love gore!
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Re: Relapse - Visual Novel. (Help wanted!??!)

Post by TajiTakeo on 11/13/2012, 7:05 pm

In know this is kind of late, but if you still want to do that Visual Novel i can help you programming it.
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Re: Relapse - Visual Novel. (Help wanted!??!)

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