Happiness, a far away dream.

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Happiness, a far away dream.

Post by Aria.OwNs on 6/27/2012, 6:31 pm

A cold winter night, in a little town which name was unknown, a cold breeze could be appreciated caressing your face scattering all the troubles that were able to worry you away.
That night was calmed, or that was how it seemed to be, until a far away shout could be heard, causing an echo that could be heard by everyone, even those that were sleeping already. First thought in everybody's mind was ''What happened?!'', to find it out was an impossible task, the brightness of the night covered everything, the moon was unnatural that night, a red outline surrounded it and the town itself, covering everything with bloody smell.
Running to the place where that incident happened was pointless, everybody knew it, only a torn apart body was found there, which was unrecognizable. A blood trace was left behind which would lead to the key of such matter, but nobody was brave enough to follow it, scared of that evil being able to do such massacre they might find, perhaps something worse than death.
Everybody, or atleast those that dared to leave their home, returned back to the place they came from, scared, being that abnormal heart beating of them the only sound that could be appreciated in the town for the whole night, some of them had a heart attack, but nobody cared at all, something worse than that was about to happen.
The sun came out, a new day began, continuing your life is relatively easy, but forgeting such matters, impossible. Nobody wanted to talk about what happened last night, just the mere thought about it prevented them from breathing, turning them into victims of fear, unable to do anything.
A message was sent to the whole town, an urgent meeting was going to take place in a few, they knew they couldn't ignore that, so assisting was the only way to deal with it.
Fear could be felt in that damned room where the topic about that evil being was about to begin, nobody dared to talk, then a girl stepped forward. That expression could be appreciated in their faces, amazed that a girl, probably not more than 12 years old decided to do such stupidity, but someone had to begin it. Despite being really young, that little girl proposed a brilliant but dangerous idea, making groups at the night to track the place, to prevent more victims, but most of them were against, claiming they would be the victims and nothing would be able to stop that senseless and insane monster. But that girl answered, with a shy and cute voice: ''Did you see that monster? Don't judge anything until you are sure of it'', people kept their stance against such ridiculous idea, but that stance began to lose any credibility when more and more persons began to agree with the lil' girl's idea.
''Anyone has a better idea?'' someone said, people looked at the ground and turned their sight, looking each other, without any sign of thinking in something else, the fear scared them, their blood stopped running for a moment, that could be sensed.
After such arguing, to follow that idea was decided, than the dawn began.
The moon detached a different smell... it was not blood anymore... it felt like death. A massacre was about to happen, but they decided to take the risk.
A heartrending scream was heard, louder than the last night, it came from an alley, the actual group, formed by 4 men, all of them strong and robust ran to that damned place where dead souls could be sensed, it was dark, almost unable to see anything, suddenly, completely darkness covered everything, two bloody eyes with thrist for death were the only thing that could be seen, the men went back as fast as the could and left the alley, that shadow surrounded by a merciless aura walked forward, and with a sweet voice said, ''Humans, I pity you all, strength is nothing, after all''.
That night became a bloody river, when the others group arrived to that cursed place, the darkness disappeared, dawn was over, the sun heat could be felt and seen, might sound amazing but, also five lifeless corpses, all of them without any clue of who they were in life, some persons fainted in front of such scene. After that, most persons decided to start a new life somewhere else, took their belongings and ran away as fast as they could from that damned place, nobody noticed but, a little child, probably not more than 8 years old turned back, looking at the town name, and said: ''Mom, I thought this town had no name''. A red name could be read, written with blood, it said ''Welcome to Hell, where there is no return''. People even more scared ran faster, some of them forgot the luggage, but they didn't care, as long as they could survive. Selfishness, fear, uncaring, typical human features could be seen in a situation of danger, trying to save themselves.
Only a few persons stayed in the damned town, those that were brave, or maybe, stupid.
Once again, the dawn began, the moon, looked ordinary, that bloody brightness was gone, they thought the curse was gone, so they decided to make a meeting at the street to celebrate it, they thanked the little girl, which surprisingly decided to stay, what a stupid choice, they thought, but didn't matter anymore, or yes?. She asked for a little speech to thank them back, naturally they allowed her, they allowed her... to put an end to everything.
''I thank you all, for your trust towards me, your own confidence, being brave and facing everything like fearless humans, but the stupidity has a limit''
People were amazed, no clue what she was talking about. Suddenly, the moon began to bright, sky became completely dark, thunders fell around that little girl, her eyes, turned red, detaching death and scaring everything around her, everyone tried to run but, it was too late, therefore, she continued.
''I pity you all, selfish humans, your existence in this world annoys me, so I decided to put an end to it, this way I'll manage to find the happiness someday someone took away from me, this is my last word, now, mind if I kill you all? :3''

A long and cold winter night, in a little town which name was unknown, a cold breeze could be appreciated caressing your face scattering all the troubles that were able to worry you away.
That night was calmed, everything was gone, not even a soul could be sensed, the ground, filled with a reddish liquid, an unbearable smell, the sins of tens of souls floating in the air, besides that, the night was calmed, after all.
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