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Diablo Chronicles English v1.0

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- Heroes can choose skills, 3 out of 9, with which they will play along
the game. The are 3 skill trees, each tree has 3 skills. You choose 1
skill for each position on the panel. There is also an ultimate skill,
the 4-th skill, that can be learned only at 12 level. Actually, with
this system, each hero has 27 variations of development, which can be
much different from each other. Each variation is a different style of

- 10 Heroes for each side (it's not many, but with the choosing-skills system each hero can be as many different heroes)

- 40 levels for heroes.
- Nearly 180 items.
- Realistic, dynamic and not-standard skills.
- Nice landscape.
- Mobs and Neutral Creeps get slightly upgraded from time to time.
- 4 Neutral Bosses - Azmodan, Belial, Andariel and Duriel, that should be killed in party, not alone.
- Bosses have their own AI, they will use skills in some situations.
- Elite mobs instead of Towers, who fight

- Instead of World Tree and The Throne as the main quest objects, there
are 2 main Bosses: Tyrael at the Good side, and Diablo at the Bad sidfe.
As Bosses, they will also fight those who try to kill them, and both
have their AI.

- New and original damage-in-line system for mage-classes. Each nuke of
the mages' attack does line damage, in front of the hero. The
I|ntelligence Stat and Magical Weapons increase the line damage and
decrease cooldown. Also the Hero Level affects the damage. Fixed bug
from the previous version, that those nukes could interrupt other hero's

- When your hero gains a level, he gets 5 Stat Points, like in the
Diablo game series. You can choose what Stat you want to increase for
your hero. For that, you have 30 seconds. If you don't distribute the
Stat Points with 30 seconds, they will be distributed automatically,
using the best setting for the current character class.

- When a unit dies, each player sees the amount of gold he has been
rewarded for that unit. Actually, I mean Floating Text.) The same is the
damage of the mages' nukes are shown.

- There are tutorials in the game, which can be turned on and off using
chat commands "-helpon" and "-helpoff". The language of the tutorials
can be changed between russian and english, using the "-eng" and "-rus"
commands, to English or Russian accordingly.

- Fighting Bosses is complicated and interesting. The bosses summon
minions or cast spell at certain HP levels. They also have some speech

- When a boss dies, everybody gets rewards of Reputation Points, Stat
Points and Gold. The amount of these depends on the damage the entire
team has dealth to the boss.

- The system described above is more fair to the players. If a team was
farming a boss, until it had a very low HP level, and a hero from the
opposing team has come and made the last hit, he would not get all the
rewards, only what he deserves according to the damage he had dealt.

- Player counting system is applied. The more active players are in the
game, the more Exp and Gold will be gained for killing creeps and enemy

- Backstab. When a melee-rogue class using an immediate damaging spell
at an enemy unit from the back, the damage will be doubled, and there
will be a floating text above the target, that says "Backstab!"

Item craft, Equip system, Reputation, Multi-Traders, Herbs

- Multi-traders. There are 2 merchants - 1 is armor merchant, 2 is
weapon merchant. For example is you click the Weapon Merchant, it will
show you various types of weapons: Swords, Daggers, Bows, Staffs, Axes
and etc. When you choose for example Swords, it will show you all the
swords the merchant sells. You can return to the category menu and
choose Bows, then it will show you all the bows it sells. The same is
with Armor Merchant.

- Realistic equip system. A hero cannot equip 2 weapons, or 2 armors, or 2 helmets... Each party of equipment must be 1.
- There are categories of equipment, like Helmet, Boots, Gloves, Armor, Weapon.
- Each category has its own sub-category. Armor has 3 subs: Heavy Armor,
Light Armor, Robe. Same is Gloves and Boots. Weapons have 9
sub-categories, like Swords, Axes, Bows and etc.

- All items are available for all classes, but there are a few
restrictions: Mage-Type heroes can equip only Magic Weapons, Ranged-Type
heroes can equip only Bows and Crossbows, Melee-Type heroes cannot
equip Bows and Crossbows.

- Unlike in Dota, where every item is crafted from different other
low-level items, here the craft system is based on Ladders. For example
if you have level 1 Sword, then you can upgrade it only to level 2
Sword, which is upgrade to level 3 Sword, and etc. upto level 7 (Epic).

- To upgrade an item, you must have the item that the upgrade requires,
plus a certain amount of Gold, and a certain amount of Reputation
Points. Reputation Points will not be substructed from the hero when you
upgrade an item. It's just a requirement (your reputation), not a

When you have enough Reputation Points to upgrade an item, you will be notificated for that.

- There are 7 weapons for each sub-category. Since they are upgraded by
"ladder" system, we can devide them into levels. So, weapon of 6 and 7
level, can be socketed, like in the Diablo 2 game. Socket is an effect
added to the weapon. It gives certain additional bonuses to the hero
that equips the weapon. Its also visually shown on the weapon in game.
The bonuses are written in the item's description.

- There are 4 types of Sockets: Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire. Each
of them gives different bonuses. The bonuses depend not only on the
socket types, but also on the type of weapon it is inserted to.

- Sockets are added by an NPC. You place the weapon into its inventory,
and add a socket into it by one of 4 abilities, that add the desirable

- The armor is devided into 12 sets. There are 4 Heavy Armor sets, 4
Light armor sets, and 4 Robe sets. When a hero equips all the parts of a
set, he gains bonuses. Which bonuses are given for the current set, and
what else parts are required to gain the bonuses, is written in the
description of each part of the set.

- Every set consists Chest, Helmet, Gloves and Boots. While the hero
equips a set, he has a buff on himself, that shows the player which set
is equipped.

- There is a list of various achievement that the hero or a team can
accomplish to get Reputation Points, like First Blood, or killing an
enemy hero within 6 seconds, or kill a Boss, or get level 24 before all
other heroes, or the team must kill more enemy heroes then the other
team, within 3 minutes and etc...

- Herb dropping system: all mobs and creeps drop herbs, that when a hero
walks over them, they automatically disappear, healing his health or
mana. They don't need to be targeted as items to be picked..

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